Let’s travel to the most amazing country on Earth!

Let´s do a photoshoot in Venice!

Getting to know the city of your dreams or following that itinerary full of amazing places is a unique experience, a feeling of fulfillment, discovery... How about keeping this unique moment? Get to know Venice’s best photo shoot!

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Let´s do a photoshoot in Venice?

Because it is a remarkable experience in the life of anyone, both those who travel alone, as well as couples, families, or even friends who travel together, it deserves to be kept forever, not only in memory, but also in an album or in pictures all over the house. Let´s do a photoshoot in Venice? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


For all the reasons mentioned above, I recommend to you a photo shoot during your trip, mainly international, which has become almost a mandatory item of the itinerary. It is increasingly common for people to hire a photographer in each city they pass through or at least in the main destination, the one of your dreams.

Types of Photo Shooting

There are a lot of types: family, romantic, pre Wedding, honeymoon/Trash the dress, pregnant, proposal, renewal of vows and even “elopement Wedding”, which is when the couple “runs away” to marry, that is, makes a very intimate ceremony in a place chosen by the couple, as for example in a gondola in Venice with violinist on board.

They are unique memories, made with great care and affection by those who understand the subject. The photographer knows the best places, the best light and the most suitable time for the photos to be perfect. In addition, the look, sensitivity and talent of a professional photographer makes it possible to capture all the emotion of the moment.

The Photographer

Ana Laura Carciofi, a Brazilian photographer in Italy, is one of those professionals who works for tourists from all over the world. Photographing in Venice, she knows the city and its charming “alleys” like no other and also moves to other cities of Italy, as Rome, Milan and Verona.

Ana Laura’s lifestory

Born in São Paulo, she moved to Italy in 2017. Majored in communication, she has worked as a photographer since 2013, when she began photographing children and families. Since she arrived in the country of the boot she has been working in an Italian photographic studio and she also photographs Italian weddings and baptisms. But it’s her work the beautiful Italian places that make her eyes shine: ” “I love photographing in these incredibly beautiful places that only Italy has got. ”

The photographer tells us that the demand for photo shoots is growing. Her clientes are families who want to keep beautiful pictures of their children while growing up, couples celebrating their wedding anniversary and renewing vows, or surprise wedding proposals in exclusive locations.

The Packages

The most requested are 1 or 2 hours of photo shooting, in which the photographer and the clients walk around the city and take pictures. On the same day of the photo shooting she already sends some previews for clients to kill their curiosity and post on social networks.

The most popular places in Venice are St.Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge, gondola and the charming little points of the city, as well as other almost secret places that Ana Laura often suggests. In Rome customers usually choose the Colosseum, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain.

The Weather in Italy

Some people are in doubt about hiring a photographer when travelling during cold or rainy periods. In fact, the photographer is used to the climatic conditions of the place and will organize the photo shooting thinking about it. In cold times the photographer helps the clients to choose something warm to wear and that helps in the final results of the photos, as charming hats and gloves, giving tips also on the ideal colors and combinations. And don’t worry if it’s not sunny on the day of your photos, as the result when the weather is cloudy is even better. Check our weather section!

Besides that, it is important to consider that throughout the year the time of sunrise and sunset changes a lot. In summer, for example, the sun sets at 9 pm and in winter at 4 pm. This is an important factor to consider when choosing when to start the photo session.

The Seasons of the Year

As for the season, the photographers usually prefer spring and autumn, with its flowers and colored leaves that make the photos even more special. In summer the light lively dresses are very popular in the photos. In winter the charm of the heavy and fancy clothes give a cinematic touch to the photos.


When returning to your hometown, the moment to see the photos becomes special, that beautiful momento to show all your lovely pictures to all your family, while having a good Italian wine and telling them about the adventures you have lived. After all the good moments it is nice to able to see your pictures whenever you feel like it, reliving and getting emotional again, as if the trip has never ended. Are you going to stay in Venice? Then click here and see our Venice neighbourhood advice for a quiet stay! To get more info about the conditions/prices, delivery time and number of photos, click on the link below.

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