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Where to eat the best Carbonara in Rome?

And today I bring you a more than special post: I want to share with you a very special gastronomic experience in Rome.

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Where to eat the best Carbonara in Rome?

Looking for an amazing place to eat Carbonara in Rome? Today, I’m super happy to be able to share with you a truly memorable dining experience I had during my visit to Rome! I’m talking about Mozzichi Trastevere! When it comes to travelling, one of my biggest passions is exploring unique cuisine. Anyone who accompanies me already knows: I love to eat well! And that’s how I discovered Mozzichi Trastevere, a charming restaurant that has become a real highlight of my gastronomic adventures! Let’s see!

Where is Mozzichi Trastevere?

Evidently in Trastevere, at Vicolo del Cinque, 22a, 00153 Roma RM! Well, it all started when I was exploring the backstreets of Trastevere, which is one of the most picturesque and authentic neighborhoods in Rome with its cobbled streets, historic buildings, and welcoming atmosphere. In the midst of all this beauty, I found Mozzichi, which is strategically located in a very quiet side street, which offers us a great chance to “escape” from the huge tourist mass that invades Rome all year round! To learn more about the Trastevere neighborhood, click here!

My experience

When I entered the restaurant, I was immediately welcomed by a friendly team that radiated joy and passion for what they did. I thought, “I already loved it!”. This reception already signaled to me what lunch would be like! Mauro, the owner of the place, is a sweetheart! Smiling, friendly, and kind!

Mauro, owner of Mozzichi Trastevere.


The atmosphere at Mozzichi Trastevere is a perfect combination of simplicity and Italian authenticity, and the service really changes our whole experience! Follow Mozzichi Trastevere’s Instagram by clicking here!




The Carbonara: Mozzichi’s specialty!

Upon receiving the menu, I soon realized that Mozzichi’s specialty is Carbonara! I LOVE Carbonara and, of course, I felt compelled to try the dish! People: I don’t even know where to begin to describe the perfection of this dish, I swear! WHAT A SHOW! For more tips on eating in Italy, click here!

For those who are not fans of the dish, it is good to mention that the menu offers a variety of options. Another thing that calls attention is the quality of the ingredients: very fresh! I also suggest you try the tomato and basil bruschetta as a starter. The simplicity of the ingredients highlighted the fresh taste of Italian tomatoes and the fragrance of freshly picked basil.

Wine Selection

Furthermore, I am a wine enthusiast, and I cannot fail to mention the excellent selection of Italian wines available at Mozzichi. With the help of the restaurant staff, I chose a magnificent, flavorful, PERFECT wine that went perfectly with the rich, savory notes of my carbonara!

As I mentioned earlier, Mozzichi offers an excellent range of Italian wines that perfectly complement the dishes on the menu. The restaurant staff is more than willing to help you choose the ideal pairing for each dish.

The dessert

As if all this experience wasn’t enough, it’s time for dessert! And of course, I couldn’t not try the Italian Tiramisu, one of the most beloved desserts in the world!

Mozzichi Trastevere’s Tiramisù was simply unforgettable! Each layer of biscuit soaked in coffee and mascarpone cream was perfectly balanced, resulting in a light texture and velvety taste. After all, Tiramisù is an Italian classic for a reason, and this version of Mozzichi has honored its tradition to perfection.

How are the environment, service, and hospitality?

In a word? Flawless! In addition to the delicious food, Mozzichi Trastevere’s hospitality and service are equally memorable. The attentive and dedicated staff demonstrated a deep understanding of Italian cuisine, sharing details about each dish with enthusiasm and passion.

Every moment spent in the restaurant was a true celebration of Italian culture. From the ambiance to the delectable treats, Mozzichi Trastevere offers an authentic, authentic experience for both food-hungry travelers and locals looking for a place to enjoy the true essence of Italian cuisine.

A little about Mozzichi’s flagship: Carbonara!

The Carbonara recipe began to appear in 1944. It is said that American soldiers, during the Second World War, tasted the “cacio e ova” pasta in Abruzzo, which was prepared by charcoal burners (carbonari in Roman dialect), more precisely in the area of L’Aquila, and according to some historians, this is how the name “carbonara” was born.

From then on, the addition of guanciale came almost naturally since the recipe was made, who knows, with bacon imported directly from the United States.

A little more of the history of Carbonara

However, there are those who attribute the creation of the dish to Naples. The period is always the same; it’s 1944, and the American troops loved the “street food” they served in the tents of Naples. They loved the typical wallet pizza and spaghetti, cooked quickly and seasoned with cacio e pepe.

Since cacio e pepe an American soldier, found that plate of spaghetti insignificant, he added the so-called “K ration,” consisting of powdered eggs, bacon, and cream. A recipe that today gives you goosebumps, but which could just be the ancestor of our dear Carbonara!

From this “unbalanced” and very American recipe, the Neapolitans worked on the ingredients, and Carbonara was born. The recipe soon spread to Rome, who made it their own, adopted it as Roman, and, for all intents and purposes, made it “a legend.”

Special thanks to my dear partner and photographer in Rome, Solange, for the beautiful photos presented in this post.
Instagram: www.instagram.com/solefotoitalia/

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Where to eat the best carbonara in Rome? If you are in Rome, you have to taste the best Carbonara in the city! Where? At Mozzichi! Not your favorite dish? Don’t worry: there are options for all tastes, and you won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

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