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How about getting to know La Maddalena in Sardinia?

This beautiful archipelago, full of cinematic places and paradisiacal beaches, is located in the province of Olbia Tempio, in the north of Sardinia. Today we are going to detail this place that is a jewel in Sardinia!

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How about getting to know La Maddalena in Sardinia?

The island of Sardinia is beautiful, everyone knows that! Sardinia is home to history, culture and beaches of unbelievable beauty! The cities are charming and makes you want to never leave there again. It is difficult to choose the most beautiful place on the island, but one of them is, without a doubt, La Maddalena, along with Caprera! Today we are going to discover a little more about this fantastic place, full of fascination and that will leave unique memories in your soul and in your heart! Let’s go to our Post of the day: How about getting to know La Maddalena in Sardinia? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

Like good southerners, the Sardinians know how to receive their tourists impeccably! With sympathy, courtesy and affection, the people of Sardinia are proud of their land and want the world to know them, not for nothing: the beaches of the Island are always among the most beautiful in the world! They manage to present the best in terms of beaches, gastronomy and many other attractions. Today we are going to know a little more about this wonder called La Maddalena and a little bit of its surroundings, like Caprera! Also read Itinerary by car in Sardinia!

About La Maddalena

La Maddalena presents its visitors with a color palette that impresses even the most demanding eye: with rocks, sea and sun, the colors present themselves in a cheerful and elegant way, with reflections of dreams and poetry. Its inhabitants – just over 11,000 – are concentrated in “Sa Madalena” (as the locals call them) and make life there peaceful and pleasant, even during the busiest months. How about taking a 7-hour boat tour through the Maddalena Archipelago? Click here to learn more!

It’s easy to feel at home there, as Sardinians don’t play around when it comes to receptivity. Our protagonist of this post is La Maddalena and with less than 20 square kilometers of surface, the tour is quiet, fast, pleasant and unforgettable! Although not a common destination, this region manages to fascinate us in a way that no other can!

1) How about getting to know La Maddalena in Sardinia? VISIT GARIBALDI SQUARE

Let’s start our tour of La Maddalena in the Historic Center. The tour, of course, starts at the seaside, where ferries arrive almost constantly from Palau. Here you can start your walk between alleys and stairs that will take you to Garibaldi Square. Most of the shops, bars and restaurants are concentrated here; in the summer, the place is very lively, full of life and all the social life of Maddalena takes place in this piece of land.

2) How about getting to know La Maddalena in Sardinia? DISCOVER THE CHURCH, CALA GAVETTA, UMBERTO SQUARE AND THE MUSEUM

Following, we will go to the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena. The church is located in the homonymous square near Cala Gavetta and the Palazzo Comunale, and is, of course, dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. The Church is a symbol of the spiritual unity of the whole community. From here, we can head to the charming port of Cala Gavetta, one of the most fascinating views of the sea on the island. Then you can return to the seaside by strolling along Via Amendola, which will take you to another interesting point, Umberto I Square.

Navy Command buildings

The spaces are dominated by the buildings of the Navy Command that contrast with the blue of the sea in a magnificent way! If you follow the road counterclockwise, you will find the Nino Lamboglia Museum, opened in 1982 and dedicated to underwater archeology. The museum houses artifacts from a Roman ship sunk in 120 BC on the island of Spargi, as well as other samples recovered from the waters of the archipelago.

A reconstruction of the hull contains a considerable number of amphorae arranged according to the stowage method used by the Romans. There are still nails, tiles, fragments of the coating that were part of the ship’s hull, instruments and equipment that the crew used and that illustrate the life of the sailors and the navigation methods of the time.

3) How about getting to know La Maddalena in Sardinia? DISCOVER MONETA AND CAPRERA ISLAND

Just a few meters away from the museum is the suburb of Moneta. Here are the most authentic and popular houses on the Island. They are beautiful and will delight you! After passing Moneta, you reach the bridge that connects La Maddalena to the island of Caprera.

About Caprera

Caprera is a small island that is part of the Maddalena archipelago and is not very contaminated by man. It is immersed in nature and of an unparalleled beauty! It is a very well preserved and protected area, as it is part of the National Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, so there is a huge risk of finding postcard landscapes, perfect beaches and a unique tranquility here!

Garibaldi House-Museum

Caprera’s first mandatory stop is the Garibaldi house-museum. Here, at the entrance, we can see flags, artillery pieces and various paraphernalia that belonged to Garibaldi. There we can also see the bedrooms, the kitchen with its original furniture and the windows with everyday objects used by him and his family. Outside the house, we find the monument dedicated to the hero of the two worlds: a bust representing Garibaldi. We can also see the orchard and the majestic pine that Garibaldi planted in 1867 to commemorate the birth of his daughter Clelia, as well as the windmill.

Punta Rossa

Then, to finish the tour there, we follow the path that leads to the small family cemetery. From there, we head to the south of the island to discover the natural attractions of Caprera. We can start from the pine forest of Punta Rossa, passing by the beaches of Cala Portese, which is also known as Due Mari, and Cala Andreani, with its very white sands and emerald waters.


Passing from there, finally, we arrive at Shipwreck beach, so called due to the presence of a skeleton of a ship loaded with coal that ran aground after a fire. Another natural destination of great beauty is Caprera, which is also part of the Archipelago National Park and is definitely ideal for those who love hiking, history and unique beauty!

Mount Poggio Stefano and Mount Teialone

Not to be missed here are the paths opened by the military during the Second World War on Mount Poggio Stefano, made entirely of pink granite; at the top, we can see the remains of military buildings and then we go to Mount Teialone. From there, follow the walk to Cala Coticcio, one of the most enchanting beaches in Caprera and also called Tahiti, you will understand when you are there!

Cala Brigantina, Poggio Rasu Superiore and Inferiore

Cala Brigantina, which consists of two small white sand beaches, also attracts attention! If you don’t want to walk, you can rent a boat from Maddalena. The last stop in Caprera is in the area of ​​Poggio Rasu Superiore and Inferiore where we find the beautiful fortifications built in 1800, its military ruins are still visible.

4) How about getting to know La Maddalena in Sardinia? DISCOVER THE BEACHES

Below are some suggestions for the most beautiful beaches in La Maddalena and Caprera.

The best beaches in La Maddalena:

  • Tegge – well-structured beach and you can get there by car.
  • Bassa Trinità – reached with a short walk, it is protected by the dunes. It’s quite windy, as the west and mistral winds meet right there!
  • Cala Lunga – very small beach, but it is the ideal type of beach for those who want tranquility. Tip: get there early!
  • Spalmatore – is the most famous beach and also has an excellent tourist structure, with bars and restaurants; the sea has a wonderful water color and is the least windy beach on the entire island.
  • Testa del Polpo – it’s a charm, but the beach here has no sand, it has pebbles and it presents itself in a discreet way, but with great charm!

The best beaches in Caprera:

  • Cala Garibaldi – starting from Cala Garibaldi, with a short walk, you can reach this other splendid beach!
  • Cala Napoletana – can be reached after a walk of about half an hour from Cala Garibaldi, next to the parking lot in front of the Garibaldi Memorial.
  • Cala Coticcio – about 40 minutes on foot, the beach is wonderful, but it’s small. The trail to get there is not the simplest, so forget your flip-flops on this stretch and put on comfortable and resistant shoes.
  • Spiaggia dei due Mari – you can also get here by car. In low season, there are some wild boar on the beach that are attracted by the tourists’ food. Avoid feeding the animals.
  • Spiaggia del Relitto – with good infrastructure, it is also possible to get here by car, although the last stretch of the road is dirt.
  • Cala Andreani – it is possible to reach here after a short walk.
  • Porto Palma – another beautiful beach that allows access with small animals.

Our Super Tips

  • In summer the beaches are CROWDED! So get there early! If you are driving, have LOTS of patience, it is not difficult for the roads to become crowded with cars, buses and scooters. A good option is to visit the beaches by boat! Check out our section on Weather in Italy!
  • To buy tickets for the ferries to/from La Maddalena, go to the Palau maritime station. There you can also hire boat trips through La Maddalena and Caprera. The crossing for the car costs approximately 40 euros, round trip.
  • There are only 2 bus lines there: line A, which goes around La Maddalena with stops at the beaches, and line B that takes you to Caprera. In August, due to the high traffic of cars and pedestrians, the bus to Caprera sometimes does not reach Due Mari, so the option is to go on foot!
  • Be sure to ask for a map and information in the tourist center of Maddalena, if you prefer, check at your hotel reception if they have a map of the city available. It will help you and, moreover, it will be a great memory of the trip!

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How about getting to know La Maddalena in Sardinia? La Maddalena and Caprera are exceptional places! Ideal for those who want contact with nature, beaches, historic centers full of charm and culture.

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