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Quarterly calendar of events in Italy

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Quarterly calendar of events in Italy

With events for all tastes, Italy presents several options throughout the year, some more famous than others. For you to better organize yourself, we have made a short list, quarterly, about the main events in the country of the boot and in its main cities. Get to know the Calendar of Quarterly Events in Italy here! Stay with us and make the most of boot country! Here at Italys’ Dream Tourism you can make the trip of your dreams come true!! Also check out our Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your Vacations Section!

1) Quarterly calendar of events in Italy – FEBRUARY MONTH

Find out now what the main events are in the main Italian cities!!

Rome Calendar

Roman Carnival: the Roman carnival is an annual event and the dates follow the Brazilian calendar, that is, this year the party takes place on February 13th. People dress up, go out on the streets and have fun, especially the children. Learn more about Rome here!

Milan Calendar

Carnaval Ambrosiano: Milan’s carnival lasts four days and is one of the most anticipated festivals in the city. Traditional performances take place all over Milan! It is a beautiful party! Learn more about Milan here!

Florence Calendar

Florence Carnival: as in all of Italy, the festival features attractions with costumes, dances and typical Fiorentine food. Learn more about Florence here!

Calendar of Verona

Verona Carnival: with typical costumes, locals and tourists mingle in the streets that are full of colors and animation. Just like in Brazil, carnival is one of the most anticipated events in Italy as well. Learn more about Verona here!

Venice Calendar

Venice Carnival: read our special post about the Carnival in Venice, with all the tips, information on dates, places and attractions. Learn more about Venice here!

2) Quarterly calendar of events in Italy – MARCH MONTH

Find out now what the main events are in the main Italian cities!!

Florence Calendar

Medieval New Year’s Eve Party: takes place every March 25th for exactly 9 months before Christmas; it is actually a celebration of the announcement of the birth of Jesus made by the archangel Gabriel to Mary.

3) Quarterly calendar of events in Italy – APRIL CALENDAR

Find out now what the main events are in the main Italian cities!!

Rome Calendar

Natale di Roma has no relation to the feast of December 25th; Natale di Roma commemorates the birth of the city on April 21st.  This is when the staging takes place at the Circo Massimo, where historical Roman groups stage ancient and traditional ceremonies, fights, and dances.

Easter is one of the busiest times of the year. Rome is filled with tourists and worshippers who celebrate Easter on the second Sunday of April. St. Peter’s Basilica is packed for all the masses scheduled for the Easter weekend.

Milan Calendar

Easter: also full of tourists, Milan sees its cathedral crowded, especially in the masses dedicated to Easter.

Florence Calendar

Scoppio del Carro (Car Explosion): the festival takes place at Easter and is known as Brindellone. It is one of the oldest and most traditional. There are reenactments of the 1st Crusade and the conquest of Jerusalem.


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Quarterly calendar of events in Italy! You can typically find information about upcoming events, festivals, and activities in Italy by checking official tourism websites, event listing platforms, or contacting local tourism offices closer to the date you’re interested in. These sources often provide comprehensive calendars of events happening throughout the country.

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