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The most beautiful villages in Tuscany

Choosing the most beautiful villages in Tuscany is a hard challenge, but we have put together some of them in a very special little list, and today we bring you the most beautiful villages in the Tuscan region.

Pitigliano by Luzianacelli
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The most beautiful villages in Tuscany

Italy is full of fantastic villages! Known as burgos, each Italian region presents us with truly splendid villages, full of magic, beauty and impressive panoramas. Today we will discover the most beautiful villages in one of the most beloved Italian regions in the world, Tuscany.  Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Today I bring you the list of the most beautiful villages in the Tuscan region. It is very complicated to choose the most beautiful one and, therefore, there is an Association in Italy that ‘does the hard work’ for us: it’s Borghi Più Belli dell’Italia (“Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”). They are responsible for visiting, getting to know and including – or not – the most beautiful villages in Italy on their exclusive list. They analyze several cities, in different regions and, later, divulge the result that is always very expected, but never surprises us, because the locations are, in fact, fantastic. The list is permanent (there may or may not be changes), so it is not difficult to get organized to visit fantastic places. Let’s go to the list? Read also: The 10 best wineries in Tuscany! NOTE: the list follows alphabetical order, and not from ‘most beautiful’ to ‘not so beautiful’, ok ?!

1) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: ANGHIARI

Anghiari is a charming village located in Valtiberina, in the province of Arezzo. The time there seems to have stopped and the place is of a surreal beauty! Surrounded by walls from the 13th century, it has a medieval center of great charm and became very famous for the Battle of 1440.

Source: VidTMArchive

2) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: BARGA

Arringo’s cypress trees in the valley of poetry” – that’s how they define this city full of simplicity, but with an impressive natural elegance. With a historic center that deserves to be highlighted, it is one of the lesser known villages and has a charming history.

(Borghi Magazine – Official)

3) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: BUONCONVENTO

Also little known, it is a village full of beauties. The color of clays dominates the city under a sky that never seems to end. A place of beauty, history and culture that, together with cypress trees and its charming roads, reveals itself as a true Tuscan jewel.


4) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: CAPALBIO

Capalbio, also called little Athens, is the southernmost city in Tuscany and sits on a hill in front of the “Il Tombolo” of Burano. Surrounded by an abundant nature, it presents itself in a discreet, beautiful and full of truly magical places. Its historic center deserves to be highlighted.

(Source: Walkwave Italy)

5) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: CASTELFRANCO PIANDISCÒ

The built part of this Florentine land is at the origin of the walled village of Castelfranco. With a ‘drawing’ that looks like a chessboard, the city mixes with this landscape a wild nature, pure and almost untouched by the hands of Man: worthy of being a backdrop for any and every story you can imagine.

(Source: SuperMTDM)

6) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: CASTIGLIONE DI GARFAGNANA

One of the most charming villages! Here, nature resists alive and kicking, and contrasts in a unique way with the medieval buildings that surround the city. “Lost” in the middle of the forest, Castiglione invites us to forget about big cities and choose the silence and the purity of what is most sacred: pure air, calm and unique beauty.

(Borghi Magazine – Official)

7) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: CETONA

Among vineyards and cypress trees, we find this pure, elegant beauty with an almost indescribable charm. In Cetona, the remnants of ancient civilization merge with nature in a delicate way: “a mountain that is like the sea and that you can spend hours looking at”, this is how the residents define the small town.

(Source: Can I cat)

8) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: COREGLIA ANTELMINELLI

Impossible to talk about beauty and not to mention Coreglia! The city appears in the ‘middle of nowhere’ and is almost imposing, but without any pretensions. Surrounded by chestnut trees that rise from the streams, it was a town much loved by artists such as painters, poets, philosophers and many others, all attracted by the priceless panorama of the Apuan Alps and the Apennine mountains. Magic!

(Source: Alessandro Torselli)

9) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: GIGLIO CASTELLO

With centuries of history, the city continues to be wonderfully changeable, but without losing its unique essence! The granite on the walls of Giglio Castle tells us many stories, many events and makes us travel back in time, without leaving the place. The breeze and the ‘smell’ of nature are impressive, poetic and, believe me, unforgettable.

(Source: MAREMMA)

10) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: LORO CIUFFENA

The city was born little by little, unhurried, full of beauty. In the beginning, it was the Etruscan doe that ran in the Pratomagno forest; soon after, the medieval bridge, the mill in the historic center, the houses and, of course, nature, came. Nature here also deserves special mention: it presents oak, chestnut and mountain pine forests, not to mention wild mushrooms and herbs, which perfume the city in a way that seems to have been ordered.


11) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: LUCIGNANO

The name Lucignano derives from a Roman fort founded by consul Licínio; there, the numerous archaeological finds suggest that the city, at the time of the Etruscans, was densely populated and, to this day, the city tells us delightful stories about everything that has already happened there.

(Source: Harry Mateman)

 12) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: MONTAIONE

Montaione, considered the destination for green tourism in Tuscany, since 300 days a year the sun shines brightly. Located between Valdelsa and Volterrano, the village is surrounded by hills of oak and chestnut trees, vineyards and olive trees, clayey slopes full of cypress trees, and beauty, lots of beauty!

(Fonte: Places to see in)

13) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: MONTEFIORALLE

The sentry of the Val di Greve. With a beauty to leave anyone jaw-dropping, it unites history, beauty and nature, like all the other villages presented here. It is one of the most visited cities by the Tuscan people themselves, and enchants anyone who approaches this place, almost enchanted.

(Source: Pietro Pecco)

14) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: MONTEMERANO

This small medieval town – built on Etruscan lands – is in the heart of Maremma and preserves all the tradition of its most distant times. Its historic center is surrounded by three walls, at the top of a garden inhabited by olive and cypress trees. When we find ourselves facing a panorama that extends from Mount Amiata to Argentario, and from the Albegna valley to the Tyrrhenian Sea, admiring a sunset from here is almost mandatory.

(Source: Borghi Magazine – Official)

15) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: PALAZZUOLO SUL SENIO

On the border with Emilia Romagna, this is a place to rediscover the calm of life and contact with nature. Of a unique beauty, the village presents itself discreetly, with its breeze that caresses our face and soul in a very special way.

(Source: SuperMTDM)

16) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: PITIGLIANO

One of the most famous villages in Tuscany is also one of the most beautiful. Little Tuscan Jerusalem is shown in a simple, discreet, rustic and very beautiful way! Here, over the centuries, men preferred to dig rather than build, and thanks to the ease of working with volcanic rock, a “tuff civilization” was born, which left its mark on this very special land.

(Source: Prowalk Tours)

17) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: POPPI

Poppi is in Tuscany (you can read “Pupium agri Clusentini caput” in Vasari’s fresco, in the Vecchio Palace, in Florence), but it is a different Tuscany: it is a Tuscany from Casentino, land of Romanesque castles and churches, from Dante’s favorite places and the terracotta of Della Robbia, where the mark of the Middle Ages is even stronger. It impresses by beauty, culture, history and magic; this village is practically a poem for our senses.

(Source: VidTMArchive)

18) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: POPULONIA

And the Etruscans ‘discover’ the sea! In a privileged position, the beauty of this place is almost indescribable. The time here seems to be in no hurry and almost, almost, takes us by the hand so that we can stop and admire all that life has to offer us! With unbelievable history, beauty, culture and panoramas, the city is one of the most beautiful in all of Italy.

(Source: Pietro Pecco)

19) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: PORTO ERCOLE

One of the most beautiful seaside towns in Tuscany, Porto Ercole is full of beauty and discretion, but it is an incredible discretion, which gradually presents itself before our eyes. From here, rest assured, that you will see a sunset that, without a doubt, you will consider one of the most beautiful of your entire life.

(Source: Borghi Magazine – Official)

20) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: RAGGIOLO

In winter, it impresses; in summer, it enchants! It is a spot-on destination for those who want to get to know authentic Tuscany, full of charm, flavor, beauty and aromas! With a unique landscape, it offers itself to visitors splendidly! It’s the kind of place that, when we leave it behind, keeps a piece of our heart and soul! Raggiolo is in a place that dominates the valley of the Teggina stream, next to the Casentino of Pratomagno.

(Source: TSD Tv Arezzo)

21) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: SAN CASCIANO DEI BAGNI

About the city, Veronica Ferreti wrote: “the gaze without limits on the smooth slopes, one has the sensation of hovering over a green and blue sea, in an infinitely serene place where nature shows itself with the sea, always changing the seasons and always with new colors ”. It almost needs no introduction, as it proves and proves, with its impressive panoramas, what Tuscany is made of: nature, beauty and charm, lots of charm!

(Source: Borghi d’Italia)

22) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: SANTA FIORA

Santa Fiora was the capital of the former County of the area. It was under the domain of the Aldobrandeschi family and then the power of the Sforza and Sforza Cesarini families. It was an autonomous state from the 9th century to the 17th century; after that period it was offered to the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, but remained autonomous until the reforms of Pietro Leopoldo (in the late 1700s). To say that the city is beautiful is redundant, that it is surrounded by nature, too, and to say that you will fall in love with it, it is almost to say that 2 x 2 results 4!

(Fonte: PiccolaGrandeItalia.Tv)

23) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: SCARPERIA

A city with a soul! So we can define this incredible city! Surrounded by nature, it presents itself in an imposing, beautiful, magical way. With an impressive nature, the city draws attention for all its flora, culture, buildings and, of course, all its unique charm.

(Source: Borghi Magazine – Official)

24) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: SOVANA

The city of the tuff par excellence, Sovana is incredible! Carved in the tuff and immersed in the lush vegetation of this strip of Maremma, Sovana presents its houses with beautiful architecture, nature and details that delight even the most demanding tourist!

(Source: Claudio Mortini)

25) The most beautiful villages in Tuscany: SUVERETO

As night falls, this place seems to be dyed golden with the sunset that seems to be drawn by hand. Suvereto houses have facades that attract our eyes like magnets. Agricultural fields can be seen from afar and enchant us. You can see the vineyards, the olive groves and more, much more: it is a splendid sight and the big picture is worth a visit.

(Fonte: Borghi d’Italia)

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The most beautiful villages in Tuscany? Tuscany is one of the most incredible regions in Italy: beautiful, charming, full of history, culture, architecture, and undoubtedly worth a visit. A golden tip: include one of the villages listed in this post when you visit Tuscany; be absolutely sure that, whatever your chosen village, you will not regret it!

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