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Cooking Courses in Naples

Let's learn how to cook in the land of the most traditional pizza in the world? So come with me and I'll tell you which cooking courses to take in Naples.

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Cooking Courses in Naples

Naples is the birthplace of Italian pizza par excellence and, of course, once there, it is practically impossible not to fall into the temptation of learning how to make the traditional, famous, and tasty Neapolitan pizza, but Neapolitan cuisine goes further and offers us many other options. very tasty, including pasta. Today I will tell you where to take cooking courses in Naples. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

That Naples is the official land of pizza, everyone knows! But Naples also offers many other options for lovers of Italian cuisine. Famous for its pizza – which is considered the authentic Italian pizza – Naples is perfect for those who appreciate tasty, colorful, aromatic and delicious dishes! Discover the 5 best pizzerias in Naples here!

Why take a cooking course in Naples?

Because you will understand the whole love story between Italians and their food! Gastronomy is a subject that is taken very seriously in Italy, especially in the south. They are proud of their traditions, “titles” such as “the best pizza in the world!”, and they value the art of cooking immensely. Find out here: Where to take a Cooking Course in Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice.

With simple ingredients, Neapolitans are able to create true feasts, full of flavors and colors! Among pasta, pies, pastries, and other specialties, Neapolitan cuisine stands out for being incredibly colorful. Italians talk about food with love, affection and respect, as it is something that is part of the deepest essence of a people who love to eat and serve!

When you choose to take a cooking course in Naples, you are choosing to live a unique, unforgettable experience that will make you understand a lot when it comes to Italian food! Also read: What are the best cookery schools in Italy?

What courses can I take?

A lot of them! All of them! Only one of them! Your biggest difficulty will be deciding which one to take! The list of available courses is very extensive and offers options for all tastes – and budgets, that is: there is no excuse!

Among the most sought after cooking courses in Naples, of course the pizza course is the audience champion, but you also find pasta courses and Tiramisù. Prices vary according to the chosen course, as well as their duration – they usually only last a few hours and, after the class, there is a tasting and interaction between participants. It’s pretty fun!

Another immense advantage of taking this type of course is that everything is already included in the package: the ingredients, the utensils and, of course, the technical guidance.

It is worth it?

A huge YES! Especially if you want to get to know Italian cuisine deeply! In addition to being something different and that will definitely leave you marked forever!

That’s right: there are those who say that pizza was created by the Greeks, who made a type of dough with chickpeas, wheat flour or rice, and then baked it in hot bricks. Some time later, three centuries before the birth of Christ, the Phoenicians and Muslim Turks, during the medieval era, covered their ‘breads’ round and baked with onions and meat, thus creating the ‘first pizza with stuffing’. Between comings and goings, during the Crusades, where did this custom reach Italy? Naples!

Good to know…

  • Most of the courses are offered in Italian or English, but it’s all very intuitive, almost completely hands-on; not to mention that the instructors are very patient, so: don’t worry!

Below I bring some (great!) cooking course options in Naples! Aprons ready? So: let’s go!

1) Cooking Courses in Naples: Small Group Pasta and Tiramisu Class

Main dish and dessert! Who wouldn’t love that? That’s right: this is a very special course and its main focus is the traditional Italian pasta. This is the perfect type of course for anyone who LOVES typical Italian food, not to mention that they will also teach you how to make one of the most famous and beloved sweets in the world: Tiramisù.

For more information and booking, click here!

2) Cooking Courses in Naples: Market Tour and Cooking Class with Original Recipes

A class full of colors, scents and flavors! After a brief walk through the Central Market to choose your ingredients, you’ll head straight to one of the most popular classes in Naples: the typical Neapolitan dishes class! I don’t even need to say that it’s a delicious class, do I? Oh, at the market the chef will teach you how to choose the PERFECT ingredients so that your recipes are IMPECCABLE!

For more information and booking, click here!

3) Cooking Courses in Naples: Make your own Neapolitan Pizza Workshop

Ready? We arrived at the long awaited pizza class! Pizza is one of the most iconic dishes in all of Italy! There’s nothing more iconic than taking a class to learn how to make authentic Neapolitan pizza in Naples! Find out what pizza is like in Italy here!

For more information and booking, click here!

4) Cooking Courses in Naples: Pizza Preparation Class with a Chef

Another pizza course option in Naples! Guys, the pizza courses are the most sought after, so book well in advance of your trip, okay?! This is another option if you are unable to book the course indicated above!

For more information and booking, click here!

What about Cooking Courses in Naples for Kids?

Children can participate in any of the courses mentioned above, of course, those under 18 years old will not be able to consume alcoholic beverages, but they will literally be able to put their hands in the dough!

Want to see the full list of cooking courses and workshops in Naples? Click here!


  • Book in advance, especially if you are traveling during the high season (July/August).
  • Check days and times, and arrive at least half an hour in advance.
  • Remember that some courses are offered for groups, others are not, so if you are with a larger group and want to take the course together, check availability in advance.

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Cooking Courses in Naples – Want to learn how to make pizza in Naples? Do you want to know better this gastronomy so rich in details? So, be sure, you will fall in love with Neapolitan food even more!

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