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What to see in Portofino?

Portofino, with its tall colorful houses, arranged in semicircles around the famous little square, is one of the most renowned tourist locations in the world, an exclusive goal, which attracts characters of world fame. Shall we get to know it?

Portofino, Ligúria - Itália
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What to see in Portofino

Italy is a country rich in magic and charming places. This country’s wealth is not confined solely to museums, but it has something intangible that inspires all those who go around and discover unique small and large villages. Therefore, we will talk about one of these extraordinary villages: Portofino. It is located a few kilometers from Genoa and is surrounded by sea and mountains at the same time. Let’s get to our post of the day: What to see in Portofino? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Hello reader, I will participate in the blog Brasil com Z (“Brasil with Z”) with a super special post dedicated to unknown Italy, that is, to the Italian villages and towns. Be sure to follow me, I am sure you will love it! Shall we visit Portofino?


The maritime village has always been loved by both tourists and VIPs. Its little square, surrounded by the typical ‘liguri’ houses and surrounded by green, does not leave you indifferent and certainly offers visitors a unique panorama to the world. Portofino was, until 1800, a city of sailors and anglers, to later become, in the 19th century, the place chosen by nobles from all over Europe as the ideal place for summer residences.

Since ancient times, Plinio and Petrarch have praised the extraordinary beauty of Portus Delphini, so called by the presence of the numerous dolphins in the gulf. Even today, the village remains the ideal goal of the international jet set that cyclically visits them; anyway, Portofino is not only an exclusive place for VIPs and industrialists, but for anyone who loves beauty and wants to appreciate this charming location to feel, somehow, VIP. Read also Seven-day car itinerary through Liguria? and What are the 10 must-see places in Liguria?

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1) What to see in Portofino? VISIT THE CHURCH OF ST GEORGE

The writer Guy de Maupassant, about Portofino wrote: “a small village that expands like an arc of the moon around this calm basin”. A perfect definition to place the accent in the ideal position where this wonderful place is. To enjoy the most genuine aspect of Portofino, you need to walk high and enjoy the tourist attractions of the place, such as the Church of San Giorgio.

It is a recently rebuilt church (1950) in a building from 1154 that, over the centuries, has been redone several times. It is, therefore, the place of Christian worship on the Promontory of Portofino, descending along the rugged rocky shores of the protected marine area. It is certainly the symbol of faith for local people, who in the past were obliged to risk their lives in order to survive in the continuous battle with the sea. Inside the church, the relics of the saint that date from the Crusader period are preserved. You can reach the Church easily from the square in Portofino.

2) What to see in Portofino? VISIT THE BROWN CASTLE

The most spectacular views, however, are seen from the balconies of the Brown Castle, nestled over the old village; an old fortification and residence of the nobles, surrounded by a garden rich in flowers and plants. The mansion (‘maniero’), named after the English consul who owned it until the late 1800s, dominates Portofino and presents visitors with beautiful views. It is easy to get there from Portofino’s square, with a fifteen-minute stroll down a small road that goes up and winds between typical workshops and wisely restructured old sailors’ houses. Today the castle is owned by the city of Portofino, it is also used as a place for events, weddings and cultural exhibitions.

Useful information

The Castle is open to the public from March to October, every day, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, and from November to February, every day, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. it is also one of the headquarters of Portofino’s marine protected area.


Continue the walk away from chaos and close to nature, to reach the Lighthouse of Portofino, which is at the top and offers a charming view of the village and the gulf. The view is worthy of a postcard. A historic building located on the eastern side of the promontory, dominates the marine area from above and can reach the same route that allows you to reach the Brown Castle, through a fascinating path that winds between strips of Mediterranean stain and on rugged coasts where they grow spontaneously pine, ampelodesma and euforbie arboree. At the end of the path, the tranquility of the surrounding nature and the wild beauty makes the place a small chapel.

4) What to see in Portofino? VISIT THE PORTOFINO PARK

We must not forget that Portofino, in addition to being the set of numerous cinematographic films, is part of the Natural Area Protected by oceanic reliefs, rich vegetation and submerged cliffs (of great naturalistic merit) where we can find several species of fish, in addition to the famous red coral of Portofino. The Portofino Park is a successful fusion between nature and human activity, a perfect example of landscape development with a continuous and harmonious alternation of natural ecosystems and crops, with an extraordinary diversity of environments, everything to experience. Anyway, how to discover the beauties of the Portofino Park?

Don’t worry, the so many excursions on foot and by boat, or fascinating tours of environmental and scenic merit, are enough. Thanks to the temperate climate, in the Portofino Park you can make excursions and trekking in all months of the year. In the spring, the vegetation, made up of the typical Mediterranean stain, is all flowery. The trails are simple and clearly visible.


From the sea, it is also possible to admire Punta Chiappa, a naked rock tongue that extends to the sea. Here we find the smallest port in the world, Porto Pidoccio, and it is not difficult, according to the anglers, to watch the whales pass. It is a point of immersion of interest, whether naturalistic or historical. A walk in Portofino is very special. The unique scenery of the village imprints itself in the mind of each visitor, as well as suggestions related to a truly exclusive environment. However, Portofino keeps treasures of remarkable beauty with breathtaking views and architectural works completely inserted in the landscape. In addition to all this wonder, there is the splendid little square of Portofino, which presents us with the most playful and elite aspect of this wonderful and exclusive place.

Map with the attractions in Portofino

What to see in Portofino?
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What to see in Portofino? Portofino, with its tall, colorful houses arranged in a semicircle around the famous little square, is one of the most renowned tourist locations in the world, an exclusive goal that attracts world-famous characters. It still preserves an old atmosphere, made of traditions of sailors and patient artisans, where the colors and perfumes of their land are exalted to the maximum.

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