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Is it worth using Uber in Italy?

Competitor of taxis, Uber has strength in other countries, but in Italy ... Come and see with us how it works here in Italy!

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Is it worth using Uber in Italy?

Uber won over audiences from several countries when it launched, but in Italy, the story is a little different: it didn’t catch on! Let’s understand if it is worth using Uber in Italy. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

When Uber launched in Italy, it sparked a series of protests by taxi drivers, which is a very strong class in “the boot” country. They consider Uber to be a non-legal service and are completely against it, so there are very few Uber drivers operating in Italy. In some Italian cities, the strike of means of transport happens with a certain frequency (for example, in Rome, where, from time to time, trains, buses and subways stop!) So the alternative would be great: if it worked well! I’m not saying it doesn’t work; it does, but it’s not as efficient as it is in other countries, like Brazil or the USA, and not as cheap. As it has a relatively small fleet, you may have to wait up to an hour before you can board.

1) Is it worth using Uber in Italy? UNDERSTAND THE RATES

Another weakness of the service: Uber can cost as much as taxis and, in many cases, are even more expensive. Two examples:


The fixed price to go by taxi from Fiumicino International Airport to the center (we will use Termini Central Station as a reference point) is 48 euros, and if you use an Uber (remember that the most ‘basic’ Uber there is Black), you will pay about 70 to 105 euros, and with a private transfer, you will spend an average of 50 euros! So it’s worth hiring a transfer for security reasons and because it is the most cost-effective option.


From Malpensa International Airport to Milano Centrale Station, which is in the center, you will pay: by taxi, 90 euros; by private transfer, 120 euros; and by Uber, between 145 and 206 euros.

2) Is it worth using Uber in Italy? THE SERVICE

One more thing: Uber operates only in ‘big cities’ and they are Rome and Milan, so if you’re in Italy’s countryside, forget it! You will not find an Uber, and you will have to pray to find at least a taxi!

Does Uber serve the entire city? Not! Another weakness of Uber is in Italy. Uber doesn’t cover the whole city, so depending on where you are and where you want to go, the driver may or may not take you or only take you to a certain extent. To see the coverage map of Milan, click here and to see Rome, click here!

3) Is it worth using Uber in Italy? HOW TO HAIL IT?

How to use it? It works the same way: to use Uber in Italy, download the app, register, and use an international credit card (or choose to pay in cash at the time of the call). When the race is over, give the driver a grade and rate it.

4) Is it worth using Uber in Italy? ALTERNATIVES

What are my alternatives?

  • Subway and bus. Both operate very well, both in Rome and Milan, and are cheap, safe, and fast. See here How to use the subway in Rome and Milan.
  • If it is REALLY, REALLY necessary to use another means of transport, use a taxi. But if you prefer a transfer, click here with no commitment!
  • In both Rome and Milan, several sights are close to each other and worth a walk.
  • Oh, avoid using public transport during peak hours, as many Italians use them to get to and from work, and it will probably be very crowded!

Watch this video and learn: What is the average cost of a day in Italy?

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Is it worth using Uber in Italy? Uber, for now, is not the best transport option in Italy, but with so many others available, this little detail will not affect your trip at all!

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