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The amazing Aosta region!

The Aosta Region is an alpine region, with immense importance for skiing, having more than 900 kilometers of trails prepared for the sport and more than three hundred kilometers to practice Nordic skiing, not to mention the numerous paths for Ski Mountaineering.

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The amazing Aosta region!

Rare example of how man and nature can coexist in perfect harmony!!! The Region is spacious, with 3,262 km² and only 109,150 inhabitants, with just one province (Aosta) divided into 74 municipalities, with Aosta as its capital. The climate is typical of the “alpine region” with an annual average between 20 ° and 22 ° C, and rain mainly in summer. Anyway, The amazing Aosta region! Let’s get to know the attractions of this beautiful region! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our“Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

First of all: watch this video about Aosta’s castles

A little about the Aosta Valley Region

Aosta Valley has a double tourist season, with 878 km of downhill slopes, 300 km of end slope, constantly covered with snow from autumn to spring, attracts thousands of snow sport fans every year. Cormayer, Cervinia, Breoil, Gressoney are the main ski resorts. Find out here Where to snow ski in Aosta Valley!

The Attractions of Aosta Valley

In summer, the valley centers become popular holiday resorts and offer a wide range of infrastructure for the practice of sports, such as 1,300 km of trekking and mountain biking trails, from April to September. In addition, there is a lot of canoeing and rafting on the Dora Baltea River. When talking about natural tourism, one thinks mainly of the Gran Paradiso National Park, which occupies one sixth of the regional area.

Furthermore, in the region, there are almost 100 castles, towers and fortresses, built between the 13th and 15th centuries, which together with the Roman archaeological remains in the Capital, represent the most famous attractions of cultural tourism in the Aosta Valley. Also read What are the ten must-see locations in the Aosta Valley?

Get to know its cities

Getting to know this region better, we can see that it is a rare example of how man and nature can coexist in perfect harmony! Now, to get to know each city, just click on each link below and learn a little more about the region!

The amazing Aosta region!

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The amazing Aosta region! Now you know why this region should be in your list! And

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