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What to do in Rome at Night?

Few people know that Rome is as beautiful at night as in daylight! Discover a charming night Rome here on Your Travel to Italy.

Colosseum at Night
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What to do in Rome at Night?

Rome, the capital of the Italian Republic, was founded 2700 years ago and is one of the oldest cities in Europe, as well as one of the richest in important monuments. The Historic Center of Rome is considered for the magnificence of its works of art and its monuments, the most beautiful historic center in the world and it is for this reason that each year around 5 million tourists visit Rome. Let’s go to our post today: What to Do in Rome at Night? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Today the city is the world center of Christianity, favored by the presence of the Vatican, the papal seat that is located inside Rome. But what to do at night in Rome, since it is so historic, it seems conservative, doesn’t it? But Rome does have many interesting things at night. Also read Romantic Restaurants in Rome!

Historical, Artistic and Cultural Heritage

Thanks to its historical, artistic and cultural heritage, Rome has always been a travel dream for visitors from all over the world. The numerous public and private museums with collections of Roman masterpieces; its numerous churches and works of art, are the daily destination for thousands of tourists; but Rome knows how to thrill and enchant the hearts of its visitors, not only by day, but also by night, giving visitors a wonderful breathtaking romantic setting.

Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

In addition to the multitude of pubs, bars and nightclubs scattered throughout the city, the best way to live and enjoy it is outdoors; with a mild climate most of the year, each square often turns into a large outdoor bar. The Romans love to take a walk at night sipping a beer and chatting with friends in a bar or in the squares scattered throughout the city. Find out here Where to eat in Rome?

We will focus on the main entertainment areas and the Roman nightlife (most concentrated in the center or close to the center), each with its own characteristics, so you can choose what to do at night according to your own personality and like. Also read Where to find the best appetizers in Rome!

1) What to Do in Rome at Night? TO ENJOY NAVONA SQUARE

The area of Navona Square and Via della Pace is very chic, with its bars and its mazes of alleys.

2) What to Do in Rome at Night? TO ENJOY THE CAMPO DE’ FIORI

Campo de’ Fiori (“Field of Flowers”) is heterogeneous and noisy, it is the area where tourists mix with local young people, it has a crowd of people from thirty to forty years old, the inhabitants of the neighborhood and students from the various American colleges (located in Rome). This area, in addition to offering important historical points, the night opens its doors to the various restaurants, pubs and bars, so we will always find Campo de’ Fiori full of people enjoying the nightlife.

3) What to Do in Rome at Night? TO ENJOY TRASTEVERE

Trastevere, a Roman area with a little bohemian style, is a Roman district, but at the same time international, with its cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs, special for a great aperitif. Read about Trastevere!

4) What to Do in Rome at Night? TO ENJOY SAN LORENZO

San Lorenzo is a university area so it is a young, fresh and relaxed area, where students spend the night from pub to pub. The atmosphere is informal and lively. You will breathe relaxation!

5) What to do at night in Rome? TO ENJOY TESTACCIO AND OSTIENSE

Testaccio / Ostiense: the streets “Via dei Monte Testaccio and Ostiense” are rich in nightclubs, refined places, modern clubs, LGBT or Latin American clubs and Ristobar (place where you can eat, drink and dance). Here you will find options for all tastes! Discover Rome’s list of attractions here with Pubs, Nightclubs, etc., separated by neighborhood, Nightlife in Rome! Click here!

Another thing you should know about Roman nightlife, the Romans are very fond of Irish pubs, you can find them almost everywhere, so if you like great beer you will have no problem finding it in Rome.

6) What to do in Rome at Night? TO ENJOY THE TREVI FOUNTAIN

Don’t forget, especially couples in love, to visit the Trevi Fountain to express their wishes by throwing a coin at the fountain, at night, when there are not so many tourists and when the atmosphere becomes more intimate, under the moonlight, the Fountain Trevi is the ideal place to promise eternal love!

Important to Know

  • Traffic does not decrease at night, on the contrary, it can be even more chaotic, especially around the entertainment areas.


  • When the night is over and it’s time to go home, the Romans have a great habit: eating a croissant with a hot cappuccino on the way home. It is not difficult to find the right place, the bars still open late at night or the many “cornetterie” scattered throughout the city. So be sure to try this Roman night habit, end the night with a delicious hot croissant (simple, filled with jam, cream, chocolate, hazelnut or honey), you will love this aspect of Rome!

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What to do in Rome at Night? All that remains is to choose between the different and exciting opportunities that the city of Rome offers us, while mentioning that Rome is charming to be discovered under the moonlight, because in the silence of the night it is even more surprising to admire it!

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