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How do tolls work in Italy?

There are several tolls throughout Italy and today we will explain in detail how they work.

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How do tolls work in Italy?

Well, first of all, let’s talk about Italian roads: most of them are EXCELLENT, some a little less, but all very safe and well signposted. Most of them also have shoulders and, the most important, have service stations. Of course, in some small towns it is super common to find narrow and winding roads, but you will hardly find a road in poor condition. Now stay tuned here in this Post and learn how tolls work in Italy? Important: Read our section on Driving in Italy and learn all about fines, traffic signs and more! Also visit our Food Section in Italy! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


How are the roads so flawless? Tolls, darling! (Pedaggio in Italian). But in Italy, in some ‘chunks’, you pay per kilometer and others per stretch. Another ‘detail’: motorcycles pay the same amount as passenger cars. And a curiosity: in Sardinia there are no tolls! Read our Special Post about PID, Do I need an International driver’s license to drive in Italy? and understand what ZTL´s are, Limited Traffic Zones!

1) How do tolls work in Italy? TYPES OF TOLLS

What are the types of toll in Italy? Well, there are two types of toll:

First Type of Toll

In the first type of toll, you pay for a specific segment, that is, you pay a fixed price when you ‘enter’ the highway. They are ‘rare’, but there is this type of toll.

Second Type of Toll

The second type is the one you pay at the ‘exit’, that is: at the end of the section covered. At the chosen exit, the total number of kilometers driven from your entry point is calculated and you make the payment. Obviously in the first toll you will get the ticket at the entrance to the highway and in the second toll you will place the ticket in the machine that will automatically calculate the amount to be paid.

How to get to know the type of toll?

It is very simple: if at the ticket entrance you have the amount already calculated on the ticket at the time of printing, you are paying for the stretch. If the ticket issued has NO value on it (don’t be alarmed!), you will pay at your departure and you will be charged the amount per kilometer traveled.

2) How do tolls work in Italy? VALUES

How much is it? It varies! On the Autostrade website it is possible to calculate the toll amount. Just click here and, on the left, fill in the place of departure (partenza) and the destination (arrivo). It is also possible to see the map of where the tolls are.

Attention, Important

Some roads may have sections closed for various reasons, such as works, but don’t worry, as this will be properly signposted at the entrance to the road, O.K.?!3) How do tolls work in Italy? PAYMENT

How can I pay? There are four windows in the toll plazas. Are they:

  • CARD (Blue Sign): which is the window that accepts credit cards only. The accepted flags are VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners, in addition to European flags. ATTENTION: The ELO card is NOT ACCEPTED abroad!
  • CONTANTI (White Sign): which is the one that only accepts money (take the opportunity to ‘get rid’ of the coins!);
  • CONTANTI E CARTE (White Sign with a blue icon below, on the left): accepts both cash and credit card;
  • TELEPASS (Yellow Sign): DO NOT use this window! Telepass is only for members.


  • It is worth remembering that at the ‘CONTANTI’ and ‘CONTANTI E CARTE’ window there is not always an operator, so you may have to do the operation yourself (the famous ‘fai da te’ in Italian), but without panic: insert the cash or card at the indicated locations and the machine will issue the ticket to you.
  • IF THE MACHINE DOES NOT ISSUE THE TICKET, press the red button to request help! Many of the machines have instructions in English, German and French, in addition to Italian, and all of them are almost ‘self explanatory’, as there are very specific designs, so you probably won’t have any major problems!

3) How do tolls work in Italy? TICKET LOSS

IN CASE OF LOSS OF TICKET, WHAT SHOULD I DO? It may happen, but there is no reason to panic! If you lose the ticket, when you arrive at the next ticket window, immediately report it to the attendant (say ‘ho perso il biglietto’ – I lost the ticket). One out of two: if the toll is charged for a specific segment, you will be charged the value of the further city, even if you have never been there (yes! it will be a bit expensive! So avoid this situation and keep your ticket VERY well!).

If it is the toll charged per kilometer traveled, you will be asked about which city you entered on the road and the calculation will be made immediately, giving you the total amount. A tip: don’t lie! Everything is monitored by cameras and, through the license plate, it is possible to confirm the information you are giving.

4) How do tolls work in Italy? NO MONEY AND NO CARD?

I HAVE NO MONEY, NO CARD AND I HAVE TAKEN A TOLL STRETCH: WHAT DO I DO? First of all: stay calm! Not the end of the world! If this happens, simply request the ‘scontrino di mancato payment’, which is like a note that indicates that you didn’t pay the toll on the spot. In the ‘scontrino’ will be the following information: the license plate, the section (or kilometers) traveled and the amount to be paid. With the ‘scontrino’ in hand, you have up to 15 days to pay.

Where do I pay this?

You can pay it at the Italian post office (Le Poste Italiane, to find one near where you are in Italy, access the Official Site by clicking here and enter the CAP, which is nothing more than the Zip code, and go to the nearest branch!), in the ‘Punto Blu’, which are spread over the service stations and which are distributed along the roads (to check where there is a ‘Punto Blu’, click here!); at points where the SisalPay system is available (stalls, tabbachinos, bars) and it is even possible to pay online (just click here). After 15 days there is a fine to be calculated on the amount of the ‘scontrino’.

5) How do tolls work in Italy? I WENT INTO THE TELEPASS WINDOW TICKET

THE MESSAGE IS: DO NOT GO INTO THE TELEPASS !!!! IT CAN GET YOU A FINE OF MORE THAN 100 EUROS !!!! But if you entered we will leave here an option for you to try to get out of this.

I WENT BY ACCIDENT INTO THE TELEPASS WINDOW TICKET: WHAT DO I DO? Press the red button and ask for help! Probably, the “scontrino” of “mancato pagamento” will be issued and, after that, go ahead! If you ‘pass straight’ (not all ticket windows have a gate), when you find the next toll, report the ‘mistake’ to the attendant. Don’t try to ‘play the smart guy’: your ‘mistake’ will appear to the operator (all entrances and exits are controlled by cameras) at the next window.

Attention – Important Notice


Important Tips

  • Pay attention to the signposts at the toll entrance.
  • ‘Autostrada’ (marked with ‘A’ with its identification number) are PAID, while ‘superstrada’, the ‘Statale’ (marked with ‘SS’) are FREE.
  • Pay attention to speed limits! In Urban Areas: 50 km / h the limit is 20 to 50 km / h, depending on the section; on SS, secondary roads, Statale, the limit is 100 km / h and on motorways the limit varies between 110 and 150 km / h, also depending on the stretch!
  • PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGN! The speeding ticket is VERY heavy!
  • Refuel before starting the trip, especially if you are going to smaller cities, as in many towns the opening hours of the service stations are much shorter! In the main cities, the stations are open from 7 am to 1 pm and from 3:30 pm to 7 pm; Sunday, many of them DO NOT OPEN! There are 24 hour gas stations along some highways, but it is better not to risk it!
  • Is it possible to avoid tolls? Yes! But it is not very suitable! You can choose to use the state roads (the SS), but several of them take many ‘turns’, so what you ‘save’ in tolls, you will end up spending on gasoline, that is: it is six of one for half a dozen of the other, it is not worth it!


How do tolls work in Italy? Italian tolls do not hide big secrets! Always remember to drive carefully, ALWAYS respect the signs and the maximum permitted speed and do not forget the international permission to drive, O.K.?! If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier ????

Did my post help you? If yes, make sure to leave your comment below, but if you still have questions, just leave them as a comment below and I will reply, O.K.?

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