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How to get from Bari Airport to the center?

Facing the sea, Bari, the capital of the Apulia (or Puglia) region, is one of the most beautiful cities in southern Italy. Today you will learn how to get from Bari airport to the city center! Let’s go?

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How to get from Bari Airport to the center?

Bari suffered from earthquakes and wars and, therefore, has undergone significant reforms, but part of its former splendor remains, especially in the historic center. Bari is not part of the group of cities most sought after by tourists, but it is incredible and deserves special attention. But how to get from Bari Airport to the center? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Bari Airport

There may be no direct flights to Bari, so the flight will stop in Rome or Milan. Bari Airport is Karol Wojtyła Airport (also called Palese Airport) and is one of the most important in southern Italy. Located 9 km from the center (in a straight line, with transport, it gives, more or less, 15 km) it is well served by several types of transport and we will get to know them now!

1) How to get from Bari Airport to the center? WITH A PRIVATE TRANSFER

Are you traveling in a group or want more confort? Then consider this option! One of the biggest advantages of the transfer is the convenience! By booking in advance, you can even request a driver who speaks english! Have you ever thought how nice? The service costs around EUR 50.00 and, in addition to insurance, it is comfortable and efficient! It is also ideal for those traveling with children or people with limited mobility.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the main advantages is having someone waiting for you when you arrive at the airport, that is, zero stress! Not to mention that the car is clean and safe. One of the biggest disadvantages, when compared to other services presented above, is the price, but, as I mentioned earlier, if you are in a small group, the value pays off. See it as an investment, not as an expense! Did you like the idea? 


2) How to get from Bari Airport to the center? BY BUS

With the executive bus that leaves the airport, the journey takes about 40 minutes, depending on the traffic and also the time! The ticket costs EUR 4.00 and the service operates from 5 am to midnight. (with the company Tempestà, but there are several companies that serve the strecht and the price is the same, EUR 4.00. To find out which ones are, CLICK HERE!).

The urban bus line is number 16, owned by the company AMTAB, but, to be quite honest, the buses are not comfortable and, although it only costs EUR 1.50, the journey can take up to an hour. Consider that it is the bus that many use to get to and from work, so depending on the time, you may find them full. To ‘make it worse’, remember that you’ll have your luggage.

3) How to get from Bari Airport to the center? BY CAR

The airport is 17 kilometers from the city center, since the route is not ‘straight line’, so it is necessary to take a more ‘wide’ turn to access the road that leads to the center of Bari. A great option is to use the SS16 and follow the signs to the Center. The exits and roads to the city center are very well signposted, but having a GPS helps.

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Traveling by car in Italy

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Don’t know where to rent the car?

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4) How to get from Bari Airport to the center? BY TRAIN

It is also possible to go to the center by train, with the services offered by the Barese railway company, Ferrotramiviaria. The ticket costs EUR 5.00 and the journey takes 20 minutes (the quickest of all options – also consider the matter of timetables, as many locals use this transport to get to and come from work). You can buy up to six tickets online by CLICKING HERE and credit cards are accepted.

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5) How to get from Bari Airport to the center? BY TAXI

The airport has fixed rates for taxis to different parts of the city. Up to the central station, the fare is EUR 23.00. To check prices for other destinations, CLICK HERE! Here comes the question: is it worth using a taxi? It depends, in this case it ends up being valid, because the value is not so high; however it is only recommended if you have children or people with limited mobility (or want to avoid the train station areas of the city). The trip can take up to 40 minutes (everything depends on traffic) and is safe.

Important to Know

  • NEVER take a clandestine taxi, ANYWHERE in Italy, IS IT NOT SAFE, O.K.?! Before getting into the car, check that the taxi is registered to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A little about Bari

Ahhh Bari !!! The churches, their history and culture are fascinating! One of the most beautiful places is, without a doubt, the Suevo Castle. It was, in fact, the remains of a Roman fortress, that is: the castle was built on top of ‘another’. Well maintained, the castle reminds us of medieval times in a magical way. If we close our eyes, we can imagine what life was like there.

It is also impossible not to visit the famous Basilica of San Nicola (Saint Nicholas), Piazza Mercantile (Mercantile Square), the Petruzzelli Theater, the Cathedral of San Sabino (Saint Sabinus) and the famous Port of Bari, where ships from all over the world dock. The city of Bari is a bit in the ‘contraflow’ for the large flow of tourists, so it is not a crowded city, such as Venice, but it is well frequented and well worth a visit! Framed by the sea, the city is a perfect example where ancient and modern live together in harmony and, together, present themselves in pure beauty.

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How to get from Bari Airport to the center? How to get from Bari Airport to the center? The city that is in the ‘heel of the boot’ is charming and there is so much to offer! Whichever mode of transport you choose, make sure your trip will be pleasant, full of history and culture! Unforgettable

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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