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The best cellars in Tuscany

Today I bring you a list of the best cellars in Tuscany. Come with me because I'll also tell you the difference between a cellar and a winery.

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The best cellars in Tuscany

Are you ready to go to Tuscany? Tuscany is one of the most famous, celebrated and visited regions in all of Italy. Well known for its historic cities, Tuscany is also home to large wine-producing areas, and we are talking about wines that are well-known and appreciated among wine lovers, and around the world! With a respectful enogastronomy, today I take you to discover the best cellars in Tuscany. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

When we talk about Tuscany, it’s impossible not to think about wines, however the region goes beyond incredible wineries: Tuscany also offers us magnificent wineries. Like this? Is not the same thing? What’s the difference? And now: how do I know which one is which? Come, let me explain everything to you!

Cellar and winery: they are different things!

Let’s start at the beginning, obviously! Well, in Italian, cellar is “cantina; cellar, by definition, is the “compartment of the house, usually underground, with a cool temperature, where wine, oil and other drinks and/or food are kept”. In other words: it’s the basement of the property! Winery, also by definition, is the place where wine is produced, but not every winery has a cellar. So: they are different things! Also read: what is the difference between restaurants in Italy?

However, with the growth of wine tourism over the last few years, many wineries have opened their cellar doors to receive visitors; many others adapted the space, transforming it into incredible restaurants and, a few more, mixed the visit to the winery and the cellar, with a special meal at the end of the tour in a space dedicated only to that, where they harmonize, of course, with the wines produced by there, in other words: complete experience!

Good to know…

I suggest you that before visiting the restaurant or winery, you make a reservation, especially if you are traveling during high season.

Without further ado, let’s discover the best restaurants within wineries in Tuscany: let’s discover the best cellars in Tuscany.

1. Winery and Ristorante Rinuccio – Bargino, San Casciano Val di Pesa

With a privileged location, the restaurant is exclusive to the Rinuccio 1180 winery and opened in 2012! The structure of the place is wonderful, it presents us with a magnificent view – with large panoramic windows – and it is very romantic! The cellar and territory of Chianti Classico are perfect for lovers of wine, nature, flavors and unique places!

2. Vinicola e Osteria di Ricasoli – Gaiole In Chianti, Siena.

Another very special place is the Osteria di Ricasoli. This restaurant magically unites the flavors, aromas, landscapes and emotions of Tuscany. They use first-rate ingredients such as olive oil, tasty meats, fresh fish, vegetables from their own garden, among other typical local products.

3. Castello Nipozzano: Il Quartino – Pelago, Chianti Rufina

This site is an ancient defensive fortress dating back to the year 1000. This castle is the most famous and historic property of the Frescobaldi family. The name “Nipozzano” means “without well” and testifies that this part of the region was poor in water, which gave the land the ideal setting for the cultivation of vines. The quality of Nipozzano wine dates back to the Renaissance, and the drink was even consumed by Donatello and Michelozzo Michelozzi. The bistrot’s cuisine is incredible, the space delicious, and the place very charming, also offering great accommodation options.

4. Il Poggio Rosso di San Felice – Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena.

When we talk about grandeur, we can remember this place with great tranquility! The restaurant brings an elegant and authentic proposal with magnificent dishes! They offer customers a real gastronomic journey that combines a cosmopolitan vision of flavor, an international experience, with technique and creativity. The result is authentic and innovative dishes.

5. Osteria del Borro – Valdarno, Arezzo.

Elegance? We have! Amazing dishes? We have too! Amazing wines? Obviously! For those who love a body of work that brings together fine, classic and exclusive elements: this is the ideal destination! The real show here, in addition to the cuisine, is the panoramic view that the restaurant offers us. The feeling of being in the backyard, despite all the luxury that surrounds us, is impressive. Needless to say, the menu is impeccable, right?!

Wines and food: harmonized taste, aromas and colors.

If there’s something that over the years has perfected itself, and has become spectacular, that “something” is Italian enogastronomy, at all levels, in all regions. Despite remaining simple and traditional, Italian cuisine has undergone several changes, becoming refined and attractive, based on a “clean” food culture, almost completely free of pesticides, as well as the grapes for the production of its wines.

Italian enogastronomy has become a tourist attraction and chefs – especially the younger ones – like to innovate and present us with incredible reinterpretations of historic dishes: and they do so, without losing the majesty of classic, world-renowned and irreplaceable flavors, with the unmistakable touch. from “Made in Italy”!


It is important to remember that, if you have dietary restrictions, you must inform the place at the time of booking, ok?! Some restaurants currently have special and/or adapted menus for those with special dietary needs, other places still do not, so be sure to inform them your special needs when making your reservation.

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The best cellars in Tuscany are incredible, magical, and offer us unique experiences! For those who want to organize a special dinner, a surprise for two, or even celebrations: it’s the right destination! Whichever cellar you choose from the list above: you will make an excellent choice, be sure about it!

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