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FREE: 30-minute consultancy for choosing hotels in Italy!

Exclusive gift for readers of the blog Your Travel to Italy. Don't miss this UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to have your hotel chosen by us: for free!

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FREE: 30-minute consultancy for choosing hotels in Italy!

An EXCLUSIVE gift for you, my dearest reader. It’s not a promotion or click bait! It’s a gift! I believe that everyone should have a greater purpose, something that makes them get up every day and have the willing to help those who need your service or product. Here you can count on me to help you choose your hotel in Italy. Now let’s go to our Post of the Day: FREE: 30-minute consultancy for choosing hotels in Italy! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


My biggest motivation is to help more and more people to know Italy, or better, to help more and more people to live unforgettable experiences in Italy. From my passion I decided to create the blog you are reading at the moment. So I could pass on all the knowledge I have about the country of the boot shape.

With the blog, people started to write and thank me for the tips or even for the e-books, but e-mails started to come up with a lot of difficulty and, at that moment, I realized that I could do something more. It was then that I decided to give you, my reader 30 minutes of consultation to help you choosing your hotel, apartment or inn: and I will help you for FREE. Are you having doubts about the hotel you should book? I will help you. Keep reading until the end.

Our Service

A totally unique and innovative service so that you will not be fooled! I will do it according to your budget and preferences. Together, we will choose the ideal hotel for your vacation in the country of the boot shape! You will only have the “work” of making the reservation! 😉

Important to Know

  • Valid only for reservations made through Booking.com . We are not responsible for services provided by partner companies. The services provided and / or any problems that may arise during the negotiation are the responsibility of the providing company.
  • Know that by booking on our blog through Booking.com you will be helping us to maintain our website and you will not pay anything more for that, as the reservation service is FREE. I mean: no booking or administrative fees and reservations can be canceled, also, for free.
  • It is also very important to understand about Accommodation in Italy. I advise reading the post What is the difference between hotel categories in Italy? before filling out the Form to receive your Free Gift!

What to do to get your gift?

GET YOUR GIFT NOW. Just CLICK HERE! and fill in the form with some details about your trip, after that, I will be doing a search of the best options of Hotels in Italy for the period you are going to travel (best cost benefit, hotels with offer, best areas) and I will be sending some of these options for you to evaluate and make the reservation directly. So your work will only be to make the reservation. Nice, isn’t it?!?


Get in touch!



Hotels in Italy? Let me help you with that! For any further information, contact me!

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