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Where to go on New Year’s Eve in Italy?

We've brought together the main parties in the five most important cities in Italy for you to celebrate the arrival of 2022 in an unforgettable way.

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Where to go on New Year’s Eve in Italy?

Christmas is coming and then it’s already here: the New Year’s Eve! The end of the year is two months away and many will go to Italy for the arrival of the New Year, so it’s now possible to start planning the parties! There is an Italian saying that goes: Natale con i tuoi, Capodanno con chi vuoi. Translating it into English, it becomes something like ‘Christmas with the family, and New Year’s Eve in revelry’. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list with some party suggestions for you to spend New Year’s Eve in Italy. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”  Read also: Examples of Itineraries in Italy!


The year, oddly enough, is practically over! If you are going to spend New Year’ Eve in Italy, you can already start thinking about where to go, where to celebrate and what to do. The most popular celebrations are, of course, in the biggest cities like Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence and Venice, but if you are in a smaller city, don’t worry: rest assured that in the Central Square there will be something! Discover our section on Festivities in Italy! Read also What to do in Rome at Christmas time?

Italians LOVE Christmas and New Year and take the holidays very seriously! A tip: for supper, book in advance! Not all places open and those that work have a special menu and are CROWDED, both by tourists and locals, so don’t leave to book at the last minute, OK?!

1) Where to go on New Year’s Eve in Italy? IN MILAN

Milan is one of the most popular destinations for the arrival of the New Year! That’s because it offers its visitors many options. Click on the link below and check out the New Year’s Program in Milan (2021/2022). See below the Main Parties in Milan.

Navigli and Brera

Two of Milan’s liveliest neighborhoods, of course, would never let the date go unnoticed! They have a super lively party with lots of music, lights and fireworks. Several restaurants open, as well as bars and parties in the clubs spread throughout the regions. Disco parties don’t always require reservations, but just in case, go there the day before to inquire. Ah: some places have themed, costume parties, so dress the part!

Center and Surroundings

In addition to Piazza Duomo, which we will see below, the surroundings of that region are also very lively, even with the usual cold weather. The streets are very lively and from Corso Buenos Aires (predominantly LGBTQIA+ zone) to Corso Domo the streets are crowded, colorful and very lively. That is because in this area are the most incredible clubs in Milan. Some of them are: Hollywood, 11 Club Room, The Club, Viberoom and Just Cavalli. The prices of the places mentioned vary between 10 euros (for entry) to 500 euros (for a reserved table).

Piazza Duomo

The highlight of Milan during the end of the year festivities is, without a doubt, the most important Piazza in Milan: the Piazza Duomo (Duomo Square). They set a large stage there, where there is a lot of music, fireworks, lights and a LOT of entertainment! Not even the cold scares people away! Get there early to keep up with the countdown as the party is PACKED! Carry little in your purse/pockets, as there is security control and it is very restricted. No glass, no metal. If it’s raining, opt for a raincoat, because it’s very likely that you have your umbrella “confiscated”. The party starts at 8:00 pm.

Golden Tips

  • Large hotels (the most luxurious) offer fantastic parties to celebrate the arrival of the New Year and it’s not just for guests; therefore, research which hotels offer the service and book in advance. Attention: some request black tie, stay tuned. Discover our Section on Accommodations in Italy!
  • Some large restaurants also have a special schedule, if you have already booked a hotel for this period, you can ask at reception (including by email) to find out if they have any suggestions for parties in case you do not want to go to a very distant place. Discover our section on Food in Italy!
  • In small cities, the parties are, proportionally, so to speak, smaller, obviously, but it leaves nothing to be desired for the big tourist centers. Always look for the city’s central squares and always check with the hotel where you will stay. Check out our section on Examples of Tourist Itineraries in Italy!

Good to know

  • And, last but not least: when we talk about fireworks, if we compare with what it is in other countries, you may end up being disappointed, because they don’t spend almost half an hour setting of fireworks, OK?! So: be prepared for something briefer.

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Where to go on New Year’s Eve in Italy? Spending New Year’s Eve in Italy is a delightful, unique experience that deserves to be lived. Regarding prices: see it as an investment, not an expense! Have a good time!

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