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What are the best bike routes in Italy?

How about cycling around the peninsular country? Today we have prepared a special list for you to put on your travel itinerary to Italy!

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What are the best bike routes in Italy?

The bicycle has become an excellent option for means of transport in Italy, mainly in flatter cities and because of the value of fuel, which has increased in recent years. Although the number of bicycles has seen an increase in sales, Italian cities (still) do not have exclusive bike lanes, but the scenario will soon be quite different. Bicycles and pedestrians live in harmony and, in some cities, the sidewalks are inviting for a bicycle ride. Today we are going to give you some suggestions of the most beautiful bike tours in some places in Italy. After all, what are the best bike routes in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Italy is a country with a fascinating geography: plains, plateaus, mountains, sea … It has everything! In big cities, like Milan and Rome, for example, traffic is chaotic and, in smaller cities, walking is a great option. To escape traffic or run away from a possible rain, it is also possible to use public transport, such as buses, trains and subways, which works well in most of the Italian territory. Another option is to rent a scooter and venture out into the less crowded streets, but if you are a bike lover: there is room for you too!

The bicycle, in Italy, has grown enormously with the number of fans, which has almost tripled in recent years, because there has been a rise in the value of fuel and Italy has experienced some financial crises and, therefore, many have had to tighten the budget. However, as everything has a good side: bicycles have gained the streets and attention of the government, who intend to build more than 1,650 km of exclusive lanes for this optional means of transport that has conquered Italians and tourists. Today we are going to give you some suggestions for tours in some Italian cities using a famous ‘bici’ (in Italian says bi-tchi).

Good to know

  • In cities where they are already available as ‘piste ciclabili’ (cycle paths), there are excellent route options. To have access to all itineraries, you can access this website!

Heads up

  • If you rent a bicycle, also rent the helmet, be aware of the pedestrians, as you will circulate among them. Take great care with cars and pay attention to road crossings, especially with the busiest ones.

1) What are the best bike routes in Italy? FERRARA

Ferrara – Emilia-Romagna: the city is considered the city of bicycles. Almost completely flat, a bicycle makes easier to get around; despite not having an exclusive lane, pedestrians and bicycles coexist in perfect harmony. On this website, it is possible to know where to rent a bicycle as well as its prices.

2) What are the best bike routes in Italy? LOMBARDY

Lombardy – Lake Garda: it is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful bicycle tours. The atmosphere of the Lake and its surroundings is enchanting! The fresh air and the landscapes are the maximum attractions to spend a day cycling there. The ‘anello ciclabile’ project, which provides for 140 km of a suspended cycle path around the entire lake, has already received its first two kilometers and is impressive! The track is open to pedestrians as well, and the maximum speed allowed here to the bikes is 10 km per hour. To rent a bicycle and venture into this area, just click here!

Lombardy – Lake Varese: with beautiful mountains surrounding it, the Lake presents us with a cinematographic panorama that mirrors the landscapes in an almost poetic way. The bike path here is 29 km long, very quiet and pleasant to walk. To find out more about where to rent a bike in this region, just click here.

Lombardy – La Martesana (Milan): those who think Milan is not on the list are mistaken! Despite being one of the most modern cities in the world, there is also space for the classic, for example, a bike ride through its surroundings. One of the coolest tours in the city is a stroll through Martesana, which goes from Puorta Nuova on Lake Como to Naviglio Piccolo. It’s very interesting! To get to know where to rent a bike around here, click on this site!

Tip on Milan

  • Milan offers great options for cyclists, even in the center and in the busiest areas; to access the map of the available tracks, click here!

3) What are the best bike routes in Italy? TUSCANY

Tuscany Lucca: a beautiful and perfect city to be explored by bicycle! Lucca is one of the ideal cities to be discovered by bicycle. To get to know where to rent your bike, click here!

Tip on Lucca

  • The route outside the city walls is not suitable for ‘non-professionals’, as there are some complicated stretches. If you want to leave the city, be careful with the route, O.K.?!

4) What are the best bike routes in Italy? LIGURIA

Liguria – Riviera dei Fiori: needless to say, it is one of the most beautiful tracks in Italy, isn’t it? That’s because its panorama offers us impressive landscapes! With its 24 km long, it is expected that another 36 km of tracks will be built soon. To rent a bicycle, you can click here!

5) What are the best bike routes in Italy? LAZIO

Lazio – Rome: there are some bike lanes, but they are far from being ‘safe’ and ideal for cyclists, this is because there is little maintenance and they even end up becoming dangerous, because there are holes, dirt and other obstacles in the paths. To access the map, information and some (sad) images, in addition to the fans’ complaints, you can click here!

6) What are the best bike routes in Italy? PROJECT THREE REGIONS

Veneto, Lombardia and Piemonte: this project is extremely special VenTo! It unites three regions and features 100 km of beautiful bike paths! The project is sensational and pleased (very much) bicycle lovers! Its goal, of course, is to promote cycling and it has everything to go right! Suggestion: rent a bike in Turin, for information, click here!

Important Tips and Information

  • On the Bike Italy website you can find out about ALL the bike routes in Italy. The website is constantly updated and informs, even if there are problems or closures on bike lanes in Italian cities.
  • If you want to organize a bicycle trip, you can access this website, which specializes in alternative routes and offers great options not only in Italy, but throughout Europe.
  • When renting the bike, ask if they have a route map available, it will help you a lot! And don’t forget to get information about the route before starting the tour, O.K.?!

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