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Theater of Silence in Lajatico, Tuscany!

Lajatico, in the province of Pisa, in Tuscany, is the birthplace of the magnificent Andrea Bocelli and, there, we find a very special open-air theater: the Theater of Silence. How about getting to know it?

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Theater of Silence in Lajatico, Tuscany!

When we talk about Italian music, many names come to mind, but one of the first, without a doubt, is Andrea Bocelli. The Italian tenor, owner of one of the most blessed voices in the world, was born in Lajatico, in the province of Pisa, in Tuscany, where there is a splendid open-air theater there: the Theater of Silence. Shall we learn more? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

The Theater History

Today we are going to the province of Pisa, in Tuscany, to visit a theater located in a small town called Lajatico, birthplace of the magnificent Andrea Bocelli: the Teatro del Silenzio (theater of silence). The Theater is beautiful and is, in fact, an amphitheater made from the exploration of the natural formation of the hill that houses it.

When the theater opened?

The theater opened on July 27th, 2006, and was built by the will of Andrea Bocelli, who was born in Lajatico. The original idea of ​​the place was to receive only one show per year, which would be Andrea’s and, therefore, it was named Teatro del Silenzio.

The structure

The structure of the place presents us with a circular “stage”, a few meters long, and every year the scenography changes. Theater is also a foundation. On days when the theater has no performance, the stands are completely disassembled and the stage becomes an artificial lake.

Alberto Bartalini, the architect of dreams, designed the area. For him, Lajatico and its landscapes represent the places of his childhood and needed to be highlighted. He idealized a theater, where the main attraction would be, especially, made ‘of nature’; a place where the most precious symphony was that of the winds, which ‘play a remarkable song’, but with sweet, smooth, refined and tuned melodies.

Bocelli’s idea

The brilliant idea of ​​Teatro del Silenzio combines the beauty of the landscape with the musical refinement of Andrea Bocelli, who was born in the same city. The idea, at first, was not very well understood, but Alberto managed to transfer Bocceli’s objective to paper masterfully.

Here, the view is of a natural stage, and the background is the landscape that appears to have been hand-painted. The first ideas were discussed on a train trip to Rome, when the architect was preparing to bring a dream to life. In 2005 Alberto Bartalini already shared the dream with his fellow countryman Andrea and, thus, accepted the challenge.

First Concert

On July 27th, 2006, the first concert took place there, of course, by Bocelli: “Dedicated to the Great Absents”, with the work of Maestro Igor Mitoraj in the center of the lake.

Since then, the event has been repeated every year in Lajatico and is a unique and inimitable event in a natural setting that is unique in the world. Many famous names have passed by that stage, named after great stars of opera and pop music, theater and the arts. Names like Laura Pausini, Kenny G., Heather Headley, Nicola Piovani, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Toquinho, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra, Elisa, Gianna Nannini, Carlo Felice Theater Orchestra from Genova, Luca Tommassini, 2Cellos, Mika, Matteo Bocelli and Dua Lipa.

Useful Information

To find out when and how to watch shows at the theater (which has no fixed schedule), you can click here!  Remembering that it is necessary to buy tickets in advance and confirm online presence, ok?! Read also Where to stay in Pisa? and What to visit in Pisa in one day?

A little about Lajatico

With just over 1,000 inhabitants, the city is small and not well known by the public. Lajatico is on a hill to the left of the River Era, about 45 km from Pisa, and the municipality is between 50 and 628 meters above sea level. The city’s name derives from the Latin name Larius, with the typically Lombard suffix -aticus. The first settlements in this area date from the Etruscan-Roman era, but the consolidation of the current city only began in the 12th century. The village was built around the castle belonging to the Counts Pannocchieschi. As early as the 17th century, the territory was granted to the Corsini family of Florence until the abolition of the grand ducal fiefs.

A little bit about Andrea Bocelli

Born in Lajatico on September 22nd, 1958, Andrea Bocelli is one of the biggest names in Italian music. Andrea Bocelli was born in La Sterza, a village in Lajatico, in the province of Pisa. His parents, Edi Aringhieri and Alessandro Bocelli, owned a farm and also a company specialized in the production and sale of agricultural machinery. Andrea was born with a certain level of visual impairment. At birth, he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, and at the age of six, Andrea entered boarding school in Reggio Emilia to learn how to read Braille. He completely lost his sight at age twelve, after being hit in the middle of a football match.

School Life

He graduated in law from the University of Pisa and graduated in operatic singing from the Giacomo Puccini Conservatory in La Spezia. During his teenage years, he already presented his talent in several churches in Valdera and in bars throughout the province. He released his first single in 1982 and, in 1990, signed a contract with Virgin. In 1992, he collaborated with Zucchero Fornaciari, who was preparing a show with another master, Luciano Pavarotti.

Personal Life

Andrea was married to Enrica Cenzatti, between 1992 and 2002, with whom he had two children: Amos (1995) and Matteo (1997). In March 2012, he becomes a father for the third time, this time to a girl, Virginia, as a result of his relationship with Veronica Berti, whom he married in March 2014.

Music for Life

In 2020, he offered us a real gift: he performed in a ‘lonely’ show in the empty Duomo of Milan, singing hits that only gained even more beauty through his poetic voice. Viewed by more than 2.7 million people, Andrea paid tribute to victims and workers on the front lines against the COVID-19 pandemic, which has ravaged the world. The presentation was defined as ‘a collective hug to all the main capitals of the world in confinement due to the Coronavirus’. The event was called Music For Hope. And it was, in fact, a unique, historic, and beautiful moment! If you want to watch (or review) the presentation, you can watch here!

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The theater of silence only reinforces that nature offers us countless beauties and charms, truly unique. If you can visit this splendid place, don’t miss the chance, it’s VERY worth it! It’s a unique place in the world! Be sure!

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