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Accommodation in Milan: Heart Milan Apartment

Milan, Lombardy, offers us an immense assortment of accommodation options, but some of them are, in fact, very special. One of them is the Heart Milano Apartment, an apartment in the heart of the city that has conquered my heart and will surely conquer yours!

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Accommodation in Milan: Heart Milan Apartment

Today I bring you a very special post: my accommodation experience in Milan, the capital of Lombardy. With so many options, it’s not always easy to choose the perfect apartment, but it exists. I stayed there, and I’ll tell you all about the apartment and my experience now! Let’s learn about this amazing accommodation in Milan: the Heart Milan Apartment. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia, you make the trip of your dreams! ALSO, see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

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Our Introduction

The capital of Lombardy, Milan is a magnificent city, but everyone already knows that, right?! Milan is the most cosmopolitan city in all of Italy and mixes tradition and innovation uniquely and harmoniously, being the perfect destination for those who like new things but do not give up visiting historical monuments.

The Italian capital of fashion, the city presents itself in an effervescent and elegant way, offering attractions for all types of audiences. Milan has about one million, three hundred and fifty inhabitants, and, despite being a big city, it is very welcoming and seems to hug us as soon as we set foot there. With very important tourist attractions, Milan was a key city in Italian history and made its name in the world as one of the most important cities on the planet! Also read: Must try local cuisine in Milan.

Where to sleep in Milan?

Being a big city, Milan offers us a multitude of accommodation options, and that’s what I want to talk to you about today. I was recently in Milan, and I had little time in the city. To optimize my time, I needed an extremely well-located place to stay: close to the main tourist attractions, which would give me the possibility to walk back and forth without major problems, and where I could find a great structure. And behold, I found the fantastic Heart Milan Apartments.

Heart Milan: Perfect Milan Accommodation Experience!

Heart Milan offers accommodation options, in fabulous apartments, in four (strategic!) locations in Milan: at Cadorna station (ideal for those who want to visit Lago di Como), in Navigli (the “Venice” of Milan!), in Sant’Ambrogio (next to the building that houses the Holy Supper), and a few minutes’ walk from Milan’s Duomo (where I stayed). Also read: Where to have dinner with kids in Milan?

First of all, I NEED to talk about the service: IMPECCABLE! I was kindly received by Tito, who is part of the Heart Milan staff, and he received me with great affection, was super attentive, introduced me to the whole apartment, and enchanted me right away! Tito is a sweetheart, guys! In fact, from my first contact with the staff, I was very well attended. They took all my doubts, were super-efficient in the answers, and were extremely affectionate.

Getting to know Heart Milan’s structure

Well, the structure of the apartment is splendid! The ‘rooms’ – which are apartments – are spacious, well distributed, very clean, super bright, and elegantly decorated. All apartments available for accommodation are luxury but with a touch of simplicity perfect to make us feel at home, without exaggeration.

I stayed in the Duomo Missori apartment, located on the sixth floor and offering a beautiful view of Milan. The place is in a super quiet street and, at the same time, close to all the Milanese action. The apartment is huge and has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, dining room, and can accommodate up to – amazingly – EIGHT people! It is perfect for groups of friends and family with children. Also read What are the top ten places to visit in Milan?

The apartment I stayed in is beautiful! With marble colonnades, it has parquet floors, bathrooms with Jacuzzi, and a double room. Here you will find 2 double bedrooms and a bedroom with two single beds. In the kitchen you will find a fridge, microwave, stove with oven and, of course, a coffee machine – the great passion of Italians! Oh: There is also a washing machine! The apartment has air conditioning, a TV in the main room, and Wi-Fi.

If you want to know more about the apartments, I invite you to visit the website and book your reservation in advance: you will be surprised and, for sure, find the perfect accommodation for your needs.


  • the apartment is located in the ZTL and, to enter the zone by car, it is necessary to pay the amount of € 5.
  • If you arrive in Milan by train via the central station, the apartment is 400 meters from the Yellow Line metro station, to Missouri. In other words: spectacular location, isn’t it?!
  • Remember that there are smaller apartments available and, as I mentioned before, there are other locations at Heart Milan.

Why stay downtown?

Convenience! As I always say: it is worth investing a little more, but opting for a very well-located apartment that gives you the chance to have easy access to the main points of the city, as well as shops, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

Heart Milan also offers a multitude of services that will (MUCH!) facilitate your stay in Milan. It is possible to hire a driver, a private chef (so you don’t have to worry about meals), grocery delivery “at home” breakfast, babysitting, and even personalized flower delivery.

Gold Tip:

  • Heart Milan also offers options for those in Milan on business!

Heart Milan important information

  • Heart Milan is great for those who want to use the city as a base to visit other Italian locations. Even if you stay in Milan for just one night: make sure that your experience in the city will be maximized, as it will be an incredible night – and that will give you the chance to get to know the heart of Milan in a very special way!
  • Check-in is normally allowed from 15:00 to 20:00. After 20:00 there is a supplement of € 20.00 payable; after 22:00 the supplement is € 40.00.
  • The apartment where I stayed is located on the spectacular street of Corso di Porta Romana, 52.

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Accommodation in Milan: Heart Milan Apartment! Staying in a real apartment in the heart of Milan will make you feel at home! Cozy, with an excellent location, fantastic structure, and splendid service, Heart Milan will surprise you, that’s for sure!

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