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Travel with children in Italy?

We know that traveling with children is a challenge, but there are some tips that can facilitate this (almost) impossible mission. Shall we get to know them here on Your Travel to Italy?

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Travel with children in Italy?

Today we are going to give you some tips on how to “Travel with children in Italy?” in a very practical and simple way! Many people, when they think of traveling to Italy, already start to think about with whom they will leave their children: with their grandparents, with their godparents, with that excellent nanny that their friend indicated, but so many other people do not have this option and, even if they have, prefer to take the children along. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


The fact is, children do not always have patience and it is necessary to bring a real arsenal such as stroller, bags, toys etc, but knowing how to organize the trip is very peaceful! Will you need a transfer? Then click here without obligation and get to know the Transfers services of our Your Travel to Italy partners. Be sure to also read our Special Posts: Tourism in Italy with children? and Children’s Theme Parks: where to go with children?

1) Travel with children in Italy? BY AIRPLANE

It is not a rule, but many children are very impatient, especially on a long trip, it is really tiring.

How to distract them? Here are some options:

  • The smaller the child, the more agitated it becomes and it is a very common situation;
  • Even with the attractions available on board, such as movies (some airlines offer children’s kits with colored pencils, coloring books, among others), you must be well prepared;
  • Download and save cartoons on your phone and / or tablet (don’t forget to use the headset to avoid disturbing other passengers);
  • Take in your hand luggage: extra clothes, bottle (if necessary), snacks your children are used to, water and other means of distraction that your children already use.


  • Choose to embark last, even if you have preferential access! Remember that the less time on the plane, the more relaxed your child will be!
  • Give preference to night flights! This way the child will feel sleepy, just like at the usual time to go to bed and, most likely, will sleep until almost the end of the trip.
  • The stroller does NOT normally count as luggage (depends on the company!). It is usually the last item to be collected and, at the final destination, it is one of the priority items to be landed.
  • To save time: check in online! Avoid long lines when you are with children, they get impatient and get “spiteful”.
  • Get to the airport in advance! Here and there! Same thing goes for train travel! Be sure to not arrive at the last minute! Avoid delays!

Attention! Important!

  • Put a bracelet on the child with identification with name and contact! This will facilitate the reunion if it moves away from you or if you lose sight of it. Always guide the child to look for uniformed and professionally identified people like airport employees, police officers, airline counters. Teach your child the importance of looking for the right people who will take them back to you!
  • Ask the airline where the extra oxygen masks are when choosing the seat. They are not available in all seats and are usually in the middle and rear, which is where those with children travel frequently.
  • Explain the trip to the child! Tell them where they are going, what they will see and explain that the plane is a place where many people sleep, relax, so it is not advisable to make noise, shout, etc. If you talk to the child and explain EVERYTHING, the trip will be much smoother!
  • If the child is already able to chew gum, at the time of taking off and landing, give them a stick of gum! It makes the pressure in the ear softer! If your child is still unable to chew gum, offer them water or a bottle (or breast) for them.

2) Travel with children in Italy? ORGANIZATION OF LUGGAGE

Organize your luggage well! It is good to study an efficient and practical way when packing. Here’s how to organize it in the best possible way. Also read our post Seasons! How to pack?

  • Avoid very large toys or heavy books, for example.
  • The lighter the child’s suitcase, the better. If possible, combine their clothes with yours: a suitcase will save you space, weight and, if you have to use trains, for example, to move between cities, you will not have so many problems with ‘movement’.
  • If your baby wears diapers, there is no need to stock up for a month if you are going to be there for 10 days! Take enough and, if you miss, buy there. Brands like Pampers are sold worldwide and, in Italy, they are even cheaper!


  • In hand luggage, in addition to essential items such as diapers, baby wipes, etc., take plastic bags to put dirty clothes, used diapers if you are in a place where there is no way to dispose of them immediately, and everything your child can do come to need, as a headache medicine, for example! In Italy, toilet paper is thrown directly into the toilet, but that IS NOT VALID FOR THE DIAPERS! So dispose of them correctly!

3) Travel with children in Italy? ACCOMMODATION

If you are going to stay in a hotel, ask the reception about children’s programming. It is quite common for the hotel to have a recreation team that will entertain your children during the day. If you are staying in a rented house, double the attention! Beware of stairs, swimming pool, high places without protection (tops of stairs, for example). Be careful, especially in a new environment, you can never be too careful!


  • Prefer to stay in an apartment and preferably very central. You can go out later to stroll, organize children’s meals better and use the washing machine (to wash clothes more frequently). The ideal is always to travel with small luggage, O.K.?

4) Travel with children in Italy? STROLLING THROUGH THE CITY

If you took the stroller there is nothing to worry about, if your destination city is NOT Venice, O.K.? In Venice it is practically impossible to use a stroller (the best option is the baby carrier): the streets are not very well paved and there are MANY bridges, and they are always full of people, which makes getting around very difficult!

Children get tired much faster than adults and this is very normal, but inquire (research before you even buy the ticket!) about the places you want to visit. Check if it is possible to enter with a stroller. Another thing: take it easy on the streets where the pavement is not ‘smooth’.

Make the children walk, let them run where possible and tire them as much as he can, so he will have no time zone problems and will sleep well at night! If the child still fits the baby carrier, great! It may seem more tiring, but it will make it a lot easier to move around.


  • Not all places allow admission with a stroller and not all places allow children to enter, requiring a minimum age of 16 years. So do a lot of research before buying tickets and choosing attractions.


  • Avoid going out to see the city on foot at times when the sun is at its strongest. Remember to always put sunscreen on the little ones, even in cities like Rome and Milan. The sun is pitiless. Use caps, hydrate them VERY well and make them eat fruits, for example, and light things with a certain frequency so as not to run the risk of catching colds when entering and leaving air-conditioned rooms with air conditioning. Do the same with yourself and take care of yourself too!
  • The best strollers are the compact ones, which weigh up to three kilos. They are foldable and, if you don’t have one, you can buy one in Italy. It costs 50 Euros, on average, and it is GREAT, because besides being light, when we close it it is very compact!

5) Travel with children in Italy? USE OF THE CAR SEAT

Car seat. If you are going to rent a car, ask about the car seat. In Italy it is also mandatory and you need to request it when you rent a car. If you rent a car from your country, specify that you will need the item, O.K.?! It doesn’t pay to take it from home! In case you need it (because you will use a friend’s car, for example!), It is worth investing in a car seat that becomes a stroller or those that fit into the base of the baby stroller.


  • If you have children, the best option is to rent a car! The trip is much, much more comfortable and the trunk will help you A LOT during the move between cities, because the compact cart fits perfectly inside! (depending on the car model chosen, of course!).
  • If you really want to travel by train, then avoid a large number of luggage. This will disturb you a lot and will end up setting you off! Also opt for times with less movement of people to make the trip more peaceful. The train is emptier and it is easier to get on and off with your bags, in addition to having the option to choose the places where to sit.

6) Travel with children in Italy? BABY FOOD AND MILK

Airports generally do not impose a volume limit for children’s items such as juices, baby food and milk, but it is VERY common that they open the containers to check what’s inside and often ask you to “try it out”. It is a normal procedure! But avoid taking food and beverages that require constant refrigeration, as they may spoil on the way. Give preference to fruits (especially those sold in supermarkets, which do not require refrigeration) and powdered milk. So it’s enough to have a little water and the milk is ready, for example! Be practical!


  • If you are still breastfeeding, find out if the country you are going to has any public breastfeeding restrictions! I know it seems absurd, but in Eastern countries, for example, it is a prohibited act and can even lead to jail!
  • In Italy I suggest that you place a cloth over the exposed area to avoid problems, even if it is not required.

7) Travel with children in Italy? PREPARE A LIST

List what could go wrong! It sounds crazy, but list everything that can go wrong: miss the flight, the child is sick, you are sick. Organize your carry-on luggage for all situations so as not to be caught off guard.

8) Travel with children in Italy? KEEP CALM

If your child decided to become the incredible Hulk on high, there’s no use freaking out together! Keep calm, talk to the child and try to understand what is afflicting him! DO NOT SCREAM, DO NOT WORRY, DO NOT GIVE UP! I know it is a complicated situation, but there is not much to do but calm the child and help it to help you! ? And remember, an Italian children behave the same way when they “throw a tantrum”, so be calm and don’t worry if you are going to bother people (as far as possible, obviously).

Super Tip

  • Italy has several options for attractions for children. To get a little deeper on the subject, access our post on what to do with children in Italy (in the main Italian cities) by clicking here! In addition, many cities have very spacious parks, zoos and museums. Kids will love it!

Renting a car

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Travel  with children in Italy? This post was based on my personal experience. I travel with my daughters ♥ Emily and Carmela ♥ since she was born (in fact, I spent all my pregnancy traveling with her, since I am a tour guide in Calabria). As “scary” as it may seem, traveling with children can be a unique experience: for you and for them! Last tip: the sooner you start traveling with your children, the easier it will be for them to get used to it, and with each trip everything will be simpler and more entertaining for everyone;) Have fun !!!!

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

Did my post help you? If yes, make sure to leave your comment below, but if you still have questions, just leave them as a comment below and I will reply, O.K.?

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