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I am Italo-Brazilian and been living in Italy for 15 years now. I’ve graduated in Tourism at the University of Calabria and have a Master´s in Cultural Tourism at the Garrone Foundation. In partnership with the University of Catania in Sicily (Italy), I have experience in creating and developing tourist itineraries, in addition to being an English-speaking tourist guide in Calabria (and promoter of the region), I also have the qualification of tourist escort in Europe.

I am the founder of Touristico – Consultancy Italy-Brazil, responsible for the management and communication with tour operators, Brazilian and Italian, consultancy for the creation of tourist itineraries and for responding to all the demands of Brazilian travel agencies in terms of tourist receptivity in Italy, but also in other European countries.

Founder of the Blog Viajando Para Itália (Portuguese Edition) that aims to pass tourist information about Italy to travel agents and individual customers telling a little bit about tourist Italy and real Italy, the one formed by the less touristy cities and, precisely for that reason, more authentic.

Founder of the Youtube channel Viajando Para Itália (Portuguese Edition) which aims to teach viewers how to organize the best trip to Italy through educational videos.

Viajando Para Itália – is also the solution through the Consultancy service for organizing trips for individual clients to any part of the Italian territory.

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