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The most beautiful villages in Campania!

Campania is one of the most visited regions in southern Italy. Full of amazing cities, the region offers us, of course, an incredible list of some of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Shall get to know what they are?

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The most beautiful villages in Campania!

Campania is a splendid region! When we talk about this amazing place, it’s impossible not to think about its capital, Naples, but the region offers us other amazing places and, of course, charming villages that appear on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. So, today, we are going to find out which the most beautiful villages in Campania are. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

The “Club dei Borghi piú belli d’Italia” (“Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy”) is made up of hundreds of villages considered the most beautiful in all regions of Italy. The 20 regions have splendid villages and every year the list grows! The Campania region, in southern Italy, has 11 villages on the list full of beauty, charm and history. Click here for our section on Italian villages!

But how, and why, are villages chosen?

Well, first of all, it’s interesting to know the purpose of this association. The main objective is to value Italian villages and to value those that live in accordance with sustainable development in their own territory. This means that these villages offer an excellent quality of life to its residents and visitors, as well as being a beautiful place, of course! They are cities that respect, above all, the environment and manage to mix tourism and sustainability.

The contest takes place every year and is held by the association with the support of RAI television network, where, by popular vote, it is elected the most beautiful village in Italy. Do you want to learn more about the contest? Then read: What are the most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021? – In this post, you can even find the list with all the villages classified in 2021 and learn a little more about the contest. Find out here if it is worth hiring a Specialized Consultancy in Travel to Italy.

Shall we get to our post of the day?

So, come with me to discover the most beautiful villages in Campania through the official list (in alphabetical order).

1) The most beautiful villages in Campania! ALBORI

With its little roads, alleys and stairways, Albori presents itself with beautiful stones on the facades of its houses that seem to transport us to another era! With a cool, light and pleasant breeze coming from the sea, if we close our eyes we can, from afar, ‘hear’ the voices of the crew of the Khair-ad-Dyn, the pirate Barbarossa, leader of the Moors and lord of Algiers who, for much of the sixteenth century, it terrorized the city with its terrible attacks. During the summer, the nights with a full moon light up the city in an almost poetic way, leaving the atmosphere magical. When looking at the city, from the beach, we saw shades of silver, gold and the various fields of wheat that seem to smile at us. Looking out to sea, we lost track of time and, without even realizing it, we fell in love with Albori. Learn more about Albori here!

(Source: Antonio Lanni)

2) The most beautiful villages in Campania! ATRANI

Atrani is already well known by tourists! It is, without a doubt, one of the favorite cities in the Campania Region and it is also one of the most beautiful!

In a poem about the city, we read: “A brief smile of houses / on the dark face of the Amalfi Coast / mouth to mouth with the breath of the sea”. In these verses by Raviele, Atrani is synthesized! Nature, the sea, the houses and the sea breeze make Atrani a dream place! Here we feel the aromas coming from the kitchen, of sun-dried grapes, figs, citrus and the sea. We can see all the colors of the boats that are pulled ashore every morning, returning from fishing, we can see the colors of houses, people and souls: it is a truly unique and incomparable place! Atrani underwent Saracen cruelties, but rose from the ashes, like a mighty Phoenix. With centuries of history, faith and joy, the city is blessed by a slab kept in the church of San Salvatore. Learn more about Atrani here!

(Source: Antonio Lanni)

3) The most beautiful villages in Campania! CASTELLABATE

Discreet, little known, but beautiful, so beautiful! The village of Castellabate impresses with its sea; if we get distracted, we can even see a mermaid in the sea, and she has a name: Leukosia. They say that at night it is easier to see her and hear her seductive voice.

Legend or not, the city also blends with the dazzling green of Aleppo’s pine trees, which serves as a frame for the coastal city; moreover, the plant stands out in the Mediterranean scrub and reminds us of the Phoenicians, to whom the plant was sacred. The abbot who founded this village was a mystic, an ascetic: he did penance, studied the divine mysteries and prayed. Legend has it that many sailors at the mercy of the waves were saved by calling their name. Miracles move this land and, perhaps, this is why so many places were built inspired by Castellabate. The city is a large stone balcony that offers us a beautiful view of the sea, but it also offers us fresh air, peace of mind and the definite certainty that we will never forget this place. Learn more about Castellabate here!

(Source: Castellammare di Stabia. UNIQUE!!!)

4) The most beautiful villages in Campania! CONCA DEI MARINI

Conca dei Marini, another passionate city! I know it is redundant to say that it is one of the most impressive villages in all of Italy, but the fact is that this place impresses our eyes, our souls and our hearts! Well, here the story is unique! It says that one day they saw two elderly Americans kneeling in front of the Conca dei Marini tower, located on a ribbon of rock that jutted out into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The White Tower, which in the 16th century seduced Saracen pirates, was also used as a small cemetery until fifty years ago. Continuing with the story, they say that the two tourists prayed to God that they would be buried there, “in the most beautiful place in the world” and so it was done! Truth or myth, the promontory of Capo di Conca, which presents itself imposing with its solitary tower, presents us with a vision of an earthly paradise. Alfonso Gatto, the great poet of Salerno said: “I like the eyes of the sea / colorful villages / their flesh sides”. No one could more impeccably define this magical city that is part of the Amalfi Coast (as well as Atrani): Conca dei Marini, it is cheerful, colorful, fragrant.

A little more about the village…

On its rocky ledges, the white church at the top blends in with the sky; its horizon blends with the sea, and the blue tones become unforgettable. As if that were not enough, in Conca, the ship stories evoke the desire for navigation: the ancient Cossa dei Tirreni, which was subjected to Rome, was always a seaside village and an important place for recruiting sailors who would serve the Republic of Amalfi. Here, the sea represents nostalgia, peace, dreams, past and future: all, always, splendid! Learn more about Conca dei Marini here!

(Source: lucrezia012)

5) The most beautiful villages in Campania! FURORE

When people talk about beauty, think, without a doubt, of Furore. The symbol of this narrow place, almost hidden between the sea and the mountain, is the “fox fish”. An animal very attached to the land, to the forest, which goes to the sea out of necessity and becomes an angler; as does Furorese, farmer and fisherman, winemaker and sailor, simple and elegant, living “with one foot in the boat and the other in the vineyard”, as they say! The Fjord village is the refuge of the man of the sea, while the settlement scattered in the hills is the stage for his agricultural and artisanal activities. In its entirety, Furore presents us with beauties, of course, but it also offers us a vision of what it is, in fact, to live in peace and harmony with nature in its purest state! Learn more about Furore here!

(Source: Stunning Videos)

6) The most beautiful villages in Campania! MONTESARCHIO

With its imposing tower, Montesarchio presents itself in a discreet and simple way, but with a charming elegance. Charming, the city is little known, but when we set foot in the city, we began to understand why this place was elected one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The city enchants us for its quiet life, but full of joy; for its colors that seem unique and with a sunset that presents itself in a spectacle, comparable to rock concerts by big stars. By the way: the city is a star! Looking lonely at the top of the mountain, Montesarchio offers us cinematic panoramas, worthy of the most beautiful dreams anyone can have – but there, it’s all reality. Learn more about Montesarchio here!

(Source: Piero Angelo Camboni)

7) The most beautiful villages in Campania! MONTEVERDE

Another ‘mount’ that enters the list of the most beautiful villages in Campania is Monteverde. The city is on one side of Campania where the rare Black Stork has chosen to nest. A sign that the place is, in fact, very special and unique – and nature is wise! Monteverde is located under the wing of its castle and is a city bathed by the river Ofanto – that of the Battle of Canne; it is also surrounded by wheat fields and has a distant but spectacular view of the sea. The city is bathed in its artificial lake, San Pietro Lake, which offers a real sound and light spectacle, especially during the summer. Perched around the mightily gleaming Aragonese fortress, the village has survived the earthquakes that ravaged the region and has kept its old houses, “alive and kicking”, built on local sandstone, although there is much to be rebuilt, and that, I assure you, will not take away the incredible beauty of this city. Learn more about Monteverde here!

(Source: russian mauro)

8) The most beautiful villages in Campania! NUSCO

Nusco is private! It appears as a splendid, special white ‘battalion’. It presents itself as a gentle slope of terraces and houses that fit together, in an interweaving of stone and lime suspended between curtains of fog. An inexhaustible mountain, with magnificent colors and places. The winds give us direction, and always take us to the most beautiful places in Nusco. The village is organized and maintained like a Swiss city, which transports us to ancient times in a gentle and delicious way. When you go to Nusco, go with one certainty: you will leave Nusco, but Nusco will never leave you! Learn more about Nusco here!

(Source: Daniele Pinto)

9) The most beautiful villages in Campania! SAVIGNANO IRPINO

To say that it is a beautiful place is an understatement: Savignano Irpino is a splendid place! The village is 698 meters above sea level and its territory offers a magnificent panoramic position, dominated by the Cervaro valley. The small village mixes the houses between the Castle and the Church of St Nicholas. Clean air, unique landscapes and impeccable beauties make this village an incredible place. History, culture and architecture mix with colors and aromas and make our hearts fall in love with this truly poetic place! Learn more about Savignano Irpino here!


(Source: flying in the skies)

10) The most beautiful villages in Campania! SUMMONTE

The name says a lot: on top of the hill! Summonte is a delightful city! A place that in ancient times was chosen by the Normans due to its privileged position, which always offered an extraordinary view over the vast area of ​​the region. The Angioina Tower, still visible, presents us with a beautiful view of the Partenio Regional Park and, in its surroundings, we have a view of the beautiful Sanctuary of Montevergine and the Gulf of Naples. It’s not a famous city, it’s not a trendy city, but it’s a city that, without a doubt, will enchant you! Learn more about Summonte here!

(Source: Raffaele Pilla)

11) The most beautiful villages in Campania! ZUNGOLI

We finish our list with this real Campanian jewel: Zungoli! With its magnificent castle, the village shows up beautiful before our eyes! With only 1,060 inhabitants, it’s not difficult to feel at home. The more you climb, the more beautiful the area around the city becomes and the panoramic views are worth mentioning. Getting to know Zungoli is getting to know a very special part of Campania, and plunging into the past, forgetting about ‘life out there’ and suffering when it’s time to say goodbye! Learn more about Zungoli here!

(Source: Luca Grafner)

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The most beautiful villages in Campania! Campania, like all other Italian regions, offers us history, culture, beauty and, of course, beautiful villages! Come to Campania with me!

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