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Shall we get to know Andria, in the Apulia region?

With almost 100,000 inhabitants, Andria presents itself in a discreet way, but full of charm. We prepared a post for today with the attractions in Andria.

Castel del Monte, Andria
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Shall we get to know Andria, in the Apulia region?

Andria is an Italian city of almost 100,000 inhabitants, which together with Barletta and Trani, forms the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani in Apulia. It is the fourth largest city in the region in terms of population, and the eighteenth in Italy in surface area. It’s home to incredible beauties, so shall we get to know Andria? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

The city of Andria is one of the most suggestive destinations in the territory of the province of Barletta-Adria-Trani, in the center of Apulia. Its historic center is very charming and characterized by a dense and evocative labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys, in which impressive monuments can be found.

1) Shall we get to know Andria, in the Apulia region? CASTEL DEL MONTE

We start our tour at the historic center: the historic center is rich in culture and very lively, with details mixed with boundless fields, there is no lack of vegetation. Tourism, of course, is still the city’s strength and represents one of the fastest growing sectors. The icon of the city is the wonderful Castel del Monte (“Castle of the Mount”), built by Frederick II of Swabia and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, represented in the 1 euro Italian coin.

2) Shall we get to know Andria, in the Apulia region? CATHEDRAL CONSECRATED TO THE ASSUMPTION

There are many monuments in the historic center and, in addition to the castle mentioned, there is the Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption, and the Church of Saint Augustine, built by the Templars. The latter is worth visiting if you are passionate about the Templars and their history. It is listed among the national monuments and the oldest places of worship in Andria.

It was built in 1200, at the request of Grand Master Hermann Von Salza, and passed to the Augustinians in the 14th century. From the outside, you can admire the beautiful and detailed portal, in addition to the coat of arms D’Angiò, of the city of Andria and Bishop Florio. Also visible are the eagles of the Knights Templar, very beautiful!

3) Shall we get to know Andria, in the Apulia region? DOGE’S PALACE AND THE CLOCK TOWER

A visit to the Doge’s Palace and the Clock Tower, built during the Anjou period, cannot be missed! There are also many other palaces, such as Palazzo Ceci Gistrinelli, Palazzo Jannuzzi and the Palazzo Andria, which is underground. The old houses in the city date back to the medieval period: they are mainly caves with stone walls with arches and columns, but not all places can be visited by the public, however, the shops installed in some places like these are splendid!

4) Shall we get to know Andria, in the Apulia region? VILLA COMUNALE GIUSEPPE MARANO

Don’t miss the suggestive Villa Comunale Giuseppe Marano, the true green lung of the city and one of the greenest areas in the Apulia region. Local cuisine-related products are one of the city’s greatest assets and they take the matter very seriously. Andria’s cuisine is very genuine and rich. Most of the restaurants are located in the historic center, where there are small local taverns that allow you to taste the true flavors of tradition, often linked to families that have been doing the same work for years.

Where to eat in Andria?

Antichi Sapori: With typical dishes and fantastic cheeses, including the traditional burrata, the restaurant offers great options for all tastes. With fresh pasta, it pleases even the most demanding palate.

A Bit of Andria’s History

The first traces of settlements in the territory of Andria date back to the Neolithic period. In the next era, in the Aeneolithic period, men lived in some caves dug into the tuff. During the Bronze Age, men began to live in some cylindrical buildings with a cone-shaped roof similar to trulli. Many examples of this type of construction were found in the region, especially in the districts of Santa Barbara, Santa Lucia and Castel del Monte.

In the 20th century, starting in the 1950s, there was a gradual economic recovery of a city almost destroyed by war, and in 1965, they opened the Bari-Barletta railway line, which connected Bari to the municipalities in the interior of the north of the province. In 2004, the new province of Barletta-Andria-Trani was created. Andria leaves the province of Bari, although Bari continues to be a point of reference for those who want to reach Andria, and the city is gradually becoming a city independent of the fame of its neighbor.


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Shall we get to know Andria? Andria is a city full of charm and that definitely deserves dedication in your visit.

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