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Travel to Venice?

Venice is an “out of this world” island that offers you unforgettable moments of beauty and relaxation. Forget the noise of cars, the chaos of big cities and immerse yourself in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

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 Travel to Venice?

Venice is the capital of Veneto and certainly one of the most picturesque, fascinating and beautiful cities in Italy and the world. Venice was founded on the Venetian lagoon and in 1979 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Discover why travel to Venice! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

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Our Introduction

The city, historically known as “the Serenissima” has always been independent of the mainland, which has always helped against enemy attacks. In 1846 the railway bridge was built and in 1933 the Ponte della Libertà, which finally connected Venice with mainland (the city of Mestre with Piazzale Roma).


 “The Lagoon of Venice” is a lagoon in the northeast of the Adriatic Sea. Venice is located in an archipelago of this lagoon, 4 km from land and 2 km from the open sea, with 118 small islands separated by 160 canals and joined by more than 400 bridges. The area of ​​the lagoon is approximately 550 km², of which 8% is occupied by islands (Venice and other small islands such as Murano and Burano). Find out here How to get to the islands of Venice?

About 11% of the lagoon area is permanently occupied by water, or by dredged channels, and the remaining 81% are saltwater marshes. It is connected to the Adriatic Sea by three openings: Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia. Being located at a closed end of the sea, the lagoon is subject to great variations in water level, produced by the tides and the winds, the most showy of which is the autumn tide, known as acqua alta, which regularly floods much of Venice. .” Source: Wiki. Also read How do I get from Venezia Lucia Station to my hotel in Venice?

Venice is divided into six districts

Called sestieri: Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Marco, San Paolo and Santa Croce. The city is spread over more than a hundred islands, connected by many bridges and separated by canals. Also read 2-day Venice itinerary? and What to do in a day in Venice?

1) Traveling to Venice? KNOW ITS STORY

Its origins date back to the barbarian invasions, when some townspeople fled to the islands in the Venetian lagoon. It was during the Middle Ages, with the Crusades, that Venice became the undisputed ruler of the Mediterranean, whether from a military or commercial point of view, having relations with almost all the known world. Furthermore, already at that time, the glass industry in Venice was developed and had many buyers in the Levant and Europe. The contact that the city had with the East was very strong, precisely because of this we will find many vestiges of civilization (noble palaces, churches and the work of precious stones) promoting a unique cultural identity in the entire historical and commercial Italian scene.

Why visit Venice?

Venice is a city dedicated to art in all its forms, represented by the many museums and majestic palaces, which preserve works by artists such as Veronese, Bellini, Giorgione and many others. Walking through the city streets, it is not difficult to come across monuments and churches. Firstly, the Basilica of San Marco which dominates the square and is majestically clad in gold and enriched by mosaics that narrate the glorious history of Venice.


 Ample space is also given to modern and contemporary art; Every two years in Venice, one of the most important exhibitions in the world is held: the Venice Biennale. It will also be possible to visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which includes many works by contemporary artists. It’s a magical city, so where could be more magical to listen to classical music and opera? Be sure to check out the schedule, especially at Teatro la Fenice and Teatro Malibran! The sound of music is accompanied by a beautiful unique choreography offered by the city, which helped to make Venice known as the City of lovers, where they can dedicate themselves to long romantic walks accompanied by the sound of the waters. Also read  What to do in Venice in the evening?


Venice has also always been, is, and always will be the setting of many films, therefore, a city with settings and landscapes that you have certainly seen in many films. Speaking of films, let’s not forget that every year the Venice International Film Festival is held in Venice, where several celebrities from international cinema gather, so if you go to Venice during this period, you may also end up seeing a STAR!


It doesn’t offer the typical entertainment of big cities, there are no big clubs, but you can spend great nights in bars and taverns, where delicious dishes are offered, often served to the sound of good music, or in the squares of Venice chatting as if you were a typical local. Also, for game lovers, in Venice we will find one of the best casinos in the world. Good luck!

The Traditional Venetian Serenade

Since Venice is traditionally known as the city of love, precisely because it provides unique moments, I cannot fail to mention the traditional Venetian Serenade; these gondola serenades take place mainly in summer and consist of a small procession of a dozen gondolas, where a singer usually accompanied by an accordion sings traditional melodies in the Venetian dialect of anonymous authors from the ‘600 or ‘700 or even traditional Italian songs. The processions start in San Marco and travel along stretches of the Grand Canal, crossing the most fascinating and enchanting streets.

The carnival

 Many traditional festivals are held annually in Venice, among them the Carnival stands out, which has ancient origins and transforms San Marco’s Square into a lively and refined stage at the same time, with beautiful masks as costumes. The most spectacular highlight is dedicated to the “volo della Colombina”, where an artist descends from the Belfry with a metallic cable flying over people. Other typical festivals are the Regata Histórica, the Festa della Sensa and the Festa do Redentor. Read Discover Carnival in Venice?

The famous gondola ride

One of the symbols of Venice is the characteristic gondola, an elongated boat driven by a single person, with a single oar. The characteristic is that the gondola is asymmetrical, the left side is larger than the right, so it sails inclined on one side. Crossing Venice with the gondola you will be able to see the city from a different perspective, with hidden corners that can only be seen from the lagoon. Read Everything about the Gondolas in Venice

5) Traveling to Venice? KNOW ITS TOURIST MONUMENTS

The city attracts many tourists also for its numerous tourist attractions, such as the sensational San Marco’s Square, San Marco’s Basilica, the Campanile, the Doge’s Palace, Palazzo Mocenigo Museum, Ca ‘Rezzonico, Murano’s Glass Museum and Burano’s Lace Museum. GET TO KNOW THE TOP 10 MONUMENTS / TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN VENICE NOW!!

Itinerary in Venice


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Travel to Venice? I want to end by saying that Venice is an “out of this world” island that will offer you unforgettable moments of beauty and relaxation. Forget the noise of cars, the chaos of big cities and immerse yourself in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Treat yourself to romantic (or relaxing, if you are alone), long walks accompanied by the light sound of the water and immerse yourself in the majesty of this unique city!

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