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What to do in Venice during Carnival?

Shall we get to know Venice Carnival? The entire "Boot" (as Italy is known) is filled with floats, masks, streamers and confetti. However, when it comes to Carnival, only one deserves the title of a unique, original and spectacular event. And this is the Venice Carnival.

Carnaval em Venezia
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What to do in Venice during Carnival?

We did not even have time to preserve the Christmas tree and the nativity scene, and we already have to organize ourselves for the next holidays. Fortunately, however, what lies ahead is the most colorful, cheerful and friendly celebration of the year: we are obviously talking about Carnival. Shall we get to know Venice Carnival? Let’s learn more about this colorful and joyful party together.

Carnival in Venice

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1) What to do in Venice during Carnival? HISTORY

The entire “Boot” (as Italy is known) is filled with floats, masks, streamers and confetti, but when it comes to Carnival only one deserves the title of unique, original and spectacular event, and this is the Carnival of Venice. The first evidence of the Venice carnival is a 1904 document by Doge Vitale Falier, who quotes the word Carnival for the first time. Along with Rio de Janeiro, Venice Carnival is undoubtedly the most famous Carnival in the world. For more than a week, Venice turns into a masquerade. No matter where you go, during this period the city of Lagoon is reigned by clowns and masked people with pompous and spectacular clothes. LET’S GET TO KNOW VENICE?

The Venice Carnival is, without a doubt, a unique experience, a wonderful and unmissable event, where it is necessary to live at least once in your life. A day at the lagoon during this period can be the right compromise to visit the city, enjoy the party and get lost among its canals!

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2) What to do in Venice during Carnival? ITS ORIGINS

The Venice Carnival has its origins in ancient Latin Saturnalia and Greek Dionysian cults, unique periods of unbridled euphoria, freedom of customs and morals, in a context of ordinary moderation and strong restrictions for reasons of public order.

3) What to do in Venice during Carnival? THE GREETING

“Buongiorno Siora Maschera” (Good morning Siora Mask) was the greeting along the streets, canals and signs. Personal identity, sex, social class no longer existed; it became part of the Great Illusion of Carnival in a place, unique to the world, where anything can happen, where each sight never fails to enchant.

4) What to do in Venice during Carnival? ATTRACTIONS

What to do in Venice during Carnival? You have a lot to choose!

Strolling the streets, taking pictures with the most spectacular masks. To experience the atmosphere of the magnificent Venetian scenery, participating in one of the exclusive private parties, participating in an itinerant theater show or narrated guided tours. To mingle with the crowd visiting the craft fairs and workshops, to take an unforgettable gondola ride, admiring the historic parades from the canals, evoking the ancient tradition and staying in a historic house to feel a little noble and lady just for one night. I guarantee days of extraordinary fascination.

5) What to do in Venice during Carnival? THEMATIC

The title of Carnival 2016 was Creatum. The theme, as you can deduce, focuses on the arts and traditions. The public will be entertained with the presence of masks, instruments and glasses manufacturers; tailors who will exhibit their products in workshops in St Mark’s Square and show the beauty of their art.

A real dive in Venice from the 1700s with actors and masks will emphasize the most important moments and steps of all artisanal activities. A big screen will present the most equipped arts. Venice, as always, will be a big stage set up in all areas, squares and foundations.

6) What to do in Venice during Carnival?  FREE EVENTS

We remind you that you do not pay to attend the free events that take place in St Mark’s Square and in other areas of the city, where there are theatrical performances, historical contests, and night parades. Therefore, no ticket to buy, only some shows and private parties that have tickets for participation, in general, very expensive.

St Mark’s Square remains the central place for the festivities, and you will see, as protagonists, the artisans who, through the excellence of their work, tell the unique story of Venice. St Mark’s Square, in addition to marveling at its everyday beauty, during the Carnival period is the center of all important events.

7) What to do in Venice during Carnival?  VOLO DELL´ANGELO

This is where the “volo dell’angelo” (flight of the angel) takes place. Everyone looking up to watch the flight from the St Mark’s campanile to the center of the square. The flight of the angel represents the opening of the festivities. On the flight, a woman dressed as an angel descends on ropes from the St Mark’s campanile to the Doge’s Palace and halfway down she drops confetti. I advise you to arrive early to get a seat in the front row.

8) What to do in Venice during Carnival?  FESTA DELLE MARIE

An absolute must-see is the Festa delle Marie (“Feast of the Marys”), which takes place on the first Saturday of Carnival and is a parade composed of 12 Marys and their bridesmaids accompanied by flag bearers and other extras in costumes.

9) What to do in Venice during Carnival? PARTIES IN THE OLD PALACES

Very fascinating are the parties and masquerade balls organized in the old palaces, so beautiful as to appear that we returned centuries ago. A new event, linked to traditional flavors, enriches the 2016 Venice Carnival, from Thursday February 4th to Tuesday February 9th, on the last day of Carnival, in Campo San Geremia. Close to Piazzale Roma and Santa Lucia Station, scenographers from the La Fenice Theater in Venice a created a large pavilion, in the style of 1700.

Inside the pavilion, Italian regional excellence will be presented on a journey through flavors and typical products but also through folklore and handicrafts. In the timeless atmosphere of Carnival, the field of flavors and traditions will tell an ancient history, telling the memory and culture of the wonderful places of this country to intrigue and conquer in a happy and festive atmosphere to the public.

10) What to do in Venice during Carnival?  USEFUL TIPS

If you choose to visit the city during the Carnival period, it is preferable to anticipate the time of organizing the trip, since in that period the city is full of tourists from all over the world. It is good to book the hotel well in advance, starting in December or the first days of the year.

During Carnival, it is more difficult to visit the city because of the large number of people, but at no other time of the year will you see this riot of masks.

How to get to Venice?

1) How to get to Venice? BY AIRPLANE

Marco Polo Airport (How to get from Marco Polo Airport to the Center of Venice?) with di Tessera is 20 km away from the historic center of Venice, from where it is connected with bus line n ° 5 (accessible for wheelchair users) .

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2) How to get to Venice? BY BOAT

Getting to Venice by sea is a unique experience. Access to the city is permitted through the port entrances.

3) How to get to Venice? BY TRAIN

There are two Venice stations, Mestre and Venice Santa Lucia. From there, any part of the city is reachable on foot or by ferry. The first train station we found arriving in Venice is the Venice-Mestre station, it is not yet on the lagoon, but on the mainland of Venice. The city is reachable with a train that leaves every ten minutes and arrives at Santa Lucia station. How do I get from Venice Santa Lucia Station to my Hotel in Venice Center?

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4) How to get to Venice? BY CAR

The signs to reach Venice are very clear.

Traveling by car in Italy

How about if I give you a rental car option? Are you ready for it? If you are renting a car be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy on the blog Your Travel to Italy. In addition to car itinerary tips, we have everything about signage, tolls, roads and many more tips.

Don’t know where to rent the car?

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Accomodation Tips

Don’t want to stay on the island? No problems! Search for Mestre, Campalto or Favaro Veneto, which are the mainland cities of Venice and offer excellent accommodation options. A little further from Piazzale Roma, about 20 minutes by water transport, they do not have magnificent views from the bedroom windows, but it is ideal for those who want to save on accommodation.

  • The tip to save A LOT is to book your hotel in advance.
  • As we also mentioned: beware of excess baggage! It is very complicated to get around with large volumes in Venice because of the bridges, stairs and narrow streets.

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What to do in Venice during Carnival? Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world at any time of the year, but on this occasion, it is even more so. The city during Carnival acquires an aristocratic, magical and mysterious atmosphere that leaves you indescribable emotions. At this point, the conclusion is, choose your mask and participate in this party of the One Thousand and One Nights.

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