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Who I Am

Learn more about Ana Patrícia da Silva and how she can help you out on your trip do Italy!

I am Italo-Brazilian and been living in Italy for 15 years now. I’ve graduated in Tourism at the University of Calabria and have a Master´s in Cultural Tourism at the Garrone Foundation. In partnership with the University of Catania in Sicily (Italy), I have experience in creating and developing tourist itineraries, in addition to being an English-speaking tourist guide in Calabria (and promoter of the region), I also have the qualification of tourist escort in Europe.

I am the founder of Touristico – Consultancy Italy-Brazil, responsible for the management and communication with tour operators, Brazilian and Italian, consultancy for the creation of tourist itineraries and for responding to all the demands of Brazilian travel agencies in terms of tourist receptivity in Italy, but also in other European countries.

Founder of the Blog Viajando Para Itália (Portuguese Edition) that aims to pass tourist information about Italy to travel agents and individual customers telling a little bit about tourist Italy and real Italy, the one formed by the less touristy cities and, precisely for that reason, more authentic.

Founder of the Youtube channel Viajando Para Itália (Portuguese Edition) which aims to teach viewers how to organize the best trip to Italy through educational videos.

Viajando Para Itália – is also the solution through the Consultancy service for organizing trips for individual clients to any part of the Italian territory.

Certainly, if you are looking for a place where you can breathe history, where you’ll seem to be in a book entitled “The History of Man and His Wonders”, Italy represents exactly that. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world!

Rich in monuments, churches, castles, museums, historical houses, archaeological sites, unique scenic beauty, Italy is the ideal place for tourism in any season. See how amazing it is: you can think about going to Italy in absolutely any period you have available for your vacation!

Incomparable Cities

Italy preserves a historic, artistic and architectural heritage that has centuries of history. Rich with traces of human events that crossed it – Italy was home to countless kingdoms, governments and principalities, as well as a theater of exciting events that changed the course of human history – Italy has always had a particular relationship with power. So many cities have been transformed and enriched so many times, since they were places where princes, dukes, popes, kings and emperors lived.

Marked by the activities of the great artists and patrons of these cities, they are not only the container of relevant artistic expression, but so often they are works of art themselves; open-air museums that you can visit and enjoy in all their aspects on routes that accompany the discovery not only of Churches, monuments, but also of craft shops, markets and fairs, festivals and theaters, combining traditions, culture and entertainment, also mixing the sacred with the profane.

Anyway, choosing what to visit once you’re in Italy is difficult, especially if it is your first time, but even in the case of a second trip to Italy, finding the right itinerary is not easy.

Trusting someone who makes special tours is certainly important, especially if the destination country has a different language than yours. How many difficulties you may find! Viajando Para Itália knocks them all down, never leaving you alone, following you in every step of your journey, from organization, arrival to departure.

With Viajando Para Itália, you will never feel alone. The differential of our work is precisely the service that the traveler receives from the beginning to the end of the trip. Remembering that we are not a travel agency, we do not offer travel packages, only consultancy so that you can make the most of the country’s wonders.

What they say about us?

Our Viajando Para Itália project received the “Special Mention” from Cattedra Garrone and was sponsored by the Garrone Foundation in February 2012. See the certificate.

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