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Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy?

When we talk about romantic places around the world, Italy soon runs over all our thoughts and comes (almost) in first place. Today we are going to visit the most romantic places in the country to make a very special proposal: marriage. We have prepared a very special list for you to make this unique request!

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Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy?

Italy is romantic by nature and, not for nothing, one of the most popular places for those who are in love, for both honeymoons and special requests, such as marriage proposals! When it comes to romanticism in Italy, Venice, perhaps, is the first place that comes to mind, but there are many excellent options for those who want to make a very special, unique and unforgettable wedding proposal! How about mentioning the ‘bae’ in this post… 😉 If after reading this post your better half suggests that you take a trip to Italy: I congratulate you in advance on your engagement! Now, let’s go to our Special Post! Shall we find out where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Italy is one of the most versatile countries in the world: it has a beach, volcanoes, big cities, small cities; cities that have modernized over the years, cities that preferred to keep the old air in their streets, others that blended in an impeccable old way and new, mountains, snow… It has a bit of everything and for all tastes.

I am sure that at least one corner in Italy will delight you! Italy is also one of the most romantic countries in the world; cities like Venice, Verona, Rome, and Capri among others, present extremely romantic places, full of charm and perfect climate for a wedding proposal! Did you like the idea, but do not know where to go? Today we are going to give you tips on some places you can go to make a memorable marriage proposal!

1) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? IN ROME

Rome, the capital of Italy, is the right destination for those who want something more “traditional”. The eternal city, especially at night, evokes romance and proposing at night, in front of the Colosseum, can be an incredible idea, the lighting there is impeccable! Another place that takes on an elegantly romantic look at night, when it is already without the tourist crowd, is the Trevi Fountain. It is a very quiet and suggestive place for a special request. The staircase of Piazza di Spagna (“Spanish Square”) can also be an excellent option: early, with the sun rising, or more at night, less busy. The same goes for Piazza San Pietro (“St Peter’s Square”), it is beautiful at night and it is a very significant place!

2) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? IN TUSCANY

Let us check now in Tuscany some charming places for you to make your marriage proposal. Tuscany is a region full of romantic places!


In Florence, you can pop the question with a panoramic view of the city by going to Piazzale Michelangelo (Michelangelo Square). If you want something even more special (and with divine blessings!), How about a marriage proposal at the top of the Cathedral’s Dome? The view from there is also incredible and, for sure, the proposal will be unforgettable!

If you want Vecchio Bridge as “wallpaper” for your wedding proposal photos, don’t go there: choose the Santa Trinità bridge, which gives you the whole view of Ponte Vecchio and has a lot less people; at sunset, it is an unbeatable beauty! Do you like flowers? Go to the suggestive Giardino delle Rose (“Garden of the Roses”)! It also has a view of the city and the aroma of flowers will add a special touch to the moment! If you want to be more “isolated”, but still close to the center, Fiesole is your place! It is a small hill 15 minutes from the city and the sunset there seems to have been made for a marriage proposal! It is incredible! Still in Florence, consider a boat trip on the River Arno: it will be unforgettable!


Chianti is another city to consider. There it is also possible to take a balloon ride over the wineries, but be careful not to drop the ring at the time of the excitement!


Cortona, the setting for many romantic films, is another popular city for marriage proposals! Its hills have views that can only be found there: they are beautiful!


  • A good option is to choose a winery in the region to stay or just visit and take the opportunity to pop the question! To learn more about these options, click here!
  • There are endless options and you will have a lovely time! If you prefer something more ‘archaic’, how about a castle? To choose yours, click here! It can also be very romantic! If you are in the flower group, choose a flowering field of lavender, sunflowers or tulips; its romanticism has no parallel! Do you want to know more about where to find them? Click here!

3) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? IN MILAN

Are you in Milan? There are great and romantic options in the busiest city in Italy. You can propose inside Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, even more at night, when there are not so many people; another option is in front of the iconic Cathedral, with its architecture that impresses! How about at La Scala Theater? Another great option is at Bianca Tower, at the top, of course! The Navigli neighborhood, known as Little Venice, is also a charming place, especially at sunset!

4) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? IN VENICE

Another city that evokes romance in an almost natural way is undoubtedly Venice! A marriage proposal in St Mark’s Square will be unforgettable, even inside the Cathedral, or at the top of it! How about to propose on a gondola ride? I only suggest that you choose to avoid the Grand Canal, as it is very busy. Prefer the smaller canals that are even more romantic.

5) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? VERONA

Another city that exudes romanticism on every corner is Verona! The most romantic place in the city is, of course, Juliet’s House! It is a super elegant, romantic and unexpected place for an emotional proposal!

6) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? IN POLIGNANO AL MARE

In Polignano al Mare is one of the most romantic restaurants in all of Italy, the Grotta Palazzase, which is inside a cave, with a breathtaking view! It is necessary to make a reservation well in advance, as it is a popular place, but it is worth it! If you want to know more, click here!

7) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? ON THE AMALFI COAST

It is difficult to choose the city on the Amalfi Coast to propose, as all of them are VERY romantic, especially at nightfall! The most popular cities for proposals at sunset, overlooking the sea are Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. Rest assured that your choice will be accurate!

8) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? IN PORTOVENERE AND CINQUE TERRE

A city that deserves to be highlighted, but is somewhat neglected, is Portovenere. There, in Doria Castle, it is possible to make a very special marriage proposal, using one of your windows to the sea as a “frame”! Corniglia, in Cinque Terre, is also a very romantic, discreet and not very busy town (except in July and August), in addition to offering beautiful views, including its tiny, romantic and charming streets. If you want something more different, a good option is to propose during a walk along Via Dell’Amore, between Manarola and Riomaggiore; they say that couples that walk together there, never separate!

9) Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? IN CAPRI

Capri is for the strong ones! I say this because Capri is the kind of place that makes you never want to leave! Hahaha… It is ULTRA romantic, full of beauty and the sun, when it sets, seems to dye the island golden! It is a fantastic place and deserves to be considered! You can opt for the Punta Cannone belvedere or at the arches of the Fariglioni, on a special boat trip.

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Where to make a marriage proposal in Italy? Do not forget the ring, hire a photographer, take a deep breath and go for it! Of course, everything is suggestions, if there is real love, even a homemade proposal, eating a pizza, can be very special! And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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