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Best attractions in Lombardy

Lombardy is a territory that presents a fusion of nature, art, culture, innovation, technology and fashion. This is thanks to the variations in their landscapes, their routes, their incentives to practice sports and various supports to culture. Lombardy will surely satisfy the expectations of all tourists.

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Best attractions in Lombardy

Each region in Italy is a discovery; Lombardy is no different. Often ignored as a holiday destination in Italy, as it seems like a laborious land around Milan, in fact, the region has a lot to offer to those who visit it. From the splendid mountain scenery to magical lakes, it is the region of the arts and great commercial centers. Here we will get to know the region of Lombardy, and we will prove to you how interesting and beautiful this region is. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Every month I participate in the blog “Brasileiras pelo Mundo” (“Brazilian women around the world”) with a super special post! This month we are going to talk about Lombardy!


The most important and the main city in the Lombardy region is certainly Milan. A junction of several small, equally beautiful and fascinating cities that make the Lombard territory unique and diverse. The fascination and poetry of this region resonate in a simple and effective way in the words written by Manzoni in his work “I promessi sposi (The Betrothed)”: “The sky in Lombardy, it is beautiful when it is beautiful, so splendid, so at peace”. This beauty, these shapes and colors are what we wanted to talk about in this region.

Why visit Lombardy?

If we want to answer the question: Why visit Lombardy? We will answer: Because it is a region rich in art and culture, tourism and traditions, sports and well-being and naturally enogastronomic. Despite its reputation as an industrial region, it has several unique and diverse tourist activities. It is a workers’ region above its time, always ready to innovate, a region that in itself is surprising. Based on this assumption, we will see in more detail what to visit and get to know in the Padana region.

1) Best attractions in Lombardy VISIT MILAN

We start with Milan, the main city in the region and the capital of fashion, where you will certainly find things to spend time with. It is the beating heart of Lombardy. Milan, a cosmopolitan metropolis with the towers of its Duomo at the top, the smiling Madonnina on this land that is rich in natural, artistic and cultural beauties, as well as a crossroads between the Germanic and Mediterranean civilization. If you like to travel to see amazing places and shop, then be sure to check out a Tour at Shopping Outlet Franciacorta here! Click here to learn more!

Its Attractions

Then there is the Scalla Theater, the Sforzesco Castle, and the Vittorio Emanuele III Gallery. An arch covered with phenomenal structures of iron and glass, where you can find the best shops, restaurants and other peculiar places, in which the eyes are lost with such beauty. Among the things to visit in Lombardy, you cannot miss the breathtaking scenery surrounded by the lakes of the noble villages, parks and charming villages. At the exit of this main region, you can relax on the shores of Lake Como. Landscapes that were chosen by many nobles when building their Villas. Milan also offers other tours, such as the Bernina Express Tour, how about taking a romantic train ride to Switzerland in just one day! Click here to learn more!

2) Best attractions in Lombardy – LAKE COMO

Villa d’Este is considered one of the most beautiful architectures in the world. To complement this place, we have Lake Como, with its undoubted beauty and landscape. This old village was originally built to be the holiday residence of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio. In 1873, it was transformed into a luxury hotel. Until today, it retains its original structure and all the fascination of the time. In its lounges, one can admire fascinating works of art, some of them from the French school. The visit to Lake Como is perfect all year round; in summer, it is a cool place to escape the heat of the city and the chaos of the beaches, while in winter, snow falls near the lake shore, to present us with a scenery unique in the world.

Its Attractions

The region is spectacular and the use of it is incredible. So are the imposing landscapes of the countless landscapes in the characteristic Villages. You cannot miss going to Villa d’Este, Villa Erba and Villa Pizzo. How about a romantic sailing and sunset experience on Lake Como? Click here to learn more!

3) Best attractions in Lombardy – MANTUA

Many cities in Lombardy are worth a visit, but among them, Mantova is the guardian of an intriguing and mysterious past. The medieval village appears in the reflection of the lake with the shape of a heart. For this reason, it is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Its Attractions

Mantova is surrounded by mountains that look like walls that seem to protect beauty and its unparalleled treasures. First, visit the Gonzaga Palace, a family that has conquered the city’s splendor. It takes a long time to visit the Doge’s Palace, because it has 500 rooms. However, the main rooms give the notion of the magnificence of this work. Another symbol of the city that you cannot miss is the Te Palace, where you can find the unmissable Sala di Amore e Psiche (“Room of Amore and Psiche”) and the Sala dei giganti (“Room of the giants”).

4) Best attractions in Lombardy – MOUNT ISOLA

Another place worth visiting is Mount Isola. The name of this place already brings us interesting thoughts. In fact, a mountain appearing in the middle of the lake. It is nothing less than an island in the center of Lake Iseo, surrounded by hills and landscapes uncontaminated by the hands of man.

Its Attractions

The trip to the island is made by a ferry that leaves from Sulzano and Sale Marasino. With a stroll in island, you can forget the chaos and bustle of the city, as the use of cars is not allowed, only motorcycles and bicycles. Fortunately, most of the island is not contaminated by the hands of humans, and can be considered a spectacular sanctuary.

5) Best attractions in Lombardy – LOVERE

A beautiful village in Lombardy is Lovere, a small center that rises at the top of a hill. Here, it appears a spectacular castle, which for centuries has supervised the city and presents the wonderful view of Lake Iseo. Surrounded by walls, it offers fascinating panoramic views.

Its Attractions

This small medieval village is only two hours from Milan, but when seen within its walls, they seem to be light-years away from the chaos and hectic pace of the big city. A dream village, mirrored by the blue lake, which in the summer is full of water sports practitioners.

6) Best attractions in Lombardy – FRANCIACORTA HILLS

To complete this brief picture, we have the hills of Franciacorta, famous for its vineyards and plains of Lomellina. Lovers of good wine cannot miss the opportunity to visit the region of Franciacorta. The wines are produced in the characteristic farms of the region.

Its Attractions

This region is full of tourists who enter the canteens to taste great wine, accompanied by appetizing traditional dishes. Franciacorta also has opportunities for those who like to spend their time outdoors. Excursions for all tastes such as walks in the woods, on mountain biking, on horseback, on foot, where it is possible to visit places with a rich history such as several castles and the Rodengo Saino Abbey.

Others places to  Know

Map with the best attractions in Lombard

Best attractions in Lombardy
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How to get to Lombardy Region?

1) How to get to Lombardy? BY AIRPLANE

The airport system in Lombardy consists of four airports. Those of Milan, Malpensa and Linate, the one of Bergamo, Orio al Serio and that of Brescia, Montichiari. Therefore, arriving in Lombardy is very simple.

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2) How to get to Lombardy? BY TRAIN

The transport possibilities are numerous and varied, in addition to providing many possibilities on how to get there. The railway system is capable of covering the entire territory, working with no problems, also connecting the places far from each other. Also find out “What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Would you like to save? So buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

3) How to get to Lombardy? BY CAR

Lombardy is easily accessible by car, motorbike or trailer, as it has an important road network. Most part of people interested in the region come from all parts of Italy, linked to the East with Veneto, to the South with Emilia Romagna and to the North with Switzerland.

Traveling by car in Italy

How about if I give you a rental car option? Are you ready for it? If you are renting a car be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy on the blog Your Travel to Italy. In addition to car itinerary tips, we have everything about signage, tolls, roads and many more tips.

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Best attractions in Lombardy? Lombardy is a territory that presents a fusion of nature, art, culture, innovation, technology and fashion. Thanks to the variations in its landscapes, its routes, its incentives to practice sports and various supports to culture, Lombardy will satisfy the expectations of all tourists. Lombardy will enchant you with its many faces! Stay tuned to our Blog, we will write posts about the main tourist cities in Lombardy, sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of new posts!

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