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What is the difference between trains in Italy?

Trains in Italy range from the most modern to the oldest, but the convenience and speed of your travels are worth mentioning. Today we will explain the difference between Regional Trains, Intercity and High Speed Trains.

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What is the difference of the trains in Italy?

Train types in Italy: Regional, Intercity and High Speed. The railway road is a great tool for visiting a country, perhaps distant, which is reached only by plane. In Italy, the railroad makes up a very valid transport system for visiting Europe and also the countries of the east – however, travel conditions change considerably from country to country. Generally, the services offered are of good or excellent level in Northern Europe, and less satisfactory in Mediterranean nations. But what is the difference between the trains in Italy? Stay with us and make the best of Italy! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”  Read also: Examples of Itineraries in Italy!

Our introduction

There is a wide range of trains, which can take you all over Italy (including the major islands) and them will allow you to travel from/to other European countries, both day and night. Most of the Italian network is managed by Trenitalia; in our railroad system there are three categories of trains: regional trains, Intercity trains and high speed trains. Find out here How to get around Italy? And also read our step-by-step post on How to buy a train ticket in Italy?

1) What is the difference between trains in Italy? THE REGIONAL TRAINS

Regional trains, indicated by the abbreviations R or REF next to the timetable, offer services within the same region (or, in some situations, by transfers in neighboring areas). Regional trains stop at all train stations on the line you’re travelling (except in some specific cases, when they exclude the less important stops). In general, the maximum service speed is between 90 and 140 km / h, with peaks of 160 km / h on the longest journeys and newer train wagon.

In the lines where the traffic is more intense, the routes are made with vehicles composed of 5-8 cars of one or two floors. For regional trains it is not necessary to book a seat and often you will not be able to buy the ticket online, usually you can get it only one week before departure.


  • Remember that the regional train is the most time consuming but, also, the most economical, therefore it is not the best option, because it is the least comfortable and in some places there is a great chance that you will find old and dirty trains, so I do not recommend this option; use it only if you need to save money and for short distances.
What is the difference between trains in Italy?
The Regional Train (Source Wiki)

2) What is the difference between trains in Italy? THE INTERCITY TRAINS

In Italy, the Intercity train category connects more than 200 Italian cities, such as Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence. Trains are relatively fast and have fewer stops than the regional trains. Intercity trains are identified by the abbreviation “IC”. It is recommended to make reservations in advance for Intercity transport, especially in high season (May-September) and holidays.

What is the difference between trains in Italy?
Intercity Train (Source Wiki)

3) What is the difference between trains in Italy? THE HIGH SPEED TRAINS

The modern Le Frecce high-speed trains connect cities and countries across Italy. From romantic Verona in the north to the baroque city of Lecce in the south; choose to travel with Le Frecce for a quick, comfortable and a high quality trip! Le Frecce category consists of modern, comfortable high-speed trains from Trenitalia, which take you to the most famous Italian cities. All of them have air conditioning, large luggage compartments, and power outlets for electronic devices, besides the “snack” and a restaurant wagon.

Trenitalia manages high-speed trains, divided into the following lines:

  • Frecciarossa Line connects the largest Italian cities from north to south, offering 68 daily connections from Turin to Salerno, with hourly departures from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm from Milan to Rome;
  • Freccia Argento Line connects Rome to the largest cities in the northeast and south of Italy;
  • Freccia Bianca Line connects Turin and Milan with cities in northeastern Italy. There are 87 destinations in the country, with regular services that depart hourly between Milan and Venice across northern Italy, to Adriatic coast, Tuscany and the Liguria coast.

Booking trains in Italy?

  • Trenitalia regional trains do not require a reservation;
  • For Intercity trains, booking is necessary during the crowded summer period (May-September) and on holidays;
  • The booking for high-speed trains, on the other hand, is required. It is prudent to book in advance as soon as possible.

The booking for Le Frecce categories can be done in the following ways: online – via Trenitalia website or through the customer service at the train station. Please note that, in times of high movement, the availability of seats is easily sold out, so in the months of high tourist season it is interesting to buy tickets in advance!

Average prices for the main High Speed train tickets are:

  • Rome – Florence: from € 43.00
  • Rome – Venice: from € 80.00
  • Rome – Naples: from € 39.00
  • Milan – Verona: from € 43.00
  • Milan – Venice: from € 21.00
  • Milan – Rome: from € 86.00
  • Florence – Venice: from € 45.00
  • Florence – Milan: from € 50.00


  • The prices presented above are the official prices from Trenitalia, please note that the price may vary without any previous notice – check the updated prices at www.trenitalia.com.

Important Tips

  • Buying ONLINE at least a month in advance you can save up to 50%! Trust me and do not miss the chance to save money! 😉
  • Always read the notes before purchasing the ticket, because often these discounted fares are non-refundable, this means that if you have a problem and be unable to travel: you will lose what you paid for!
  • If you want to save money with transport, you should always book in advance or travel with the most economical options: Intercity or Regional Trains (make more stops and take much longer, but is cheaper!)

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What is the difference between the trains in Italy? The railway road in Italy is a great tool for visiting a country, perhaps distant, which is reached only by plane. Our railroad makes up a very valid transport system for visiting Europe and also the countries around. With this post we could learn about each type of train in Italy and which one is the best choice for you! Now book your tickets and enjoy your trip!

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