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How to go from Florence airport to the center of Florence?

How to get from Florence airport to the center of Florence? Lets know ?

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How to go from Florence airport to the center of Florence?

The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, mainly for its vast historical worth. Having in mind that it is not always easy to get around in an unknown city, most tourists find difficulty to leave the airport and go to the center to visit the city. With that in mind, we made a special post for you: How to get from Florence airport to downtown Florence? Stay with us and make the best of Boot Country! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”  Read also: Examples of Itineraries in Italy!


Florence Airport is Amerigo Vespucci and it is just 4 km away from the city’s center. Even with its renovation – in 2013, which expanded the airport, it is not a large airport, but it is very well equipped and signposted. How to get from Florence airport to downtown? Well, it’s very simple, even because the airport it is not that distant.

Fun fact

The name of the Airport is a tribute to the first man who drew the map of the American continent. As the runaway is considered small, the airport only receives flights from Europe and domestic flights, as it does not support large commercial planes. The airport is also called Peretola Airport, so don’t be surprised if you hear that name there: it’s the neighborhood where the Airport is located.

1) How to get from Florence Airport to Florence Center? WITH A PRIVATE TRANSFER

Before you travel, make your Transfer reservation so you don’t have any worries once you’re there, as the driver will already be waiting for you. This way you won’t have to think about anything, just go peacefully and safely to your hotel. The best way to reach the hotel in the center Florence is by Transfer.

How to get from Florence airport to the center of Florence? Access the link below and request your transfer service quotation! Accessing the link “Transfer Service”, you can get more information about this option. It is safe, comfortable and with excellent prices!

This way you avoid changing transport to get to your hotel, since the transfer is direct! Non-stops! The driver speaks English (booking in advance)! Not to mention that it makes your life much easier when it comes to luggage: imagine carrying suitcases on a crowed train, for example! It is not easy, but neither impossible. It’s just uncomfortable for those traveling in order to relax. How much does a Private Transfer cost? The price of the service costs around 50 Euros. (Call it ‘investment’!)


It is certainly the least stressful option. Nothing better than arriving after a long trip and finding a person waiting for you to take you to the hotel without wasting a lot of time; you’ll be in a comfortable, clean car and will have a driver with a friendly, smile, and always available to help you. If you book in advance, you can also request a driver who speaks English.


In comparison with the other means of transport that will be presented here, there is no way to compare, since just knowing that your tranquility, security and satisfaction will be guaranteed, I certainly say that the service worth each penny! With the Transfer you will not have to worry about consulting maps, nor be afraid to make “wrong” choices regarding the means of transport!

2) How to get from Florence Airport to Florence Center? WITH TAXI

When leaving the airport, on the left side, you can see a taxi stop. The price of the ride is fixed and is as follows: 20 Euros during working days; 24 Euros during weekends and holidays; 25.30 Euros at night (everyday). You also have to pay 1 euro of luggage fee per bag. The ride takes about 20 minutes.


For 2 people it can be worth taking a taxi, but be careful that the taxi driver does not give you a “fatigue” and runs more than the necessary. Once he realizes that you are a tourist and you have no idea where you are going to, he can mislead you. With Transfer you will have more safety and comfort.


Find the right, fair and honest taxi driver! From 4 people it is not worthwhile to use a taxi; it is more expensive than hiring a Transfer. Groups over 4 people would require two cars or more, most because of the luggage, since the car’s trunk won’t have enough space!


Be careful when taking a taxi that is not from the city of Florence. DO NOT TAKE an unregistered taxi: besides being more expensive, it is very dangerous! Take extra care, ok?!

3) How to get from Florence Airport to Florence Center? WITH THE BUS

How to go from Florence airport to downtown? Using the buses of the company Sita / ATAF, also known as Vola in Bus; it is possible to reach the center of Florence very quickly and safely.

  • The ticket price is 6 Euros (one-way) or 10 Euros (round-trip).
  • The bus departs from Piazza Stazione (Stazione Square), next to the airport, or directly from the airport.
  • The buses depart from the Piazza every half hour and the service operates from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm; from the airport, buses leave at 1-hour intervals, and operate between 6 am and 11:30 pm.


The advantage is that this kind of transport is super cost-effective, but it is convenient only when there are few people, a young couple for example; if you’re travelling with more than two people with you, it is worthy to take a taxi or use the Private Transfer option.


It can be a little tiring because the station may be a little far from your hotel and you may have to take another transport to, finally, get there. Also think about the luggage you are carrying.

4) How to get from Florence Airport to Florence Center? WITH THE TRAIN

A new train line connects Amerigo Vespucci Airport to the center of Florence. Being the most economical option, the train costs only 1.50 Euros, leaves the station every 4 minutes and drops you off right in the heart of the city. The service operates from 5:00 am until midnight. The exceptions are Fridays and Saturdays, when transportation continues to operate until 2:00 am. The new Line T2 is operated by Tramvia, and the journey takes only 20 minutes to the center of Florence.

Pay attention to the point of departure, which is the platform on the right side of the airport building, where tickets can be purchased from automatic machines. They have a menu option in Italian, English and Spanish, accept cash and credit cards and are very intuitive to use. The station is at Piazza dell’Unità, just over a five-minute walk from Piazza del Duomo (Duomo’s Square), the city’s main square.

Important to Know

You have the right to carry, for free, a suitcase of up to 10kg and dimensions not exceeding 50x30x25 (per person). If you are traveling with more bags or with larger / heavier bags, you must pay 1.50 euros extra for each bag. Even so, there is a limit: paying, each passenger can carry up to two volumes and they cannot be larger than 80x45x25 and cannot weigh more than 20kg.


The advantage of taking the rain is the speed, as it does not get stuck in traffic jams, and also has a very good price, super economical.


It can be a little tiring if you have a lot of bags and your hotel is far from the terminus. Always take the bags you are carrying into account 😉

5) How to get from Florence Airport to Florence Center? WITH A RENTED CAR

If you rented a car before arriving in Florence or if you intend to rent one once you’re there, it is important to know that it is necessary to take a mini bus (navetta) that will take you to the place reserved for car rental companies. The service is free. Well signposted, the road leading to the city center is well-maintained and does not present any major problems. This option is only valid if you are going to take the car to the Tuscany Region or go to other cities driving. It is not worthwhile to rent a car if you intend staying only in Florence.


  • At the time of your arrival, if you have any questions, go to the Tourist Information Point, which is on the left side in the Arrivals Gates. The service is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 7 pm, and on Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm. There you can request information, maps and city guides from Florence and its surroundings.

Don’t know where to rent the car?

We have a partner that can help you: Rent Cars! Have you ever thought about renting a car in Italy, without leaving your home? Click on the banner below to learn more! Search, compare and choose!

No parking spots!  

This option is ideal if you like to drive, however, it is important to know that in touristic cities there are places (like old towns) where PARKING is PROHIBITED, and only residents’ cars can be there! So it is important not to go to these places without knowing timetables and traffic limits, so as not to take unnecessary fines. PAY ATTENTION! In Italy it is common for them to tow the car or put that hubcap that blocks the vehicle’s exit! Take care, alright?!

How to know where these spots are?

See the post How not to get fined in Italy – ZTL that talks about it, but anyway another tip for those who are unsure about it, is to park a little outside the downtown and take a walk; if you don’t want to walk, spend a little more, and take a taxi or public transport.


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How to go from Florence airport to downtown? Here we presented several transport options, in my opinion it is always good to book a transfer or take a taxi, as we always arrive tired from the trip, full of bags and anxious to get to the hotel. But feel free to choose the one that best fits your trip planning. 😉

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier ????

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