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Traveling by motorcycle in Italy?

A great option for those who like adventure is riding around Italy on a motorcycle. Today we are going to talk a little about this topic, giving lots of tips and information for you to rent a motorbike and make that dream of tour in Italy come true!

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Traveling by motorcycle in Italy?

This Post is for sure for motorcycle lovers, and there is no way: it is the best means of transport in the world! And there are even those who prefer to travel by motorcycle for various reasons. Today we will learn more about how to rent a motorcycle in Italy and get to know the country in the shape of a boot with: MOTORBIKE !!!! Let’s go to our Post of the day: Traveling by motorcycle in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Traveling by motorcycle in Italy is becoming more and more common and is one of the means of transport most chosen by tourists, mainly for its convenience, vehicle size (much easier to park) and its economy. First of all, always remember: respect the traffic rules, use appropriate equipment and take your IDP (learn more about IDP in Italy by clicking here!) Or your Driver’s License with certified translation. Most car rental companies (cars and / or motorcycles) require the motorcycle license. Also important: if you are going to drink, don’t drive, O.K.?!

Important to Know

  • For those who are going to drive a motorcycle in Italy, authorization for the motorcycle category must be requested at the time of requesting the IDP. Authorization for those traveling in Italy on two wheels is also mandatory.
  • Some cities, especially small medieval villages, do not support large vehicles and, therefore, do not allow circulation (learn more about the ZTL by clicking here!), In large cities, some areas restrict the circulation of vehicles, including motorcycles, so , pay attention to these areas, OK ?! In Venice, even bicycles are prohibited, the business there is walking!
  • The bikes available range from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Usually the rental company offers only the basic equipment, which includes the driver’s helmet and snow chains, however, other equipment such as windbreaker, raincoat and special clothes you will have to take from home, especially if you are going to some cold place, obviously.

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Some regions / cities seem to have been designed to be known by motorcycles in Italy! Now are we going to meet some of them? Know now the regions and cities that I advise you to visit by motorcycle!

1) Traveling by motorcycle in Italy? IN UMBRIA

A perfect region to visit on a motorcycle is Umbria! The region is ideal for your trip on two wheels. Immersed in nature, the region offers charming roads. It is a predominantly mountainous region and, like Tuscany, it is a beauty that impresses!

Our Tour…

You start the tour from Perugia, to Città di Castello, passing by Passo Bocca Serriola. In this area is a stretch already known by local motorcyclists: the curves and the asphalt of Casacastalda. Inside, you will find a rich artistic and cultural heritage, such as, for example, the monuments of Gubbio. Another interesting itinerary goes from the medieval village of Deruta to the ancient towers of the castle of Magione, circling Lake Trasimeno. Here, in addition to the beautiful lake, you can see the land cultivated with vineyards and olive groves: wonderful!

Gold Tip

  • A highly recommended location here is the Autodromo dell’Umbria (Umbria Racing Circuit), in Magione, not far from Perugia. This is the ideal place for those who like to have fun with their motorcycle, in complete safety. For more information and reservation, access the official website by clicking here!

2) Traveling by motorcycle in Italy? IN SARDINIA

Sardinia also offers great roads for lovers of two wheels, mainly in the North of the Island. With the sea that often serves as a frame for the gray of the asphalt, you will have the chance to visit incredible places! The idea is worth considering, especially during the summer.

Our Tour…

Among the many itineraries, one of the best is the path that leads to the discovery of Palau and, from there, to the island of La Maddalena, where you pass through the National Park of the eponymous Archipelago and arrive at Caprera. If you prefer, go with the bike to visit Santa Teresa Gallura and Capo Testa. It is also worth going to Porto Cervo and then going to more isolated places like the small village of Aggius, in the countryside. To return to the coast: go along the Costa Rossa and choose a hidden beach for a rest.

3) Traveling by motorcycle in Italy? IN TUSCANY

Not far from the Tyrrhenian Sea we have another great idea: Pisa, to the north, and Volterra, to the south. There you will find the hills of Pisa in magical Tuscany. In fact, one of the most incredible regions to visit on a motorcycle is undoubtedly Tuscany. With its small and charming towns, in addition to its wonderful Wine Route, Tuscany seems to offer us a veiled invitation for us to pass through its cinematic roads. Through the Wine Route of the hills you can go through Valdera and Valdarno.

4) Traveling by motorcycle in Italy? IN ROME

If you leave Rome northwards, through Santa Severa you can reach Aurelia. From here, head to the incredible Tolfa. The changing in the landscape is visible and beautiful! It is worth remembering that, here, the asphalt conditions are not the best in Italy, so take it easy, but this seems to be “on purpose”, as the panorama offered is fantastic! The road improves in the last kilometers, just before reaching the 18th century city where the centaurs of the region used to meet. From Tolfa, continue your journey down to Lake Bracciano, through a curvy path that is very fun, especially for lovers of sports driving. The cities are very close to each other and it is easy to explore the area.

5) Traveling by motorcycle in Italy? IN MUGELLO AND RIVIERA DE RIMINI

And how to talk about a motorcycle without talking about two Italian jewels, queens of the bikers on duty: Mugello and the Riviera of Rimini?

Mugello Circuit

Let’s start with the Italian den of speed on two wheels, Mugello. The racing circuit is fantastic! It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, famous and known in the world. To visit it, however, you need to contact its management via email to check availability, or go to the annual race on the MotoGP calendar, which usually takes place on the first weekend of June.

Misano Marco Simoncelli Racing Circuit

Another gem for motorcycle lovers is the Misano Marco Simoncelli Racing Circuit, on the Riviera of Rimini, in San Marino. Whether because of a “certain” Valentino Rossi (hahaha), or because of the magic that this piece of land means for lovers of two wheels, it is one of the most celebrated racing circuits in the world! To visit it, it is also necessary to contact the administration via e-mail, or go to the grand prize, which usually takes place on the second weekend of September.

6) Traveling by motorcycle in Italy? ON THE AMALFI COAST AND CINQUE TERRE

Other places worth visiting by motorcycle are the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre. With its cities very close to each other, the paths are smooth and the motorcycle gives you great agility to visit several of them on the same day. On the Amalfi Coast, especially during the summer, watch out for narrow roads and sharp curves, O.K.?! Be patient, because traffic there, in high season, is inevitable.

Important to Know

  • Guys, it is evident that there are countless itineraries to do by motorcycle and one more beautiful than the other. To facilitate your trip with luggage, choose a base city and take a backpack when traveling, it is easier and more comfortable.


Traveling by motorcycle in Italy? If you want to get to know Italy differently, safely and comfortably, consider renting a motorcycle! You will love it! And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier:)

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