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What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna?

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What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna?

Comacchio is known as the little Venice. With its characteristic canals, the city is cultural, impressively charming and beautiful! In the Emilia Romagna region, Comacchio is the kind of city that leaves a very special mark on our soul and heart. Now let’s go to our special post of the day: What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? Stay with us and make the most of boot country! Here at Italy’s Dream Tourism, we make the trip of your dreams come true!! Also, get to know our Section Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your Vacation!







Our Introduction

Comacchio is not a city much visited by Brazilian tourists, but today we are going to convince you to put it on your itinerary! The lagoon city is graceful and genuine, endowed with an immense vitality that is reflected in its respect for its own history and the environment that surrounds it. The city reminds us of its proximity to the sea, with its impressive freshness and with a light that seems to be magical and that floods the urban spaces, highlighting the silent surfaces of the canals that surround it.

1) What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? VISIT THE PONTE DEGLI SBIRRI

To start our tour, from the Ponte degli Sbirri, you can enjoy the most beautiful of views: on one side, the old Ospedale Degli Infermi; on the other, the Palazzo Bellini, built in the nineteenth century, we can also observe the famous Trepponti, a symbol of Comacchio.

2) What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? VISIT THE SANCTUARY

From the Capuchin arcade, which takes us to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria in Aula Regia, we reach the old Manifattura dei Marinati, perfectly restored and functioning, where it is possible to visit the Sala dei Fuochi, where there are 12 fireplaces to cook, on a skewer, the caught eels. A “living” witness to Comacchio’s maritime activity is the Antica Pescheria, a beautiful seventeenth-century building that today houses a daily fishing market.

3) What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? VISIT THE CATHEDRAL, CLOCK TOWER, AND MUSEUM

The city also has important historical buildings that include the old Cathedral of San Cassiano, the Loggia del Grano and the Clock Tower. If you LOVE archaeology, a must-see museum is the Museo Delta Antico, which finds its place in the imposing neoclassical architecture that presents us with a beautiful vision of this style.

4) What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? VISIT THE OSPEDALE DEGLI INFERMI

The Ospedale Degli Infermi (1771–1784) contains a rich heritage of the territory’s archaeological heritage: from the earliest evidence of protohistoric times to the Middle Ages. The precious cargo of Comacchio’s Roman ship is an authentic jewel of the sea and is a cross-section of the globalized world of the Roman Empire, transferred to the museum with a new and very inviting installation.

5) What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? VISIT THE VALLI DI COMACCHIO

At the end of the afternoon, when the sunset seems to paint the city with extraordinary effects, the naturalistic site of the Valli di Comacchio, south of the historic center, presents an atmosphere of great charm! It’s a unique sight! A historical motorboat trip allows you to capture the times of the valley through the casoni and tabarre, the tools for catching fish and incredible vegetation. The birdwatching activities are very attractive and interesting, not to mention the feeling of peace that the moment offers us!

6) What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? VISIT DELTA PO PARK

You cannot leave the city without taking a walk in the Delta Po Park that surrounds Comacchio with an alternation of woods and ponds. Outside the built-up area stretch the valleys of Comacchio that can be visited by bike or motorcycle, to the north, the Bertuzzi Valley offers splendid landscapes, but at sunset, this landscape seems to come to life! The Mesola and Santa Giustina forests  are ideal for a cool walk in nature after a day at the beach.

7) What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? GET TO KNOW LOCAL GASTRONOMY

As we have already mentioned, the eel cooked in a thousand ways triumphs over the table set in most of the restaurants that exist there. Savory starters with sauces, prawns, and clams, as well as main courses such as delicious seafood risottos and spaghetti with seafood, are worth mentioning. Finally, there is the delicious grilled eel accompanied by creamy polenta, but there are also other fish such as mullet, lozenge, bream, and stuffed cuttlefish. All washed down with the excellent D.O.C. del Bosco Eliceo wines.

A little more about Comacchio

Built on the union of thirteen small islands (actually called coastal dune cordons) formed by the intersection of the mouth of the Po di Primaro with the sea. The city had to orient its development both in terms of urban planning and economy, always based on the element of water, which has always been the means of communication with external life. With its endless natural beauty, Comacchio is considered the capital of the Po Delta Park. A small center that is born and lives between land and water and provides us with stunning landscapes. The best time to visit Comacchio is from April to mid-October, especially for those who love the flavors of seafood, This is because, on the first two weekends of October, the eel festival takes place in the city with tastings and street shows. Check out our section on Itineraries in Italy!

The Etymology

The etymology of the name is uncertain, some say it comes from the Greek-Latin cumaculum and means “small wave”, or “cluster of bumps”, in Etruscan. It seems that the Etruscans found Comacchio, who were already settled in the Po Delta, Comacchio was actually the Etruscan city of Spina and was later renamed with its current name.

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What to do in Comacchio in Emilia Romagna? Comacchio is a splendour and offers us so many beauties that it is difficult to choose just one! For those who love nature, history, art, and culture, this is the right destination. You will love the city, and it will have a very special place in your heart!

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