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Let’s visit the Park of the Monsters in Italy

Today, I take you to visit one of the most fascinating parks in all of Italy. We're going to the Lazio region to visit the Park of the Monsters.

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Let’s visit the Park of the Monsters in Italy

Today we head to the magnificent region of Lazio, more precisely in the province of Viterbo, where we will visit the famous Park of the Monsters. The park is located in Bomarzo and attracts many tourists throughout the year. The city is located in the heart of Tuscia, between the slopes of the Cimini Mountains and the Tiber River valley, and is surrounded by nature. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


But how did the park come about?

The Park of the Monsters was born in 1552 and is the only park of its kind in the world. According to tradition, Pier Francesco Orsini, a nobleman who ruled this area, ordered the creation of the park out of love for his beloved wife, who had just died. Devastated by her death, he wanted to express all his sorrows through his works, which are in these gardens. Read also: Best consultancy in Travel to Italy

It was then that he asked a famous Renaissance architect, Pirro Ligorio, to design the park’s magical creatures and monuments. All are carved out of the rock, and it was a direct request from Pier, but after his death, the park was forgotten for 400 years until, in 1954, Giovanni Bettini bought the land and restored all the works displayed there. Over the years, nature played its role and merged, in a very interesting way, with the monuments present there.

The park 

The park has more than 25 works and presents us with, at times, strange—and a little frightening—mythological shapes. They are huge and full of mystery, introducing us to many creatures. There you can see images of various gods such as Proteus, son of the sea god Neptune; Ogre, god of the underworld; Cerberus, the famous three-headed dog; and even Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

Walking through the park is like traveling between metaphors and art.

The sculptures in the Park of the Monsters lead us through an itinerary of several stages, and different emotions, all symbolized by the figures that catch our attention. The park’s works give us several possible interpretations of what they represent, and, although it often confuses us, each person has a vision of what he or she is seeing.

At the entrance, you will find two sphinxes, a symbol of enigma and doubt. In one of the statues, we can read, “You who enter here, lay it out part by part, and then tell me if so many wonders were done by mistake or by art.”. It is, in fact, an invitation to reflection, as if it were a warning to the mind about the fallacy of appearances and reality.
We head to the right once the path on the left is delimited by disturbing faces and ends a few meters away in front of an enormous mask. Read also: How to plan a trip to Italy?

Continuing to the right, going down, you can see one of the first important and imposing figures in the park. The image brings us to an image of a possible fight, where it represents the human being’s anger and frustration. Next to this image, by the riverbed, are some of the most mysterious and spectacular works in the area, including a giant fish, a turtle, and a pegasus.

The Leaning House

As we walk and explore the images, we find one of the park’s most intriguing works. It is called “Leaning House,”  a small jewel of Renaissance architecture that seems to symbolize our impression of vertigo caused by all the works present there. At the same time, it gives us the feeling that ‘everything is in its place’, as if it were a symbol telling us “it’s hanging, but it’s under control”.

From there, we can go to the most special point of the complex:

A clearing that houses incredible and enigmatic figures. There we can see Neptune, a dragon, an elephant that crushes a warrior, and a balcony surrounded by cups with hermetic phrases. Here we also notice the terrifying image of the ogre, the most famous sculpture in the entire park. The Mascherone (“the great mask”) is defined by many as the “gateway to the underworld” and takes on different characteristics depending on the time of day and the light that shines there. It is possible to enter the work, although in a small space, due to its wide, open jaws.

What impresses us most is the phrase engraved on the monster’s lips: “All thought flies,”  which perhaps wants to give us the idea of abandoning reason and our own permission to dream.


Leaving there, we can proceed to the last stage of the esoteric path and visit the Tempietto. Before we find the small temple, we find Cerberus, the three-headed dog who seems to be there like a scary guardian. The place inspires us to transmute, rethink, and change our ideas about feelings and how we express them—all, of course, in a veiled way, but obvious for those who allow themselves to immerse themselves in this fantasy world.

The park invites us, without realizing it, to get rid of all prejudices in relation to feelings that are not always good, but that are present in our lives. You could consider this park a book of stones that is ready to be read and never forgotten.

Useful Information

  • The park’s opening hours may change without prior notice, so, before your visit, I suggest you go to the Parco dei Monstri official website and check the updated hours. The ticket costs 11 euros.

From Rome to Monsters Park

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Let’s visit the Park of the Monsters in Italy? The Park of the Monsters is the kind of place that deserves a visit, as it is sure to surprise you. The place goes beyond mythological figures carved in rocks. Exotic, the park is a unique place of its kind and invites you to make more than a visit. It invites you to reflect on life, on feelings—good and bad—and on so many other subjects that, in the rush of the day, take our attention away from our true selves and the way we deal with so many emotions around us.

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