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Where to picnic in Florence?

We already know that Florence is amazing, but what few people know is that the city is very inviting for us to do something very unusual: a picnic! Let's find out where to go to make a different program?

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Where to picnic in Florence?

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance and is breathtakingly beautiful! Its historic center is splendid and makes us travel back in time. It is not a very big city and a few days are enough to get to know the city calmly, but if you have time, how about having a picnic in Florence? How come? Come on, I’ll tell you everything! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence is a unique city! It offers us history, culture, impressive buildings and a delightful enogastronomy! If you go to Florence during high season, it’s good to be aware that you can find restaurants full at certain times of the day, although there are plenty of options. We also know that when the temperature is higher, we don’t always feel like having a ‘heavy’, hot and caloric meal, so we end up opting for something lighter, like a salad or a ‘fresher’ snack. Then I ask you: how about having a picnic? “What do you mean Ana Patricia? In Florence? ” – Yes! In Florence! Shall we find out how, where, what to buy and where to go? Come on! Discover our Section Eating and Drinking in Italy!


1) Where to picnic in Florence? AT CASCINE PARK

Think of a nice place! It’s this park! The Cascine Park is close to the historic center and it’s not difficult to get there. Take bus number 17 and get off at Le Cascine. The green area here is impressive and delightful! It is the largest public park in Florence and offers excellent areas for those who want to spend hours in a peaceful, beautiful place surrounded by nature. Address: Piazzale delle Cascine. Also read: Buy tickets in advance in Italy.

Map of the bus route from Florence Central Station to Cascine Park

2) Where to picnic in Florence? AT ANCONELLA PARK

On the other side of the Arno river, we find this delightful park, Anconella Park. This is also where the Florentine aqueduct is located, surrounded by large green areas, ideal for all audiences. Here, too, there is a beautiful model of the Brunelleschi Dome, in a scale of 1: 5, made with the same construction techniques of that time. Super interesting and a fantastic place for an incredible picnic! To get there by bus, use line 23. Address: Via Villamagna, 50126.

Map of the bus route from Florence Central Station to Anconella Park

3) Where to picnic in Florence? AT THE BADEN POWEEL GARDEN

Near the entrance to the eponymous museum gate is the entrance to a garden that many Florentines know simply as the “Stibbert Garden”: it is the Baden Powell Garden, named after the Englishman Robert Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts group. The garden is beautiful, peaceful and a delight to have a picnic! Bus line to go there: T1.3. Address: Via Federico Stibbert, 31

Map of the bus route from Florence Central Station to Baden Powell Garden

How do I make my shopping list for the picnic?

Well, we’re talking about very personal tastes, and it all depends on what you want and what you’re used to eating, but we’ve put together a short list with some items and their approximate values ​​to inspire you to make your own shopping list; We also take the opportunity to give you some tips for your picnic to be PERFECT!


  • Stop by the market moments before the picnic and bring a list of items so you don’t forget ANYTHING! Don’t take too many products, and always throw the garbage in the trash! If you cannot find a trash can near you, keep the waste in a plastic bag and dispose of it later in an appropriate location, OK? Also read, What to do in Florence in the rain?

Good to know …

Well, to build our shopping list, as I mentioned before, take into account what you like to eat. If you are having a picnic for more than two people, consider everyone involved when shopping. If you intend to bring refrigerated items, buy a thermal bag at the market, it is not expensive and helps a lot to keep food fresh. The same goes for picnics with children! The list below is for two people, but you can adapt according to quantities and / or items according to your needs.

Suggested checklist for a picnic for two:

  • Disposable cups (10-pack: EUR 1.99)
  • Disposable dishes (10-pack: EUR 1.99)
  • Towel (EUR 9.99 – you can keep it for use at home later; if you prefer, take a beach wrap with you, it is the same thing)
  • Napkin (100-pack: EUR 2.00)
  • Wine – Red or White (EUR 1.00)
  • Water bottle (1 liter: EUR 1.00)
  • Fruit juice (pack with 3 x 200 ml: EUR 0.90)
  • Sliced ​​cheese (70 grams: EUR 1.00)
  • Sliced ​​raw ham (70 grams: EUR 2.00)
  • Baguette (EUR 0.70)
  • Jam (4 x 25 gr pack: EUR 0.60)
  • Nutella (6 x 15 g pack: EUR 1.30)
  • Dumpling (10 x 27 gr: EUR 2.85 – on some chains you can buy them separately)
  • Chocolate (approximately 100 g: EUR 1.50)
  • TOTAL: EUR 30.15.

Important considerations

If you buy the package, as suggested above, remember that you can grab a snack at the hotel when you get hungry late at night. The values ​​are equivalent to the packages, but many establishments sell separate products, so it is up to you to buy the package or not. Some places, such as Mercato Centrale (San Lorenzo) and Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio sell ready-made baskets for those who don’t want to worry – check availability on site. Also read What are the main street markets in Florence?

Other suggestions

Pay attention to the remaining perishables: fruits, ready-made sandwiches, soda, sparkling water, iced tea, snacks, popcorn, sweet bread, pâtés, yogurts, olives, toasts, muffins, cupcakes, etc, etc, etc… Buy small quantities, when possible, especially if you are not returning to the hotel right after the picnic! Remember, let your imagination run wild when organizing your list. Ah, and why not flowers to decorate your scenery?

Tips for a flawless picnic

  • Take plastic bags with you to put out your garbage.
  • Use sunscreen and repellent, especially during summer and outdoors surrounded by green areas.
  • Avoid being directly under the sun; find a cool shade to accommodate and wear a hat or cap.
  • Choose a time when the sun is not so hot! Remember you can have a picnic breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or dinner.
  • Wear light clothing, especially during the hottest seasons. Especially if it’s summer, because the Italian heat is intense!
  • Take your time! Eat in your own time, with tranquility and observe the movement around you: the coming and going of people, the breeze touching the leaves of the trees.
  • Play fun and quick games such as finding a person wearing a blue shirt; remember, if you like, to bring a deck of cards to play a game of cards, or paper and pen to play Scattergories. The ideas are infinite, know what your ‘audience’ likes! 😉

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Where to picnic in Florence? Today we give you tips for having a flawless picnic in Florence! The practice is super common among Italians, especially in the hottest seasons, and the experience is, in fact, unique! Have a good time!

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