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How to save on accommodation in Italy?

There are two great ways to save on accommodation in this wonderful country. Stay with us because we will discover together and make the best itinerary for the beautiful Italy SAVING MONEY!

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How to save on accommodation in Italy?

Reading some comments of our blog’s posts, I noticed that several readers talk about how to save using alternative accommodation, for example, hostel and even free hosting through sites like CouchSurfing.org, so I would prefer to give a different focus to this post. There are mainly two great ways to save on accommodation in Italy. Let’s learn here how to save on accommodation in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


To better understand how hotels in Italy work, I suggest you read the post: What is the difference between hotel categories in Italy! See also our special: Accommodation in Italy!

1) How to save on accommodation in Italy? UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE TOURIST SEASON

Choosing in advance the best period to travel will help you find a good hotel with a price that is certainly more affordable. We can divide Italy into 3 major zones, see below. Check out our special: Climate in Italy!

Southern Italy:  Campania, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, and Apulia

The high season for these areas will always be in the spring, but mainly in the Italian summer (from June to August or mid-September). That’s because Italians (and Europeans) usually travel to these areas in the summer for a relaxing season at sea.

Art Cities

Art cities: the low season will be from November to March, while the high season will be from April to October.

Mountain and Snow Tourism (Winter season)

In this case, the most expensive months will be the winter months (from November until the Easter period – it depends on the weather). In Italy, we will find several ski resorts and many resorts, mainly in the central Alps and Apennines. We can mention for example: Cortina d’Ampezzo (the most famous and popular in Italy), mainly for the quality and variety of its tracks, as well as for its intense nightlife and for the wide range of accommodation options. Find out here: Where to Ski in Veneto.

The Cortina d’Ampezzo ski area along with the slopes of San Vito di Cadore Auronzo – Misurina is part of the Dolomite Superski: the largest ski area in Europe. CERVINIA is the most important in the Valle d’Aosta, with more than 100 kilometers of ski trails. COURMAYEUR is another important ski resort in Valle d’Aosta which is divided into two areas: Val Veny and Chécrouit, for a total of 100 kilometers of ski trails! There are so many options, but these are certainly the main ones. I talk more about this argument in another post 🙂 Find out here Where to Ski in Italy?

Holiday Period

Obviously the question of the tourist season does not apply to holiday periods (Christmas, New Year, etc.) and when there are events in any of these cities. For example, Milan has several important fairs practically all year round, which is why it is usually always a very expensive city to stay in and even so I do not recommend my readers and clients to stay for more than one night. Discover our segment Festivities in Italy.

2) How to save on accommodation in Italy? ABOUT THE LOCATION

The location of the hotel obviously influences a lot! The closer you are to the main tourist monuments, the more you will pay for this convenience! It is also very important to evaluate the profile of the person who travels with us. If you are an elderly person or if you have children, long trips can be tiring, so in this case, I believe it is worthwhile to be in more central areas. In the case of young people, people with easy adaptation, be in a hotel outside the center, it is certainly the secret to save! For this it is important to ask these two questions:

How many days will I be in this city?

If it’s just one day, isn’t it better to pay a little more and stay downtown? So you can enjoy much more of the local beauties and take a break from the rush of taking public transport or even driving.

The hotel is outside the center, but is it well connected with public transport?

This is of fundamental importance, knowing if you will be able to get around easily; sometimes you pay almost nothing for a hotel, but this hotel is not well connected, and you will end up having to take a taxi and do you know what the result is? It ends up being much more expensive than paying for a downtown hotel! So it is important to understand if what you will save with the hotel will not end up spending later on transport.


  • To understand this concept, let’s assume that you want to stay in Venice, and you already know that it is really very expensive there. The secret is to stay in Venice Mestre, located 15 minutes from Venice and with easy access to public transport (by train or bus). You can come and go on the same day – until midnight there is always transportation available. With this little trick you can save even 50% on hotels! Discover our special posts: Transport in Italy!
  • Another thing: for people traveling with a rented car, booking a hotel outside the city almost always results in great savings! The secret is to go to an area where you can leave your car parked (preferably paid parking or in a safe zone, and keep away from the ZTL – Limited Traffic Zone) and take the subway or bus to get to the center. Learn more: Driving in Italy!

Important Tip

  • Another important way to save “indirectly” on accommodation is not consume things from the hotel’s minibar, as they always cost a lot! So always stop at a supermarket and buy those things you think you’ll need for later (water, yogurt, snacks etc.) and put them in the fridge 😉

What is the Average Price of Accommodation in Italy?

The rates change according to several factors, such as the period you are going to travel (depends on the tourist season), the number of stars that the structure has, if it is central, the city you are visiting, etc. Also read: Accommodation in Italy. So consider at least an average of 40 to 60 Euros per person. Less than that you will find only some offer, or sleep in a low category hotel, type 1 or 2 stars, or hotels outside the center, or apartments or inns and / or B&B (Bed and Breakfast).


How to save on accommodation in Italy? Traveling by choosing the right seasons for each zone can result in savings sometimes up to 50% with accommodation in Italy! If you combine this with a great choice of hotel location, the result will be a great saving of money that can be used, for example, to eat better or to do shopping!

And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier ????

Did my post help you? If so, be sure to post your comment below, but if you still have questions just send me a message I will answer you as soon as possible!

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