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Itinerary by car through Abruzzo.

Today, we take you to discover one of the most special regions of Italy, Abruzzo. Between beaches and mountains, Abruzzo will enchant you! Let's travel!

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Itinerary by car through Abruzzo.

The Abruzzo region is in a privileged position: located between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, it offers us the best of both worlds, between sea and mountain. Today we are going to take you to know this region full of charms and often forgotten by tourists: we are going to travel by car through Abruzzo. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Beautiful video of the Abruzzo Region!

Our Introduction

How about traveling by car? Today I present to you a delightful itinerary through a very special Italian region: Abruzzo! Abruzzo is a region with more than one million inhabitants and has an area of ​​10,831 km²; its capital is L’Aquila and it is divided into four provinces: L’Aquila, Chieti, Pescara and Teramo. The region has 305 municipalities, that is, there are plenty of options to see!

Traveling by car in Italy

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How many days do I need to cover this itinerary?

It depends on your availability, but I suggest you don’t do it in a rush. Organize yourself well before traveling, determine which cities will be chosen to sleep in, make your reservations in advance and always leave a ‘slack’ of a few days on your itinerary; if possible, study well the route you choose and also choose alternative routes, after all, unexpected events can happen.

Golden Tip:

  • EVERYTHING you need to know about driving in Italy, you’ll find it HERE!
  • Abruzzo’s main airport is in Pescara. Remembering that you can start your trip in another area of ​​the region and you can also adapt the itinerary according to your needs.

1) Itinerary by car through Abruzzo: FIRST DAY

We start our journey through the charming L’Aquila. The region’s capital is enchanting and presents us with history, culture and places worth visiting. The city became known around the world because of a devastating earthquake in 2009 and, to this day, there are still machines working in the reconstruction of this splendid place. It’s not a big city and in a few hours you can get to know the best of it.

Don’t leave out the traditional tour of the historic center; Also unmissable is a visit to the Basilica of St Mary of Collemaggio, the Spanish Fort and the Basilica of St Bernardino. As we said before, some areas of the city are still undergoing renovations, but believe me, this doesn’t take away the charm that this place offers. Spending the day here is a delight!

2) Itinerary by car through Abruzzo: SECOND DAY

The next day we left for another MUST-SEE spot: the Trabocchi Coast. I confess that I tried to find words to define this place, but you will only have an idea of ​​the beauty of this coast when you are there! It is one of the most famous places in Abruzzo and deserves to be explored with care, calm and time!

On the way, be sure to also visit Città Sant’Angelo: it is a small, charming town and can be an excellent option for lunch before continuing your journey. Another interesting point might be Tremiti. An archipelago that lies within the Gargano National Park, formed by five islands and only two of them are inhabited centers. You can imagine the tranquility, can’t you? You can visit the islands by sea from the port of Termoli, in Molise, which is less than an hour’s drive from Trabocchi Coast.

In the same area, make a stop at the Majella National Park; close to the city of Roccamorice, there you will find the famous Hermitages, that of Santo Spirito, in Majella, and that of San Bartolomeo, in Legio. If you want to explore the area a little more, cross the Orfento Valley and head towards Sulmona. It is an area surrounded by an almost unspoiled nature and is the ideal destination for those who prefer the calm of places not often visited, but with a magical beauty!


  • If you are traveling during the summer, wear light clothing, sunscreen, hydrate yourself and wear comfortable shoes! Italian heat can be quite ‘aggressive’, so be careful, okay?! Also remember to wear a headgear such as a hat or cap.

After a immersion in nature, we will discover a little history and culture of Abruzzo; let’s continue our journey to Rocca Calascio. The place offers us a magnificent panorama of what, in fact, is the Abruzzo region.

Around here, don’t miss the Fortress, which is a medieval fortification located in the heart of the mountain. Needless to say, the view from there is impressive, right? Another place that can be very interesting to visit is Roseto degli Abruzzi. Back to the coast, Roseto is a gem! Take a day to enjoy the region’s sea. It’s really worth it!


  • Pay attention to the small villages you find along the way. Small towns like San Vito Chietino, Campli and Civitella del Tronto are not very visited by tourists, but they offer calm, tranquility and impressive beauty! Don’t underestimate them!

3) Itinerary by car through Abruzzo: THIRD DAY

To close our suggested itinerary, we can head to the Abruzzo border with the Lazio region. The area is full of beautiful villages and Aielli deserves to be highlighted, famous for hosting the Borgo Universo, which is a street art festival that, since 2016, has made the city reborn through the paintings it presents throughout the village! Full of colors, the murals decorate the city in a fun and interesting way.

Other locations you can discover by adapting your itinerary are:

:: Stiffe Caves (L’Aquila)

The Stiffe Caves represent one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in Italy; their formation dates back to 600,000 years ago and located in the province of L’Aquila. There are 700 meters of tourist route and, here, you will discover an unexpected world. Ah: the temperature in the caves is low, so bring a shirt. The ticket costs 10 euros.

:: Lake Scanno (L’Aquila)

For those who love nature, are romantic and want to see a lake that almost has the shape of a heart, you cannot miss this beautiful lake! Scanno is called “the pearl of Abruzzo” and is located in the Upper Sagittarius Valley and is well worth the visit.

:: Pescara (Pescara) 

Give this charming town a chance! Visit Pescara Vecchia, the historic city center and allow yourself to get lost in a city surrounded by history and culture. From Piazza Unione, it is easy to reach Corso Gabriele Manthone with a short walk, and there you can visit Gabriele D’Annunzio’s house, which now houses a museum. Continuing north, visit the modern Ponte del Mare which is 466 meters long and is the longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Italy. Know more about Pescara!

:: Chieti (Chieti)

Chieti is a charm and can be visited in one day. There you will find several attractions, but the historic center, the splendid National Archaeological Museum, the Roman Temples and the Roman Amphitheater deserve attention. Needless to say, the city breathes history, right? It’s worth it for lovers of archeology and ancient history.

:: Teramo (Teramo)

It is also possible to visit Teramo in one day. With diverse Roman heritages, be sure to visit the Roman Theater and Amphitheater, the Cathedral and the Bruciata Tower. It is also the perfect destination for those who love history and culture and like calm and peaceful cities.

Golden Tip:

As we’ve already mentioned, change your itinerary according to your interests! The region offers MANY options for all tastes: small towns, little known, famous, calm, sea and mountain. Remember that beach towns are obviously CROWDED during the summer, so I suggest you make your reservations, including dinner, in advance! You may find some sections with tolls along the way, so I invite you to read this post: How do tolls work in Italy?

Don’t you want to worry about anything?

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Itinerary by car through Abruzzo! The Abruzzo region is home to real gems and can easily be visited by car! If you want to discover a very special region that will impress you, your destination is Abruzzo!

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