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Everything about the Gondolas in Venice

Some of the most common questions among tourists visiting Venice are: how to take a gondola ride? Is it worth it? How much is it? Where do I take it? Today I bring you a kind of definitive guide for you to know EVERYTHING about gondolas in Venice.

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Everything about the Gondolas in Venice.

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, and when we talk about the city, the famous and iconic gondolas come to mind. However, do you know how much it costs, where to get it, and other details about the Venetian gondolas? If you are planning your trip to Venice and want to take a gondola ride, this post is for you! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Oh, Venice! Magical, romantic, and full of charms! Located in the Veneto region, it is one of the most visited cities in Italy and is considered, by a large majority, the city of lovers. With unmissable attractions like St. Mark’s Square, the Ponte Dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), and many others, Venice is also famous for its canals and, of course, for its iconic gondolas.

A Little abou Gondolas

Gondolas are wooden boats 11 meters long that weigh about 600 kilos; master artisans, called squeri, make them manually. Professional gondoliers row the gondola, and, already in the 12th century, it was the most popular means of transport in the city. Despite being a Venetian symbol of the city’s history, tradition, and romance, the city, of course, has modernized, and the gondolas have become a tourist attraction.  Read also: How to use the vaporetto in Venice?

Why ride a gondola? Because it is a unique tour in the world! Venice offers you, with its gondolas, a unique experience, and, if you want to venture through the city’s canals and see Venice from another point of view, in this post we have gathered all the information you need about gondolas.

How much is it?

The most common question is: how much will I pay for a gondola ride? Well, it depends! Several factors such as the period you are traveling, where you take the gondola, and whether you are going to do the tour alone, as a couple, or with more people, but the fixed price for the ‘basic’ tour is 80 euros. Ah, the ‘basic’ rides last an average of 35 minutes! We will see more details later.

What are the hours?

The times established by the Municipality of Venice are from 9:00 am to 7:00 p.m.; however, gondoliers can run until 3:00 am, and the value increases: it goes from 80 to 100 euros. Remember that the maximum occupancy of the gondolas is six people.

Gold Tip

  • Agree with the gondolier about the amount to be paid BEFORE getting on the gondola!

How is calculated the extra amount to be charged if the tour exceeds 35 minutes?

They calculate 40 euros every 20 minutes more, if it is during the day, and 50 euros every 20 minutes more, at night. Important: pay A LOT of attention; the “night” tours start at 7:00 pm! In addition, remember that the prices are FIXED; therefore, all gondoliers must respect them!

Good to know

  • Not all gondoliers accept credit cards, but depending on where you take the gondola, you can use your card without any problem, although I suggest you pay in cash and, at the end of the tour, if you want , you can offer a tip to the gondolier! (remembering that it is not mandatory!).
  • You can also choose to take the tour with other people; some gondolas can accommodate up to 6 people. The cost of the tour, divided by 4, drops to 20 euros (more or less, taking into account the total value of 80 euros and dividing by 4 people), depending on where you take the boat.  Venice: Traditional Shared Gondola Experience   


  • Do you know how a person prepares to be a gondolier? Aspiring gondoliers need to take a course at a gondola school, where they study a foreign language and the complete history of Venice and Venetian art. Then they take a written test and a practical test; if they pass, before starting to work professionally, they need to do an internship that lasts between six months and one year!  Read more: Venice: Grand Canal by Gondola with Commentary

Where to take the gondola?

Below you will find a map with the location of some gondola stations in Venice:

Everything about the Gondolas in Venice
Gondola stop in Venice (source: Google Maps)

The main stations and the classic itineraries, are as follows:

  • Rialto
  • Danieli: leaving here, you will visit, by water, the main points of the city; we depart from the San Marco Basin, in front of the Danieli Hotel (near the pier of line 1 ACTV S. Zaccaria). The tour starts with the canals of the old city, crosses the Palazzo River, passes under the Bridge of Sighs, and crosses the Santa Maria Formosa and San Severo rivers.
  • Trinità: the gondola departs near the Hotel Bauer, in Campo S. Molise, and covers the area of ​​the Barcoli River. From the gondola, you can see the famous Mozart’s house. Then we continue to the Scoacamini River, from where we see Goethe’s house, and then we go to the Grand Canal, snowing across the San Luca and Campo Manin Rivers. It is the ideal itinerary for architecture lovers.
  • Bacino Orseolo
  • Railroad
  • Dogana: For those who leave here, the itinerary starts on the Grand Canal, a few steps from St. Mark’s Square, in front of Bar Harry. Following along the main canal in Venice, you pass places like Chiesa della Salute and Palazzo Cà Dario, arriving at the Guggenheim Museum. Then the gondola enters smaller channels, but not less beautiful, and passes the Teatro dell’Opera della Fenice, the House of Mozart, and the Church of S. Moisè.
  • San Marco
  • Piazzale Roma
  • Santa Sofia
  • San Tomà
  • Santa Maria del Giglio


  • Ask at the hotel front-desk if they have a gondolier to refer you; it is not difficult that they have great contacts and leave close to your hotel. ALWAYS ask about the itinerary, as it changes depending on where you take the gondola.
  • On this website, you will find the contact details of the gondoliers indicated by the Municipality of Venice; if you are traveling during high season, I suggest you book in advance! You can click HERE!

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Everything about the Gondolas in Venice? A gondola ride, of course, is not mandatory for anyone in Venice, but if you can, do it! It is a unique, special, and, be sure, UNFORGETABLE experience!

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