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How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice?

Going to Marco Polo Aiport to downtown Venice it’s easier than you think! Today you will know how to get in the center of Venice coming from Marco Polo Aiport!

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How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice?

Marco Polo Airport is international and is 13 km from the center of Venice. Its name is in honor of the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo. Since 2001receives thousands of tourists a year, and is currently the third most important airport in Italy. The first one is Rome – Fiumicino Airport and the second is Milan – Malpensa Airport. But after all, how to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


This post was based in the questions of my readers. Several readers often have doubts such as “How do I go to Venice?” or “Which is the most economic transport from Venice airport to reach Venice downtown?”  Basically we can get to Venice choosing between 4 options, find out what they are in our Special PostHow to get to Venice? One of these options is certainly through Marco Polo Airport, so this post will answer your question precisely: How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice? Discover our section: Transport in Italy!

There are several options to go to Venice from the Marco Polo Airport.  Notice that, most of these options will drop you off at Piazzale Roma (the gateway to Venezia city) and from there you will have to take a vaporetto (find out:  How to use the Vaporetto?), a taxi or go walking. So evaluate all the options that you will find in the list below;)

1) How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice? PRIVATE LAND AND/OR AQUATIC TRANSFERS

Before your arrival at the airport, make sure to have your private transfer already waiting for you at the aiport; the driver will already be at the gate waiting for you with a sign, so you won’t have to think about anything, just go comfortably and safely to your hotel.

Arriving in Piazzale Roma you will have the other transfer, in this case the private water taxi, which is smaller than public taxis and carries a maximum of 12 people; for sure it is the fastest and most practical way to get to your Hotel. The average to get to your hotel is 30 minutes.


  • It is certainly the least stressful option. Nothing better than arriving after a long trip and finding a person waiting for you to take you to the hotel without wasting too much time;
  • The fastest and direct means of transport that will take you as close as possible of your hotel, in some cases it will drop you in front of your hotel (depending on the location or if the hotel has its own ‘port’ in front), so you won’t have to walk a lot with your suitcases;
  • With the other transport alternatives, you will have to find a second option to reach your hotel, whether on foot, by vaporetto, etc., while with the private water taxi you will not have this type of problem, so it is the best alternative for families with children, elderly people or for small groups.


  • In comparison with the other means presented, there is none, because the tranquility, safety and satisfaction with the contracted service, are worth the amount paid.
  • With the transfer you will not have to worry about consulting maps, nor be afraid of making “wrong” choices regarding the means of transport! In addition, the convenience of a private service pays off a lot, especially when you have a lot of bags and are arriving from a long trip.

How much is it?

  • Accessing the link below, you can get more information about this option. It is safe, comfortable and the cost-benefit is excellent! This way, you avoid the exchange transport to get to the hotel, since the transfer is direct! Non-stops!
  • This service, like any private service, is more expensive, but worth it because of the comfort and mainly because you will not waste so much time trying to figure out how to get to your hotel.

Click here and ask for a free quotation!!!

2) How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice? ATVO BUSES

The ATVO bus will always take you to Piazzale Roma (with several stops, including Venice Mestre). There are buses every 20 minutes. Also read “How do I get from Piazzale Roma to my hotel in Venice?”.

3) How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice? ACTV BUS (PUBLIC LINE)

In front of the airport you can also take a public bus that will take you to the famous Piazzale Roma. Take the bus number 5. The journey takes 30 minutes. If you go to Venezia Mestre you should take the BUS number 15. Always remember to buy the ticket before entering the bus! (you can buy it at the tabaccaio (não tem tradução, a gente indica com itálico) or at the ticket office, which can be find at the airport); remember to always validate your ticket at the machine inside the bus. Better to avoid any kind of fine, isn’t it?

aeroporto_2013 dove prendere il pullman ACV

4) How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice? LAND TAXI

From the airport you can take a taxi that, in 25 minutes, will drop you off at Piazzale Roma. Piazzale Roma is the gateway (via land) to Venice; all land transport (cars and buses can only reach until this point).

5) How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice? MOTOSCAFI LINEA ALILAGUNA BLU, ROSSA AND ARANCIO

  • It is a line boat that leaves from the Airport to Venice, stopping at the main points of the city. The lines are as follows:
  • The blue and red Alilaguna lines (Linee Alilaguna Blu – Blue – and Rossa – Red) stop at: Murano, Lido, San Marco, Zattere and Giudecca Hilton Molino Stucky;
  • The Blue line also stops at Fondamente Nuove, while the red line at Arsenale.
  • The orange line (Linea Arancio – Orange) Via Canal Grande stops at Rialto and Sant’Angelo, passing through Madonna dell’Orto and Guglie Ferrovia;
  • The Alilaguna Blu, Rossa and Arancio line guarantee a departure from the Airport every 20 minutes.

During the cruise season, another line is also active, the Linea Marrone (Brown line) that connects the city center directly with the maritime station. The ticket price is 15.00 Euros. See the map clicking here! The ticket office is located at the arrival hall or you can buy directly online.


  • Economic, due to the amount charged.


  • Fixed schedule, so if you miss the transport you must wait for the other one;
  • It takes too long. Since it stops at different places and it can take up to an hour to reach your final stop;
  • Fixed stops, so depending on where you are staying, you may have to walk a long way to your hotel with your luggage;
  • Figuring out which stop is the closest to the hotel and locate yourself without understanding the language.


How to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice? Well, concluding our post we saw that to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice there are 5 options, one of them cheapest than the others. . Remember, let’s be careful, cheap is expensive, especially in a place you don’t know, and without knowing how to speak the local language! So I suggest you to think carefully about the options presented above, especially if you are traveling with children and  elderly! Don’t take any risks, invest a little more and travel safely, comfortably and without worries or risks of ruining your long-awaited trip, ok?!

And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier 🙂

Did my post help you? If so, be sure to post your comment below, but if you still have questions just send me a message I will answer you as soon as possible!

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