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Gallipoli the pearl of Apulia

Gallipoli is a city in the Apulia region that shouldn't be underestimated! Let's visit it!

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Gallipoli the pearl of Apulia

Gallipoli is not one of the most famous cities in the world and, in fact, it is little known by the mass of tourists, but it is one of the most beautiful and its visitors are surprised by its culture, monuments and impressive beaches. The Apulia region has an excellent tourist structure, and deserves to be considered when setting up a tour of Italy. Today we are going to get to know more about the city of Gallipoli, the pearl of Apulia. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Beautiful video of Gallipoli in the Apulia region

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A little more about Gallipoli

Gallipoli, in the province of Lecce, is bathed by the beautiful Ionian Sea, in the heart of one of the most beautiful coasts in the Mediterranean. The city, of 20,000 inhabitants, has that number tripled during the high season. The city is located along the west coast of Salento and is divided into two distinct zones: the historic center, which sits on a limestone island and is about 1.5 km long; and the ‘new village’, connected to the island by a brick bridge dating from the 17th century, which began to be formed in 1837.

Gallipoli, like other cities in Salento, has a historical importance of religious and civil architecture from the very important Baroque era. No wonder, it is awaiting recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I advise guided historical walking tour, click here to learn more!

1) Gallipoli the pearl of Apulia: VISIT THE CATHEDRAL OF SANT´AGATA

The city’s historic center is surrounded by narrow streets, which resemble labyrinths – full of charm! The Greek heritage is visible on all sides, including in its buildings, churches and, together with the Baroque style, dominates the city. There you can see the beautiful Greek Fountain, from the end of the 16th century. It was made by a local sculptor and shows a series of mythological figures. There is no shortage of churches in the city: there are at least 20 consecrated churches and another 8 around Gallipoli. Of course, one of them that deserves more attention is the Cathedral of Sant’Agata, which is a real masterpiece in Baroque style. Due to the large number of paintings in its interior, it can be considered a real Art Gallery. It is a 17th century church, and was rebuilt to replace the old Romanesque church dedicated to St John Christopher.

2) Gallipoli the pearl of Apulia: VISIT THE ANJOU-ARAGONESE CASTLE

Another postcard monument of the city is the imposing Anjou-Aragonese Castle, which, unfortunately, is not open to the public, but it is possible to go up to the so-called Rivellino, which is a gazebo and which in high season hosts various cultural events, such as sessions of outside cinema. Even if you can’t explore this amazing building from the inside, you can admire all its beauty from the outside.

3) Gallipoli the pearl of Apulia: VISIT THE BEACHES

We cannot talk about Gallipoli and not mention the beaches! It would be unacceptable, one of the worst crimes! Hahahaha… The beaches around here are true works of art of nature, pieces of paradise, with cinematic scenes! Among the sandy bays are La Purita, Baia Verde and Punta della Suina, surrounded by abundant vegetation and with clear waters; the fine sand seems to massage our feet. There are also good options: Lido de San Giovanni, Punta Pizzo, Lido delle Conchiglie and Rivabella, where you can enjoy contact with nature almost untouched by Man. All have clean water and are ideal for forgetting everything for at least a whole day! Surrender laziness without guilt, because this is not a sin here!

4) Gallipoli the pearl of Apulia: EXPLORE THE NIGHTLIFE IN GALLIPOLI

The city’s nightlife, during high season, can also surprise you. The city has several options for great bars, pubs and holds several cultural events in its squares during the summer. The nightclubs are also present: many take place on the beaches, others are closed parties, but the city, during the summer, is full of life, movement and people from all over Italy and abroad!

5) Gallipoli the Pearl of Apulia: VISIT THE CIVIC MUSEUM

If you want something ’cultural’, a visit to the city’s Civic Museum may be interesting. On Via Antonietta de Pace, in the heart of the historic center, is this amazing museum! The museum houses, among other attractions, the section on fetal and animal diseases unique in Puglia. It sounds kind of ‘bizarre’, but it’s very interesting!

Map with attractions in Gallipoli

Gallipoli The Pearl Of Apulia
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Gallipoli Map

Gallipoli The Pearl Of Apulia

Where to eat in Gallipoli?

If you get hungry, there are excellent restaurants all over the city; many serve seafood dishes due to the proximity, so the fish are always fresh, rest assured! But there are several menu options with meats, snacks, pizzas and more. I’ll leave an option with value for money!

La Pentola Dei Gnomi Restaurant

With varied dishes, of course it also presents its main dishes, the flagships, with dishes based on seafood.

  • Where it is: Via Gian Giacomo Russo 18, 73014, Gallipoli, Italy.
  • Hours: every day, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am.

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Gallipoli, the pearl of Apulia. Gallipoli is the kind of city you can’t ignore! It is historic, full of beauty and attracts for its beaches with blue sea and golden sand! It offers options for all tastes: for those who want to visit churches, for those who prefer to stay on the beach, for those who want to eat well, for those who prefer the tranquility of places further away from the center. If you’re heading to Apulia and don’t know which cities to visit, consider Gallipoli; you will not regret it! When you come back, don’t forget to tell me about your trip. Do you already know the city? Leave a comment at the end of the post, you can help many travelers! Bon Voyage!

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