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What to do in three days on Favignana Island

When we talk about Sicily, many places come to mind, but one of the most beautiful of them is little known by foreign tourists: the island of Favignana. The island is part of an archipelago, that of Egadi, and is an unmissable destination for lovers of paradisiacal beaches.

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What to do in three days on Favignana Island

Today we go to the region of Sicily, located in the south of Italy, more precisely to a paradise called Favignana Island. With splendid beaches full of beauty, it is the ideal destination for those who want to spend delicious days among culture, nature, peace and tranquility. Are you ready? Let’s go! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Watch this video and fall in love with Favignana!

Our Introduction

One of the most famous regions of southern Italy is Sicily. The region is home to true cultural, historical and, of course, natural gems. It is in this region that we find the Egadi archipelago, where one of the most beautiful islands in the whole country is located: Favignana Island. Favignana is the main island of the small archipelago of Egadi, the other two are Marettimo and Levanzo, and it is located a few kilometers off the northwest coast of Sicily, in the province of Trapani.

A little about Favignana

Favignana Island dates back to the Upper Paleolithic period. There are several traces of ancient human settlements that have been found, especially in the Faraglione and Pozzo caves, located in the San Nicola area. This area was known to the ancient Greeks as AegusaΑιγούσα – which means “island of goats”. The island’s current name dates back to the Middle Ages and is said to derive from the name of a warm wind current that comes from the west, the Favonio.

Today I bring you a suggestion of an itinerary divided into three days through Favignana. It is an itinerary designed for those who want to discover the locality calmly, without haste, and taking full advantage of this piece of paradise on Earth. Come with me!


Arriving in Favignana, the first place that catches our attention is, without a doubt, the fishing village. From the 17th century, the place is a delight, full of very characteristic and very pleasant alleys. The streets here were built with stones from Monte Erice and are charming! It is there that you will find several handicraft stores, local products, and some tourist attractions.

It is also there that you will find the 3 squares of the city: Piazza Marina, Piazza Madrice and Piazza Europa. Don’t forget to walk along the coast: watching the sea from there gives us a delicious feeling of peace and tranquility.

From there, you can go straight to Cala Rossa. This is the most famous beach in Favignana and has been voted the most beautiful beach in all of Europe several times. Also read: What Are The Top Ten Beaches In Southern Italy?


  • Enjoy the beach in the morning, when there are less people, as it is usually crowded with both tourists and locals, who love this region!

Have lunch in this region and, after a walk by the sea, head to another very special place: Cala Rotonda. This spot offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Sicily! IT’S A MUST SEE! The beach here is not sandy; it is made with fine gravel that can even hurt your feet, so it is not the ideal beach for those who want, for example, to sunbathe. But having an aperitif there, while waiting for the spectacle that the sun offers us at the end of the day: it’s delicious! It worth it? INDEED!


After a well-deserved night’s rest, we head to the fantastic Bue Marino. This location offers us a cliff overlooking the sea that enchants even the most demanding eyes! However, I must say: here, access to water is not easy, but the panorama and the color scheme that nature offers us is something extraordinary! The best time to visit this place is in the morning, just before 08:00.

From there you can go to the splendid Cala Azzurra. From the name, you can already have an idea of what we will find there, right? Yeah! A magnificent blue sea, which invites us to lose our gaze there for hours. The water here is crystal clear, the sea is very calm and is perfect for those who LOVE to be by the sea without seeing time pass. Not to mention that the water here is warmer than in other locations.

If you prefer a “complete” beach, that is, with facilities such as chairs and umbrellas, I suggest you head to Lido Burrone. Here you can rent these equipment. Here at Lido Burrone there are several options for those who don’t want to worry about anything in terms of equipment to spend all day at the beach. Also read: What are the best beaches in Sicily?

However, as I said before, Favignana is not just sun and sea, there are several historical and cultural points. Shall we visit some of them?


After days resting at sea, you can take a cultural tour of Favignana.

One of the must-see places that you need to include in your itinerary is, without a doubt, the fantastic Castello di Santa Caterina. I suggest two very special moments for you to visit the castle: either in the morning, very early, to see the sun rise, or in the late afternoon, to see the castle dyed golden with the light of the sunset. The castle is in the heart of the island and presents us with a panoramic path that delights our eyes!

Castello di Santa Caterina

The history of this castle is very old, and some historians say that the Castle of Santa Caterina was built in a place where there was a watchtower, which would have been built by the Saracens during their domination, in 810. However, the current appearance of the The site dates back to the 15th century, when the city was under Aragon’s rule. It was built in local limestone, has a quadrangular shape and rises on top of a small hill from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the village of Favignana and the island of Levanzo.

Antica Tonnara

Another must-see place in Favignana is the Antica Tonnara. This is Florio’s old factory, and it’s not far from the port. Here you can learn about Favignana’s past and fall in love with the Florio family, responsible for creating canned tuna! In fact, Favignana became very famous in the 19th century thanks to Tonnara Florio. In 1841 the family bought the tuna traps from Favignana and Formica and founded the factory. After abandonment, the factory was renovated and became a gem of industrial archeology. The museum that exists there, today, presents us with a real lesson on tuna fishing, production and conversation. It’s a very interesting tour! The ticket costs 6 euros and can be purchased, without any problems, on the spot.


  • If you LOVE sunsets and want to have another option to admire this spectacle of nature, head to Punta Sottile. The sun, as it sets, offers us beautiful panoramas, full of beauty, which seem to change color walking through gold, pink, orange and red!


  • Be sure to visit the other two islands of the Egadi Archipelago: Levanzo and Marettimo. You can reach both by boat that travel between all the islands daily.
  • In Levanzo, you can take a stroll through the city center, which is very charming, and take the opportunity to visit three beautiful beaches: Cala Minnola, Cala Fredda and Cala Tramontana.
  • In Marettimo, go hiking! There are several trails that offer us beautiful landscapes, all immersed in nature that, thank God, was little – or nothing – touched by human hands!

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What to do in three days on Favignana Island? If you are looking for a beautiful, different and magical place to spend your holidays in southern Italy, you have just found: Favignana, a little piece of paradise on Earth that seems to have been designed by divine hands!

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