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Experience tourism at Ratti Winery – Piedmont

Today we head to the Piedmont region! There, among the vineyards, one of the most celebrated wineries in the region we find the excellent Ratti Winery, one of the largest producers of Barolo in Italy. Are you ready for our tour?

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Experience tourism at Ratti Winery – Piedmont

When we talk about Italian wines, it is impossible not to mention the most celebrated of them: Barolo. In the Langhe area, in the Piedmont region, we find the excellent Ratti Winery, which presents itself in an elegant, beautiful and poetic way. Therefore, today, we are going to discover a place for Experience Tourism at Ratti Winery – Piedmont. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

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Our Introduction

Today we are going to discover a gem of Experience Tourism: the excellent Ratti Winery. It is a very special winery in the heart of the Piedmont region and its history dates back to 1965 when the owner, Renato Ratti, bought his first vineyard dedicated to the production of Barolo. The plot was small and located in the historic area of Marcenasco, under the Abbey Annunziata in La Morra.

Renato Ratti and his success story

A visionary, on that small piece of land, Renato began to produce the Barolo Marcenasco, which stood out for being a wine produced from a single vineyard. That’s how the Ratti Winery was born.

In 1970

In the 70s, Renato starts working with his nephew, Massimo Martinelli, who introduces his uncle to new winemaking, maturation and refinement techniques, all applied to Barolo Marcenasco. From that moment on, the fermentation and maceration times were reduced, as well as the aging in barrels: the maximum time became two years.

From the barrel, already bottled, the wine began to take shape inside the bottle itself: an extremely innovative method for the time and for the traditional production of this type of wine!

In 1988

In 1988, after the death of Renato, his son, Pietro Ratti, took over the winery. Pietro continues with the expansion and renovation of family vineyards: with study, research, new technologies and a lot of love, Pietro continues to run the winery with sweetness and determination, making Ratti Winery a reference in the production of this gem called Barolo, and becoming a gem for lovers of experience tourism.

A little more about Ratti Winery in Piedmont

The Ratti Winery was restructured in 2005 and gained a modern look, but without losing its excellence and tradition in the production of its wine. With a focus on sustainability, the building kept its lines, but the architects were able to blend the construction with the lines of the hill, and with colors that come together in a harmonious and enveloping way.

The territory of La Morra and the Ratti Winery

La Morra produces wines that follow precise rules and, over the years, the Ratti Winery has maintained its definitive outlines of philosophy for the production of its wines. The peculiarities of the territory, between its main zones and its sub-zones, give life to different Barolo, but without forgetting all its quality and excellence.

In the case of Ratti Winery, located on an attractive hill, it is visible all the care and attention in the wine production, which goes from the harvest to the commercialization of the wine. The traditions remain the same, although modernized, and this gives us a dimension of the size of the love and commitment of the company to deliver a PERFECT wine!

The Ratti Winery Museum

Ratti Winery offers us a museum dedicated to its founder, Renato Ratti. There you can follow not only the history of Renato Ratti, but also the Barolo and Alba wines.

With an incredible collection of objects, documents, among others, the museum tells us about the ancient bond between the people of Langhe, the territory and the wine. The highlight of the place is the Albeisa bottle. In 1973 Renato decided to create this bottle in honor of Alba, and its shape was inspired by some old pre-Napoleonic forms.

Experience tourism at Ratti Winery – Piedmont
The special Albeisa bottle – Source: Cantina Ratti.

A little more about the Albeisa Bottle

The project was shared with a small group of producer friends and its original color was in shades of brown, with reddish touches. The color was ideal for protecting wines made to be aged for a long period of time, such as Barolo and Barbaresco.

The bottle is used until today and, currently, the production of the bottle exceeds twenty million pieces, being distributed to more than three hundred producers. The color of the bottle today is green and it can be found in different sizes: 750 ml, 1500 ml magnum, 3000 ml jeroboam and the albese measure of 5000 ml.

For visits and tastings, reservations must be made in advance!
For more information and reservations, visit THIS LINK!

My Experience at Ratti Winery

Let me tell you about my Experience Tourism at Ratti Winery – Piedmont. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE experience tourism and, therefore, I personally went to visit Ratti winery. Upon my arrival, I was very well received by the dear Alice, who is one of those responsible for introducing us to the place. As soon as we arrived at the winery, we felt a amazing sensation of total immersion in the world of Barolo.

How is the Ratti Winery Tour done?

The tour begins with a brief explanation of what we will see there and, little by little, we receive a real lesson about wine, the territory, the importance of Barolo to the world of wines, and other very interesting information.

It is worth going with free time, although the visit lasts about two hours, I suggest that you take time to explore the area on foot, as it is a beautiful territory and offers us magnificent panoramas. The atmosphere there is really delicious! The service, the cordiality, the friendliness, the winery itself, which is beautiful! Everything is perfect!

Why is Ratti Winery’s Barolo so celebrated?

Because of its incredible quality! Made entirely with Nebbiolo grapes, Barolo is a unique wine in the world, and Barolo Classico from Ratti Winery comes from just one vineyard, that is, it is a more than special wine!

The name Barolo owes its name to the noble Falletti family, Marqueses de Barolo, who were responsible for starting the production of vineyards in the early 19th century. Initially, the Barolo was called the old nebbiolo. Barolo’s aging took place in the Palazzo Barolo, in Turin, and not in Barolo, as it is today. Barolo is a small town located in the province of Cuneo, in the heart of the Langhe.

The King of Wines

It is said that, during the celebrations of the unification of Italy, the only wine served to the authorities was Barolo and, from that moment on, Barolo was considered “the Wine of the King, the king of wines and the wine of Italy!”

The true origin of the King of Wines

Vittorio Emanuele II presented his lover, Rosa Vercellana, a commoner, with a winery in the Barolo area. The place also served so that they could meet away from prying eyes.

Passionate about wine, he and his beloved started to produce a wine so that they could taste it when they were together; both were great connoisseurs of oenology, and they combined their knowledge to create a wine from the Nebbiolo grape, thus creating the ‘king’s wine’: Barolo.

Such perfection, it didn’t take long for the wine to fall into the graces of the winemakers on duty, being called ‘the king of wines’. Thus, an ancient love story became ‘eternal’ through a wine and that, somehow, remains ‘alive’ to this day.

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Experience Tourism at Ratti Winery – Piedmont. The excellent Ratti Winery offers us a real immersion in the history of Barolo and its prestigious production. Traditional, it offers us an impeccable, special, historic and, be sure: unforgettable wine.

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