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How much spending money to take for 7 days in Italy?

Do you want to organize yourself better with your finances and spend seven peaceful days in Italy? Then you need to read this post! Here we help you with your financial planning so you can spend a relaxing week in Italy!

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How much spending money to take for 7 days  in Italy?

Traveling to Italy is a unique and simply inexplicable experience, but before all this magic happens, it is important to think about all the details not to spoil our experience with any kind of lack of preparation. Calculating how much money we are going to use is very important. So today, we will talk about how much spending money to take for 7 days (1 week) in Italy. Do you realize how much you need to spend a week there? We will explain all of this to you now. Check it out! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

After all, how much money to take?

There is no certain and definite account that shows you exactly how much money you will need to bring to spend a week in Italy. However, there are several points that you can think of and that will surely help you to reach that number in a much more accurate and realistic way. They are:

  • What have you already paid in advance?
  • What kind of meal will you have?
  • Which museums will you visit?
  • What type of transport will you use?
  • What trips will you take?
  • Will you shop?

We will take a closer look at each of these points and explain how they can help you get the exact amount you want to spend on your trip to Italy. Read our post What is the average spend in a day in Italy!

What have you paid in advance?

When we talk about how much money to take, we are talking about exactly how much money you are going to spend there, which is not the same as the total amount you spent on your trip. Therefore, one of the most important points to be discussed is what you have already paid in advance.

Nowadays it is possible to book hotels, tours, buy tickets to museums and attractions, in addition to many other things over the internet. By the way, you can often end up saving money, since the amount you pay online is usually less than buying on the spot. For these reasons, to calculate exactly when it takes money to spend a week in Italy it is important to keep this in mind.

1) How much spending money to take for one week in Italy? What kind of meal will you be have?

One of the expenses that you will surely have during your trip to Italy has to do with food; moreover, an expense that can vary a lot depending on the person and the type of trip you want to make. It is possible to eat very well while spending little, to try some of the most delicious food in Italy without paying much for it. However, it is also possible to pay high prices for sensational experiences in some of the hottest restaurants in the world.

Therefore, the final account of how much money it takes to spend 7 days in Italy goes a lot through those choices you make. The tip here is, then, to research the average prices of restaurants in each city that you will pass, as well as the menus of the places that you most want to eat. Read our Section on Food in Italy!

Approximate values for eating

  • If you are only going to have a snack, like a pizza, a kebab (bread sandwich with various types of meat), eating sandwiches in markets or supermarkets or in the famous fast foods, with about 7 to 10 Euros you can eat well .
  •  If you are going to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant, you will pay a tourist menu from about 10 Euros PER PERSON (very economical alternative) to about 15 Euros (best alternative – cost benefit).
  •  If you prefer to have lunch or dinner with an à la carte menu you can consider from 20 to 30 Euros PER PERSON.
    PS: I am always considering a traditional restaurant, simple and outside the tourist areas. If you want to go to a restaurant located in a tourist area you can consider at least 40 to 60 Euros PER PERSON (according to the restaurant).
    Values for eating for 7 days
  • If you are going to do it the way I indicated, you will probably spend between 210 to 280 Euros for the 7 days;
  •  If you prefer to save by making only snacks, you can spend between 70 and 105 Euros for the 7 days;
  •  If you are going to have lunch and dinner in a restaurant, you can consider an average of between 350 and 420 Euros for the 7 days.


If you want to save money, choose a snack for lunch, so you can make the most of the time for the tours and at night make a great dinner (well deserved rest) even because Italy is one of the most famous countries in the world for gastronomy! Find out more about where to eat in Italy by reading our posts below with directions to restaurants in the main Italian cities:

2) How much spending money to take for one week in Italy? Which museums will you visit?

As we mentioned earlier, the attractions and museums you plan to visit can also influence the amount of money you need to take to spend a week in Italy. If your idea is to save as much as possible while still enjoying the main attractions, our recommendation is that you calculate what are the things you most want to see and make a calculation of how much each one will cost you. If necessary, you can remove some of the attractions or even modify them, depending on the day of the week. There is always a way to balance your tastes and your money on the trip.


Let’s take an example in Rome. If you visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum you will spend 16 Euros shopping on site and will face a huge queue (buying directly online, you pay 18 Euros for the skip-the-line ticket). So, if you are going to visit two monuments, we have an average of 30 Euros per day, that is 210 Euros for the 7 planned days (planning made for one person). Important to say that we have some free attractions in Italy on the first Sunday of each month, learn more by clicking here; and we also have to consider that some days you will not visit places that pay to enter, that is, you can spend well less than 210 Euros in the 7 days. For more details on how to buy tickets to the main monuments in Italy Click here!

3) How much spending money to take for one week in Italy? What kind of transport will you use?

Especially for those who want to visit the big cities in Italy, transportation is a type of expense that is also inevitable. But it can vary a lot according to how much of each city you want to visit, what is your preferred type of transportation and even because of your planning. Our suggestion is that you calculate the price of public transport in all the cities you are going to visit, as well as the price of a taxi ride too, if that is your preference. With all this information, you will surely get close to the amount to take for your trip.


In Rome, the public transport ticket for an entire day costs 6.50 Euros (per person) and this value is similar in the main cities, so you can consider an average of 45.5 Euros for the 7 days for one person. For more information, see our section on Transport in Italy section.

4) How much spending money to take for one week in Italy? What category of accommodation will you book?

Choosing between a B&B, a hostel or a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel (read here about the differences in hotel categories in Italy), will depend on the city to be visited, the location of the hotel and the period of your trip. All of these factors will make the accommodation values vary. Nevertheless, in general, considering accommodation in a normal 3-star tourist structure, in average season, in a hotel that is not so central, our average expenditure PER PERSON will be around 80 Euros. If you are staying in a hostel, this can cost from 30 to 50 Euros. Do you want to know more details about accommodation in Italy? Then, read our Post on this topic clicking here!


I am always calculating an average of 80 Euros for the room in a 3-star type structure, with breakfast, in an area that is not entirely close to the main tourist monuments of the city that will be visited. In other words, you can spend up to 560 Euros for 7 days in Italy!

5) How much spending money to take for one week in Italy? What trips will you take?

You can travel between two cities in Italy in several ways. The most common is from trains, which are not usually very expensive in the country and which are a quick and safe way to travel. However, it is common to travel by bus between two cities in Italy or even by plane, especially when you want to travel from a city in the north to one in the south, for example. The price of these three types of transport between cities can vary widely and drastically interfere with how much spending money to takes for 7 days in Italy.

Therefore, research very well where each city you want to visit is and what is the best way to get there. I recommend that you read our Post How much will I spend on a trip in Italy?” In this post, you can find out the values of Train Tickets and Car Rentals.

6) How much spending money to take for one week in Italy?  Will you shop?

It is almost impossible not to talk about shopping on a trip to Italy, especially when we talk about cities like Milan, for example. This is a very personal type of expense, as each one does their shopping differently and has a taste for different stores and items. The most important thing is that you do not forget that these values must also be included in your calculations. If you want to have an idea read our post What is worth buying in Italy?

7) Summary of Expenses for 7 days for one person

After all how much will we spend in 7 days? Considering the average price detailed in our Post, see below the Summary of Expenses.

  • Food € 210,00 considering a snack for lunch and dinner at a restaurant outside the tourist area
  • Transport € 45,50 public transport ticket: train and bus
  • Accommodation € 560,00 average 80 Euros for a single room with breakfast
  • Monuments € 210,00 considering on average 2 monuments
  • Total amount for 7 days: € 1,025.50 (total without travel expenses between the cities you will visit)

Consulting in Travel to Italy

Did you notice how all these questions can be answered in a much simpler way when you have all the points of your trip properly planned? The big problem is that many people do not have time to plan a trip in this way, or even do not know how to put it all together in a concise planning. Find out more by clicking here!

If that is the case, you do not have to worry. Our Consultancy on Travel to Italy exists exactly to help you with all these details, from the preparation of each place you want to visit to the most complex parts, such as transport within cities and even between cities. No matter what your difficulties are, our consultancy can certainly help to make your trip as special as possible. Do you want to know more about how it works? Contact us now and let’s talk!

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How much spending money to take for 7 days in Italy? The values shown in this post are only indicative and approximate, but at least you will have an idea and thus plan your trip better, right? Anf  if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier ????

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