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The Chianciano Thermal Waters in Tuscany

In the province of Siena, in Tuscany, we find a true oasis of thermal waters. Today we are going to visit the Chianciano Thermal Waters.

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The Chianciano Thermal Waters in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most splendid regions in all of Italy and here, precisely in the province of Siena, we find a gem called Chianciano Thermal Waters. With several incredible properties, the thermal waters of Chianciano are famous and offer us moments of extreme relaxation. Let’s visit the thermal waters of Chianciano. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

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Our Introduction

When we talk about Tuscany, many elements come to our mind: wines, Renaissance, art, culture, nature and many others, but today I take you to the province of Siena so that you can be enchanted by a magnificent place: Thermal Waters of Chianciano.

The thermal waters of Chianciano are a spa town that offers healing waters and beautiful views. The city sits on top of a typical Tuscan hill and enchants us for its simplicity with undeniable touches of elegance.

Let’s talk about Chianciano?

The thermal waters are located in the province of Siena, in a strategic position right in the middle of the Val d’Orcia and the Valdichiana, which means that you are just a few kilometers from the region’s famous towns. Chianciano is in an area that was already inhabited by man since prehistoric times. If we were to reconstruct the history of the place, the hills that go from Monte Cetona to Montepulciano, we would see that from the Neolithic period to the Bronze Age, there was already civilization in that territory.

Its history

In the Middle Ages, Chianciano was subjugated by the Counts Rimbotti-Manenti who reduced the city to a state of poverty and misery never seen before. They were expelled from the city, and Chianciano managed, in 1287, to become a free municipality and, thus, the city was divided into three, becoming known as Terzieri. We had Terziero dei Borghesi, which was represented by local merchants and businessmen; the Terziero dei Militi or Cavalieri, represented by knights and soldiers, and, finally, the Terziero dei Pedoni or artisans, which was, precisely, represented by peasants and serfs.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, Chianciano still went through difficult times: with Montepulciano increasing its commercial relations with other localities, an epidemic of plague arrived in the city in 1476. After the dark period the city was conquered by the Florentines and rebuilt under the reign of Cosimo I de Medici.

In the 17th century, after studies by the hydrologist Andrea Baccio, the city of Chianciano was recognized as a spa town, as it was proven that its waters had, in fact, healing properties.

The hot springs of Chianciano

Chianciano has three water sources: Santa, Fucoli and SilleneThere is also another source present in the Chianciano territory, it is the source of Sant’Elena, which flows at a temperature of 13°C and is indicated in the treatment of kidney diseases.

The Terme di Chianciano is the perfect place for those who want to rest, take care of their body and mind! It is one of the most famous spas in Italy and offers moments of total peace and tranquility.

The thermal waters offer a multitude of options for guests: Sensory, Theia Thermal Pools, Sillene and the surrounding Acqua Santa and Fucoli Parks.

The Chianciano Thermal Waters: SENSORIAL THERMAL BATHS

The Sensorial Thermal Baths are located in Piazza Martiri Perugini, right at the entrance to Acqua Santa Park. Here you will find services merging classic spa treatments and oriental philosophies. You can also find the “20 wonders” package: 20 treatments including the salt room, a river tour, and trails developed by naturopaths.

The Chianciano Thermal Waters: THERMAL POOLS

In the Thermal Pools, we find more than 500 square meters of pools that are strategically divided into 4 outdoor and 3 indoor pools, but all interconnected. Theia thermal pools are very special. The place is also known as “the bath of the Etruscans“, since the properties of its waters were already known by the ancient population.

The Chianciano Thermal Waters: SILLENE THERMS

The Sillene Therms are also worth mentioning: they are specialized in medical and physiotherapeutic treatments, all related to the rehabilitation of the muscular and skeletal systems. There are also doctors here who specialize in rheumatology and orthopedics, in addition to the area of mud therapy, great for treating gastrointestinal and biliary problems and improving the skin.

The Chianciano Thermal Waters: ACQUA SANTA PARK

The parks in this area are indeed very special! Acqua Santa Park is centenary. It is a source of energy that spurts water from the homonymous hot spring and was already well known to Etruscans and Romans. The waters here are rich in bicarbonate, sulfate and calcium, which make it ideal for liver purification.

The Chianciano Thermal Waters: FUCOLI PARK

Fucoli Park is directly connected to Acqua Santa Park by an underground passage. It is a magnificent green area and is where the Palamontepaschi is located, which is a great structure with 990 seats, ideal for shows with large technical productions, for events such as conventions, meetings, congresses, sporting events. Used, especially, during the summer.

The Chianciano Thermal Waters: HISTORIC CENTER

The historic center of Chianciano is a spectacle on its own. Located within the walls, passing from Porta Rivellini, you can already admire much of the Castello dei Conti Manenti also called the “Monastery”. At the end of this same street, you will find the beautiful Clock Tower, framed in a very charming way by the peaks of the mountains of Cetona and Amiata.

Passing through the Tower, we arrive at the main square, Piazza Matteotti. Here is the headquarters of the Geo-Archaeological Association. In recent years, to ensure a better connection between the old town and the spa town, the city has been undergoing several urban modernization works. The biggest challenge? Keeping history and art in harmony with nature.

It is worth remembering

  • The structure of the Termas de Chianciano is IMPECCABLE! Very well organized, the facilities are fantastic and provide great options for the whole family, from adults to little ones. In other words, it is an ideal place for those with children!

Gold Tip:

  • Enjoy the hot springs at night! Come again? Yep! The magic of the spa at night is an amazing! It is possible to bathe there overnight. For a different night, take advantage of the options that the spa makes available to its guests; there are several packages, from the simplest to the most elaborate. For more information, you can click HERE!



It is not difficult to reach Chianciano Terme. A few kilometers from the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme exit, coming from the A1 road, just follow the SP146 road towards the west.


For those coming by train, the nearest train station is Chiusi Scalo, also called Chiusi-Chianciano Terme, and regional trains run between Florence-Chiusi and Florence-Rome. The regional train terminal to and from Siena also arrives here, but to go to the hot springs, it is necessary to use a bus from the Tiemme company, the FT4 Montepulciano-S.Albino-Chianciano-Chiusi line, which run frequently. The journey takes about half an hour and you can check all the timetables HERE!

Are you going to stay in Chianciano?

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Located in the resort of Chianchiano, the accommodation has a rooftop pool, Turkish bath, wellness treatments and views of the 3 lakes of Chiusi, Montepulciano and Trasimeno.

  • Rating: 8,6 (Fabulous!)
  • Location: Located a few steps from the thermal spa of Chianciano Terme and approximately 1 hour from Siena.
  • Address: G. Baccelli 224, 53042 Chianciano Terme, Italy

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The Chianciano Thermal Waters in Tuscany! For those who want to get away from the tourist crowd, rest, take care of their mind and body, the Chianciano thermal waters are perfect! It is a real gift to ourselves to be able to spend as much time as possible in this very special place!

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