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The best hotels in the world are in Italy!

Every year the best hotels in the world are chosen by various authorities on the sector, in 2018 Italy appears twice in the ranking. Are you curious to know which are the best hotels in Italy are? Read this post and find out which are hotels the best hotels in Italy!

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The best hotels in the world are in Italy!

The long awaited list of the Best Hotels in the World (2018) came out and two of them are on Italian territory! The choice is made in a simple way and the voting lasts a year! Are you curious to know which are the best hotels in Italy, right? Let’s go to our Post of the day? The best hotels in the world are in Italy! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


To begin with, destinations that have already won regional awards are selected, then those recommended by the prize organizers appear on the list and there are also establishments that register and receive approval to participate in the contest. After everything is defined, voting starts! Read also: How is breakfast in Italy? and What is the average spend in a day in Italy?

Hotel Rating

The evaluation of the hotels takes a year and is done by hotel executives, specialized journalists, professionals in the area and, of course, customers. All votes are audited and, after the final count, the long-awaited list is released! They evaluate: dependencies, services, among other items. Location is not a priority, but it also has a certain weight.

The List of the American Condé Nast Traveler

This year Italy entered the list of the American Condé Nast Traveler and, just to have an idea of the dimension of this choice, the hotels appear next to the notorious Ritz, from Paris. See also: Accommodation in Italy! Well, the best Italian hotels on the list are: MASSERIA TORRE COCCARO, which came in first place, and BELMOND GRAND HOTEL TIMEO, which came in eighth. The first is in Brindisi (Apuglia) and the second in Taormina, both  in Sicily, southern Italy. Southern Italy is wonderful!

1) The best hotels in the world are in Italy! MASSERIA TORRE COCCARO

Let’s talk about Masseria Torre Coccaro that won First Place. With an excellent location, the hotel is indeed extraordinary! It was defined by the editors of CN Traveler as a jewel of hospitality. Its white walls on the outside, very similar to those of the buildings present in the Greek Islands, are magnets for our eyes and make everything much more beautiful, both in daylight and at nightfall. In the best “cave” style, some common areas of the hotel, such as restaurant, bar and games room, are well decorated, elegant and pleasant, inviting us to spend hours there. Another highlight is the hotel’s chapel, which is spectacular!

Hotel details

The rooms are spacious, cozy, clean and full of privacy, still following the idea of the caves, some bathrooms are rustic, but always maintaining the luxury that the hotel offers to the guest. Another highlight is the suites: many of them have a private pool and a small garden. The hotel also offers guests a SPA with various services such as massages, special baths and a sauna. The restaurant is a spectacle apart! With an impeccable wine list, the space is beautiful and the menu is exclusive! The hotel also has a swimming pool full of charm, private beach, bars, cooking classes, Enoteca, golf course and convention center. The daily rate? From EUR 304 to EUR 1.635,00 depending on the season, availability and the type of room you choose. Oh, another thing: making a reservation is almost an impossible mission, so if you can, make your reservation well in advance!


Watch this video and see more: Hotel Masseria Torre Coccaro

2) The best hotels in the world are in Italy! BELMOND GRAND HOTEL TIMEO

The other hotel on the list is the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo which won the eighth place. With a WONDERFUL view, it is not difficult to understand why he is on that list! Modern and elegant, the hotel offers free boat transfers for guests to go to the other hotel in the chain also located there in the region, Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, in addition to excursions, private beach, beach huts with bar services, restaurants , monitors for children, gym and more.

Hotel details

Among the most interesting excursions offered by the hotel is the so-called Alternative Shopping in Sicily. The hotel organizes trips to exclusive ateliers of painters and potters and there you can see how they work and buy unique pieces!
The hotel offers a helicopter tour and is one of the most sought after by guests. The rooms and suites are spacious and very well located with amazing views, as well as extremely well decorated and welcoming. The presidential suite is the one that draws the most attention: with a 300 m² terrace you have a breathtaking view!

The Hotel Restaurant

The hotel’s restaurant is inviting and the tables outside will leave you jaw-dropping! Dinner on the terrace at sunset is an experience that few places in the world can offer you. The hotel also has a SPA, an area for events and special packages for newlyweds. The daily rate starts from EUR 400 up to EUR 5.000,00 (presidential suite) a night. You can also include other services to your experience; they will be offered while you book the room. The availability of dates is also complicated, but a little easier if you book in advanced.


Watch this video and find out more about the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo


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The best hotels in the world are in Italy! Being on the list of the best hotels in the world is not for any hotel. Both Masseria Torre and Belmond are proof that beauty, refinement and elegance go hand in hand, get along and can complement each other!

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