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How is breakfast in Italy?

Find out the breakfast options offered by the Hotels: traditional, continental or American. Also get to know what Italians like for breakfast.

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How is breakfast in Italy?

Think of a place to eat well: it’s in Italy. Even those who do not have the habit of eating in the morning cannot resist so many delights. As we are thinking about Italy, you got here because you asked yourself: How is breakfast in Italy? And what will I find? There are, however, some differences in our customs and in this article we will inform you how it is on a day-to-day basis. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


The “prima colazione” or “colazione” (which means breakfast). They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (there are controversies, I know! Hahaha), but that’s where you’ll get the energy to start the day. There are those who prefer only a black coffee and there are those who like to make practically a brunch, with several options of breads, juices, cakes, pies, yogurts, fruits and etc. There is everything and always in abundance!

1) How is breakfast in Italy? KNOW THE TYPES OF COFFEE

To start, let’s identify the types of breakfast. The strained coffee is made in the famous Italian coffee maker (the moka), it is quite much stronger and with an intense flavor, but the flavor is also very pleasant; and don’t forget that Italy is one of the reference countries when we talk about coffee, that is: there is no mistake! The winner here really is espresso, which is a specialty of Italians who are masters of making good coffee!

Italian Cappuccino

Another VERY different thing is the cappuccino, which, by the way, even generates a ‘nuisance’ hahaha… calm down I explain: this only happens because what is known as cappuccino in some countries, for Italians, is nothing more than a coffee with milk, chocolate and a touch of cinnamon. NO Italian considers this cappuccino to be a true cappuccino. Simply because the Italian cappuccino (authentic), is nothing more than espresso, with milk and milk froth in equal parts. Cinnamon? Chantilly? Chocolate on top? No way !!!! A crime for Italians !!! But it is clear that we respect the taste of each one and their cultures, so there is no account for taste, isn’t there? With the “caffeine” facts clear, let’s move on! ; )

2) How is breakfast in Italy? GET TO KNOW BREAKFAST AT HOTELS

See the types of breakfast offered by hotels in Italy.

Traditional Breakfast

For Italians it is: an espresso and a “cornetto”, which is a kind of sweet croissant, which can be filled with custard, chocolate, the famous hazelnut cream, or have no filling! Any version is delicious. Only that?! But, in hotels, due to the huge number of tourists, breakfast can be Continental or American.

Continental Breakfast

These are the simplest ones, with a variety of local breads on the menu: one or two options of fresh bread, toast and sweet bread; hot drinks: coffee, milk, tea and hot chocolate; cold drinks: one or two types of juice; butter, two or three types of jam, honey, one or two types of fruit, cold cuts: usually ham and cheese *; a type of yogurt *, cereal *. (*) It is worth remembering that we have variations from hotel to hotel, as these items may be charged separately.

American Breakfast (or Buffet)

Much more complete, almost like a small lunch, with more variety and served buffet style. On the menu appear: local breads (several fresh bread options, at least two toast options, some sweet bread options, some types of cake), cookies (sweet, savory, petit four, etc.) hot drinks (coffee, milk , tea and hot chocolate), cold drinks (two or more types of juices), butter, cheese, pastes of various flavors, three or more types of jam, honey, various types of fruits, cold cuts and their variants (salami, cheese, ham, sausage, meat, bacon, etc.), yogurt (natural and fruit), cereals (two or three options), eggs (usually prepared in various ways such as scrambled, fried, boiled, omelet, etc.), pancakes or waffles, etc! In other words, almost a ‘brunch’, there’s everything but the kitchen sink, for all tastes.

3) How is breakfast in Italy? GET TO KNOW THE PRICES

How much does it cost? Is it included in the hotel rate or not? The first tip before completing the reservation with the Hotel is: ask when booking, if breakfast is included and, if not, ask how much it costs. If it costs more than 10 Euros, my suggestion is: go have breakfast at the bar! If it exceeds this value, we consider it to be a very high value for breakfast, no matter how good it is! Nowadays many hotels charge breakfast separately, but somewhere around 10 Euros, if it goes beyond that, it is abusive!

4) How is breakfast in Italy? AND WHAT WILL I FIND?

For anyone not to be disappointed: I advance that breakfast in Italian hotels, especially in smaller ones, is not so attractive, but in hotels of major chains you will find the most complete breakfast! A tip: it is always good to look at breakfast pictures on the internet. If you are staying at an inn, get ready to come across a table FILLED with local products and many of them made right there: the inns and smaller hotels, especially those in small towns, are VERY proud of their local products and they value them TOO MUCH, and we are the ones who get the reward! It is not difficult to come across homemade breads, pies, cakes and even cheeses! Everything delicious, well done and well served!

Important Tips

  • Pay attention to breakfast times, including breakfast served in your room, which is almost always paid separately and ends up being expensive. In this type of service, small portions of bread, butter, a small jug of milk, a small bottle of coffee and other items are offered as requested!
  • Usually breakfast in hotels is served between 6 am and 10 am, but, for example, on special dates, such as New Year or Christmas, the schedule may change, as staff tend to wake up later because of celebrations of the previous night; when in doubt: always check with the front desk, O.K.?!

5) How is breakfast in Italy? AND WHAT WILL I NOT FIND?

Bad news for lovers of curd and toasted bread: At breakfast in Italy there is NO curd and NO toasted bread! Hahaha… At most, and closer to our beloved curd, what you will find will be a cheese paste, or a type of cream cheese, no less delicious! But, who goes to Italy to eat toasted bread? It may be very good, but I don’t think it’s such a seductive idea with the huge variety of breads and sweets that boot country offers us! So, do not hesitate to eat something different from your daily life.

6) How is breakfast in Italy? AN ITALIAN EXPERIENCE SPEAKS

How to feel like a true Italian? See on your blog Your Travel to Italy the posts of our readers who had the unique experience of feeling like a true Italian. If you want to have breakfast like a real Italian, go to the coffee shops. You will spend approximately 5 Euros for an espresso and a “cornetto”, or about 7 Euros if you choose cappuccino with “cornetto”. Remembering that according to the city you are in and depending on the season, in the summer, for example, some places charge more for the intense movement. Then you can find variations in these values. See our section on Climate in Italy!

Did you see that Berliner in the window? In Italy it is called “bombolone” and it looks like the Berliner, the difference is in the cream that is softer and in the dough that is made with a special flour. Italians don’t eat anything salty in the morning. It is almost impossible to find an Italian who chooses to eat bread with some kind of cold in the morning; they always opt for candy!


  • To have breakfast while sitting is a little more expensive! The famous “al tavolo” service can cost up to 2 Euros more, because of the movement; if you choose to have your breakfast at the counter, you pay only for what you consume!
  • Go to the market and have a picnic in a park! Buy breads, “cornetti”, cookies and stop at the bar just to get coffee! It is a different breakfast and it can be very interesting! What about?


How is breakfast in Italy? Breakfast in Italy deserves special attention and it won’t hurt you to do something different from time to time, right ?! Enjoy your food! And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier 🙂

Did my post help you? If so, be sure to post your comment below, but if you still have questions just send me a message I will answer you as soon as possible!

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