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Let’s find out about Tuscan enogastronomy?

Among the reasons why many tourists choose to visit Tuscany is certainly also for the great food culture. Today we are going to talk about the wines and food of this region that attracts us more and more!

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Let’s find out about Tuscan enogastronomy?

A territory seen not only for its history and monuments, but also and especially through its traditions and flavors. Among the reasons why many tourists choose to visit Tuscany is certainly for its great food culture. Tuscany produces world-renowned wines, masters of gastronomy, they harmonize drinks and food in a magical way, not to mention the impressive landscapes that this blessed land presents us with! Let’s find about Tuscan enogastronomy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Today tourist movements are often determined by researching the characteristic and authentic aspects of the vacation spot, and in this sense, typical foods and products represent an effective identity for a territory. Wine tourism, in fact, is increasingly characterized by the discovery of the place of production and not just by purchasing the product. Also read Wine routes in Tuscany? and Wine route in Val d’Orcia?

It signalizes the importance of the link between a food or drink, with the history and geography of its own territory. In addition to the easily identifiable benefits, you have to consider aspects such as the preservation of local customs, traditions, the restoration of land and the consequent protection of rural landscapes, which constitute the formation of the identity of this place, which are essential for strengthening it. Also read Castles to stay in Italy?

Leader in Food, Wine and Landscapes

To make Tuscany the leader in terms of food and wine, tourism contributes significantly with the combination of unique flavors and beautiful scenery. Having the opportunity to eat in a nice country house overlooking the Chianti hills or an elegant restaurant on the Versilia sea is an aspect, not only very relevant, but also very appreciated by the gourmet tourist, and I would add it as something that makes the difference in choosing one place over any other. Read also What are the best culinary schools in Italy?


  • The term “Enogastronomic” (you can also find it written as “enogastronomy”) means “gastronomy and wine tourism”. Essentially, it is an Italian word, and it is also a “new” word and not very common “YET”! Find out our section on food in Italy by clicking here!

1) Let’s find out about Tuscan enogastronomy? FIND OUT THE EXCELLENCE OF FOREIGN CUISINE

Tuscany has a wealth of exceptional quality and quantity of food and wine. In this region, there is excellence in foreign cuisine, from pecorino cheese, San Gimignano saffron, Siena – gingerbread, Prato biscuits and, especially, its excellent wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, Nobile di Montepulciano and Carmignano, only the names are capable of making your mouth water. You just have to find out these “pregevolezze”, in a land that has made enogastronomy a true symbol of hospitality. In fact, the food and wine in these places mean quality, identity of the territory and experienced hands from which unique flavors in the world are obtained.

Simple and Natural Ingredients

In addition, Tuscan cuisine is based precisely on simple and natural ingredients, made from simple dishes, which were once prepared with the few things that were available. We are faced with simple cuisine, in some dishes a little rustic, but refined and genuine like the civilization of the region. It is a cuisine that is characterized by the simplicity of preparation, the absence of residues, the authenticity and the seasonality of the ingredients, all local. Tuscany is home to simple taste and flavors, olive oil, wines, truffles and cheeses are some of the prestigious protagonists of these tables.

2) Let’s find out about Tuscan enogastronomy? FIND OUT THE MOST FAMOUS PRODUCTS

The most famous are the wild boar ham and sausage, salted pork, buristo, based on the head and skin boiled and pressed to the pork, pecorino cheese and Siena ridges, dry and intense, Pienza cheese, soft, because is covered in oil, the Marzolino of sheep from Chianti, the sweetest and most fragrant aromatic lard, the Cinta Senese, the finocchiona, pork sausage seasoned with fennel and wine, the white truffle from the Tiber Valley and San Miniato, Migliarino pine nuts, blackberry zucchini, Zeri lamb, Pratomagno zolfini beans, the Valdarno rooster, the Chianina cow, Garfagnana porcini, the pattona (sweet polenta with brown flour) and the supply of a wide range of quality oils , with strong characteristics of different flavors and smells, depending on whether it is Colli Senesi, Pisan Hills, Arezzo Hills, Lucca oil or Lunigiana. CHIANTI TIPS CLICK HERE!

The Florentine Steak

If we try to tour the wine cellar and restaurants of Tuscan art cities, here’s what you absolutely must try! If we are in Florence, the first ideal course that is associated with that city is definitely the Florentine steak, a 5-6 cm thick steak and bicarbonate in the blood that makes it famous around the world.

Shall we get to know Tuscan enogastronomy?
The Florentine Steak


If you are in a hurry you have to try the street food of nominal excellence Florentina, the lamprey, an institution for Florence that is served on a giant sandwich. The must-see culinary list can never end, I definitely recommend: the chicken liver crostini, to soften your appetite, the Florentine ribollita, to warm up the cold winter days, and finally the Florentine peposo. TIPS OF SAN GIMIGNIANO?

Livornese Fish Soup

If we move to Livorno, for example, they changed the recipes, offer costumes or the simple as they are, all having a special ingredient: fresh fish. And the dish it represents, the maritime city, is the famous Livornese fish soup (cacciucco alla livornese). Its preparation still follows the old recipe.

Hills of the Val d’Orcia

But if we are in Siena, in the sense of land, towards the hills of Val d’Orcia, this moment will be a triumph of flavor. When you stop at the restaurants in the old town here is the menu you have to order: an appetizer, made with cheeses, including pecorino cheese, wine, Chianti Classico DOC, as a first dish, pici Siena (pici senesi), as second, the senese strap and as a dessert: panforte, i ricciarelli and i cavallucci. In one meal you have tried the cuisine of the whole area!


Another place to consider is Prato, here it is also full of delicacies to be tasted, but we especially recommend cakes, such as Amaretti di Carmignano, Prato biscuits, Carmignanini (Carmignano raisin biscuits) and Mantovana.

3) Let’s find out about Tuscan enogastronomy? FIND OUT THE WINES

All of these delicacies must be naturally accompanied by a great Tuscan red wine. Tuscan wines made from the leap in the evolution of Italian oenology in great vinification of international quality. Chianti, fruity and velvety tannins, are a careful blend of Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Trebbiano Toscano, valuable are the classic version and Gran Reserva. Brunello de Montalcino, a robust, dry, warm and persistent wine is a blend of 100% Sangiovese. Others that are absolutely excellent, DOCG of absolute excellence, Nobile of Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, straw colored, dry and penetrating. Wine route in Val d’Orcia?

In recent years, Tuscan enogastronomy, in helping the historic provinces in the vocation of wine, with great satisfaction came from Grosseto and Morellino de Scansano and Bianco de Pitigliano. Others with great DOC excellence are Candia from the Apuan Mountains, Montecucco and Montescudaio.

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Let’s find out about Tuscan enogastronomy?Tuscany is a land of mountains, hills, forests, the sea, islands, parks, protected areas, but also wineries, mills, castles, churches, history and traditions to find out and appreciate. And it is in this unique landscape, which involves Tuscan wine, oil and flavors routes. A place to find top quality food production. Tuscan cuisine is full of unique dishes, from appetizers to desserts to glasses of wine, there is plenty of choice, you just have to have the desire to find out new ways and have a good appetite.

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