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How does Tax Free work in Italy?

Shopping is always great, with discount ... A dream! Did you know that for tourists, there is this benefit in Italy? Today we are going to give you all the details about Tax Free!

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How does Tax Free work in Italy?

Hi! How are you doing? How nice to have you here again! As I have repeated a few times, so many new subjects are born out of the readers’ questions… So this post will answer the question of our reader Flávia Souza and so many other readers (thank you for participating in the form of comments Flávia!). Today we are going to talk about a of the issues that most generates questions in tourists traveling to Italy, the famous TAX FREE. But, after all, what is TAX FREE? Is it worth requesting? How do I do it? Today we will answer all the most common questions in relation to the subject. Ready? Come on! How does Tax Free work in Italy?


What is Tax Free? Tax Free is the amount of a fee charged on a tax, in the case of Italy, the V.A.T. (Value-Added Tax). All products already have the value of VAT included in the price, however, for foreigners residing outside the European Union, it is possible to request exemption from paying the fee. Read our Posts for Shopping in Italy, in the cities of: Rome, Florence and Milan.

The value of the tax can vary from 15 to 25% in the total value of the product (the VAT discount in Italy is 22%, and stores are not required to subscribe to this service, so if you are interested in this benefit, inquire to find out if the store where you are buying works with Tax Free. Also pay attention to the minimum amount to be entitled to it: it is necessary to spend 70 Euros in the same store and on the same day. Shall we know how Tax Free works in Italy?

1) How does Tax Free work in Italy? REFUND

How do I apply for the benefit? Verifying that the store works with this advantage, have your passport and credit card at hand. Request the Tax Free form when you pay and fill it out correctly. To be validated, the form must be stamped at the airport, O.K.? Find out where the company’s ticket window is at the airport from where you will be returning to your country.

Receiving Tax Free at the Airport

  • With the completed Tax Free Form, you must arrive at the airport earlier than usual, that is, more than 3 hours before your flight departure time, most of the time the lines are long (it depends a lot of the period you’re traveling).
  • Check in, but leave your purchases in your handbag, as customs can require them at any time. After checking in, go to the customs counter (in Italian, dogana), and request the Tax Free.

In Cash

  • You can receive the Tax Free at the airport, at the time you will present the things you bought (only if they ask to, as they do not always do it) and present the form at customs. They’ll stamp it and then you must deposit it in the indicated mailbox for them or, many times, they put it themselves. This will be done on the day you are leaving the country. In this case, right away, say you want to receive cash. It will be better because you will still be able to spend at any Free Shop store.

Receiving Discount on Credit Card Invoice

  • If you place the form (sealed!) in the boxes intended for this service and do not want the money right away, you will receive the amount as a discount on the card invoice (in approximately 30 days). If you want to do it more calmly, it is possible to send documentation from home via postal service. Remember that you can only make this refund request when you leave Europe, that is, in the last country visited.

Receiving Tax Free in Rome

  • Did you know that you can receive your Tax Free (Tax Refund) in advance in Rome? And in cash? YES YOU CAN!!!! However, the refund will be up to a maximum of 500 euros.
  • You can receive at Global Blue partner stores. At the Rinascente Department Store (Via del Tritone 61), which open from 9:30 am until 11:30 pm. Keep at hand: the form filled out by the store where you bought it, an identification document (always passport preference) and your credit card, for guarantee reasons they check its number.

Presenting at the Airport

  •  In any case, present the things you bought at the airport (they will not always ask for it). Attention: purchases cannot be worn. Present the form to customs, and after that you must deposit it in the mailbox indicated by them or, many times, they put it themselves.
  • You will do this the day you leave the country. Do not try to circumvent the systems and rules, as they keep your credit card number and if you do not present and deposit the form at the airport, they will then deduct the amount they have already reimbursed you from your credit card. Better do everything within the rules so you don’t have a headache afterwards and finish your trip smoothly.

2) How does Tax Free work in Italy? IS IT WORTH IT?

It is, of course! By calculating the minimum purchase amount (we will consider 155 Euros) and using the minimum amount of the tax rebate (15%), you will get back around 23 Euros. Now imagine that you bought this amount in several stores and calculate how much you will receive in total refund… It is worth it, yes!

For more information and location of the service stations to request a Tax Free Refund in Italy, access this link!

Important to Know

  • The refund is NOT VALID for products with a receipt only, it is necessary to have the store form filled out and stamped.
  • Reinforcing: resist using that dream perfume you wanted so much! Even if you have the form and the receipt: if the product for which you are requesting a refund is showing signs of use, you will not receive the benefit!
  • Don’t forget to check in at the airport early so you can apply for Tax Free in Italy calmly.
  • Refunds cannot be requested for services such as: hotels, car rental, food, etc., but only for products that can be taken with the traveler outside the European Union. Therefore, the refund applies only for the purchase of goods that will later be exported.

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How Does Tax Free Work In Italy?  If you intend to use the tax free benefit in Italy, use our tips! Always remember that tax free it’s not an obligation for stores; also remember that, if any of the requirements mentioned above are not met, those responsible for benefits may refuse to offer them to you, so always be aware and follow the instructions, ok?!

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