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What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

Veneto region is very special, no doubt! Here at Your Travel to Italy we will present you in almost all its details. Stay with us and enjoy this fantastic region.

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What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

Veneto and its seven provinces will know how to enchant you from the first moment of your stay in this region. It does not matter if you have organized a trip in one of the cities of Veneto or if you are thinking of vacationing at sea or mountain. Few other Italian regions will be able to offer a range of activities as varied as Veneto. But what are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

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It is one of the regions with a wide variety of impressive attractions, romantic squares and wonderful destinations to offer visitors, from the city of the Venice lagoon to Padua, Verona and the very long sandy beaches to the mountains indented by the Dolomites. Large areas for skiing, beautiful itineraries for excursions, extensive vineyards and fertile hills, paradisiacal lagoons, lively beaches, cities and squares of remarkable historical importance, this is what awaits you in the seven provinces of Veneto. Take time to discover the beauty of this fascinating region. Veneto has countless natural and artistic attractions with some “excellencies” absolutely not to be missed. Here on our blog I will present the 10 locations in Veneto that are not to be missed.

1) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that you should visit? VENICE

The first stage of an ideal route to get to know this region could be Venice. With its lagoon, its islands and the Grand Canal, with its wonderful and richly decorated old buildings that resemble the splendor of the ancient Maritime Republic. SEE OUR TIPS ON VENICE. Venice is a city without equal in the world, beautiful also in winter with that nostalgic and dreamy aura. A city entirely built on water with a not-so-far-away glorious past can only attract hordes of tourists. Romantic, melancholy, carnival and aristocratic, Venice is all that. I believe that in the world there is no similar city with so much art and beauty.

Attractions in Venice

Unlike other cities, there is no historic center and it is divided into six districts, each of which has a particular character. It is the dream of many travelers to go at least once in their life to this city with a mysterious and romantic atmosphere. This city is rich in monuments and art, the incredible St Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Basilica, the innumerable little streets full of shops and artisan workshops, the ornate churches of canvases, sculptures and frescoes from each season, museums and hidden squares, the famous “campi” and “campielli”. Each place you see has a history and a lot of fascination.

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

2) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? VERONA

In addition to Venice, another beautiful and romantic city is Verona. Although the center is not among the largest ones, it is literally full of small and large jewels. TIPS ON VERONA?

Attractions in Verona

From little churches to bridges, passing from the charming Roman arena to the home of Italy’s most famous enamored, Juliet, every angle of this city will present you with an emotion and a memory to keep. Start at Brá Square, get ready for a healthy walk, and set out to discover one of the most fascinating cities on the entire peninsula. Also read How to get to Verona from Venice?

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

3) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? PADUA

Certainly, Padua deserves a visit, a city rich in works of art and home to a prestigious university center. TIPS ON PADUA ?

Attractions in Padua

Padua, the city of culture par excellence, offers visitors many attractions, from St. Anthony’s Basilica, a privileged goal of religious tourism, to the magnificent Scrovegni Chapel (or Arena Chapel), entirely frescoed by Giotto, a timeless work of art. The 1545 Botanical Garden, rich in medicinal plants, is also a World Heritage Site.

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?
Padua – Basílica di Sant’Antonio

4) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? VICENZA

How to forget Vicenza, the city of Palladio and the city of gold, due to its ancient goldsmith tradition. TIPS ON VICENZA.

Attractions in Vicenza

A small historic center, but rich in great architectural works, ranging from the Palladian Basilica to the spectacular Olympic Theater. All of this surrounded by splendid Palladian villages. Built in the 1500s, under the commission of the families of the local upper bourgeoisie, these buildings are a real spectacle.

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

5) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? DOLOMITES

Although there are many who think that the Dolomites are a prerogative of Trentino, it is good to repeat that much of this mountain range is located in the Veneto region. TIPS ON DOLOMITES?

Attractions in the Dolomites

The Dolomites preserve some of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. They offer fabulous scenery in any season, as well as many outdoor sports activities, in small villages that seem to belong to a distant past, picturesque lakes with a thousand reflections and a location known internationally.

In particular, the Ampezzana section (where Cortina is perhaps the most well-known location) is located entirely in this region and represents a scenic spectacle for all skiers and for those who love panoramas and breathtaking views. Cortina d’Ampezzo’s centuries-old fame is mainly due to the unique and seductive fascination of its snowy mountains and magnificent ski slopes, among the most challenging in the Dolomites.

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

6) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? TREVISO

Treviso, also called Travisium, walled city and “urbs picta” (painted city), animated by canals of the River Sile and the characteristic roads with barbican. TIPS ON TREVISO?

Attractions in Treviso

Piazza dei Signore  (Signore Square), the heart of the historic center, is the square for coffees and meetings. Many define it a “city of water” due to the canals that cross it. Almost all the streets around are framed by elegant buildings, still retain fragments of paintings and frescoes in the Gothic style. That is why the name Treviso, “urbs picta” (painted city). You cannot miss the 12th century Cathedral, a precious work done by Tiziano and Pordenone (Tiziano’s great rival) and Piazza dei Signori (“Lords’ Square”). Treviso is an elegant city, rich with neat stores and local products, including the famous red chicory, which can be enjoyed in various preparations and special menus.

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

7) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? BELLUNO

When we arrive in Belluno, the first thing that catches our attention is tranquility and silence, qualities that are currently quite rare. Strolling through the historic center, you discover a city on a human scale, unaffected by the hectic pace of modern life. Tips on Belluno

Attractions in Belluno

A city that has maintained its mountain lifestyle. Unjustly left out of the main tourist itineraries of Veneto, the gate of the Dolomites, offers everything that you can expect from an alpine city: an old historic center, panoramic views, a mountain amphitheater and most importantly, it is the only Italian city whose territory is part of a national park.

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

8) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? MONTAGNANA

In all Veneto territory there are beautiful places to see, like the really interesting medieval villages, among them, the village of Montagnana, in the province of Padua, must be visited. TIPS ON MONTAGNANA?

Attractions in Montagna

Along the entire wall of the fortress you can admire beautiful merlons of the guelfo type. The Carraresi, lords of Padua from the mid-1300s, increased and reinforced the city walls. One of the characteristic features of the village is the Castle of Saint Zeno, used until the First World War. The fortified walls are very famous, and even today they are kept in excellent condition. The inner city was developed, following a Renaissance type installation and in the small town there are plenty of wide and luminous avenues.

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

9) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? ASOLO

Even the smallest cities are rich in history and culture, an example of which is Asolo, a spectacular medieval village, a little jewel among the hills of the Treviso region, called by the poet Carducci (19th century) “the city of a hundred horizons”, which maintains an unchanged fascination with its small plains, the characteristic roads, the views of surrounding landscapes (the hills of Asolo) and its wide panoramic views. TIPS ON ASOLO?

Attractions in Asolo

In the hills of Asolo, Maser (province of Treviso) emerges Vila Barbaro, one of Andrea Palladio’s masterpieces, designed in 1560 by Daniele Barbaro, Patriarch of Aquilea, and Marco Antonio Barbaro. The village is frescoed by the great Paolo Caliari, called Veronese. Next to the village there is the Museu delle Carrozze (Carriage Museum).

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?

10) What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? ROVIGO

We also visit the smallest of the masterpieces in the province of Veneto, which is the city of Rovigo. TIPS ON ROVIGO?

Attractions in Rovigo

However, there are numerous attractions that Rovigo offers to its visitors, derived mainly from the dominations, firstly of Este and then Venice, that presented to the city a great number of monuments at the disposal of the so many visitors that every year decide to visit the capital of Veneto . Even if the “cold” numbers cannot compete with other cities in Veneto (especially Venice, Verona and Padua), they will find out that Rovigo, even though small, is capable of offering a wonderful experience.

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?
Rovigo (Source www.italiancook.ca)

Map with 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit

What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit?
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Curiosities about the Veneto Region…

Curiosities that few know about the Veneto Region. If you like to know everything about the place you are going to visit then don’t miss some curiosities about this incredible region!

Oldest algebra text in the world!

In Veneto, there is the oldest algebra text in the world! Between the borders of the Veneto region, the so-called first mathematics book in the world, called “The Art of Abacus”, was found. In that text there are the principles of algebra and it was discovered in Treviso, in 1478. It is still there today.

Oldest civilization

The Veneto people are older than the Romans: the region’s civilization is much older than the Roman one. In fact, as described in the Iliad, the people of the region fought against the Greek army alongside the Trojans. Rome didn’t even exist at the time.

The football

Football has existed in Veneto since the 15th century: it seems surprising, but football has been practiced in the territory known as Serenissima since the 15th century. And, they say, there was even a championship among royalty members.

Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia

The first woman to graduate from an Italian university: Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia was the first woman to challenge authorities who did not tolerate women attending university and graduating. Elena faced the authorities and, on June 25, 1678, graduated in Philosophy from the University of Padua.

The Venetian Laws

Benjamin Franklin was inspired by the Venetian laws to write the American Constitution: the Constitution and laws in the USA were drafted by Benjamin Franklin during the period when he went to Venice and stayed there for a year; there he was inspired by the ‘rules’ of the city and used many of them to write the North American Constitution.

How to get to the Veneto Region?

Thanks to the numerous links between this region and the rest of Italy and other countries, getting to Veneto is very simple: airplane, train, private car or bus allow you to reach Veneto without any problems.

1) How to get to Veneto? BY AIRPLANE

In addition to the famous Marco Polo airport in Venice, which represents the main international stopover in the region, the list of airports in Veneto comprises Verona Valerio Catullo airport and Treviso airport, often referred to as Venice – Treviso, with many “low cost” companies .

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2) How to get to Veneto? BY TRAIN

Veneto has a very wide railway network, thanks to which it is possible to reach almost any area in the region. The main art cities of Veneto are linked by frequent connections, ideal for pleasant one-day trips, or to organize holidays in more stages.

The list of Veneto railway stations is available on the website of Trenitalia, the main Italian company dedicated to the management of railway transport. Find out here What is the difference between trains in Italy?“. Buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

3) How to get to Veneto? BY CAR

Veneto is well connected with the rest of Italy through a functional road network. It is crossed from west to east by the A4 Torino – Trieste highway. From the north it is possible to reach via the A22 Brennero – Modena highway. From the south always with the A22 Brennero – Modena and, above all, the A13 Bologna – Padua. TRAVELING BY CAR IN ITALY: EXAMPLE OF TOURS

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What are the 10 locations in Veneto that I should visit? Veneto is a region of a thousand faces, guarding treasures of nature, art and traditions and in this spectacular natural frame that contains a rich cultural heritage that makes Veneto a land of particular fascination. I presented what, in my opinion, represents some of his excellencies, the 10 places to visit in Veneto, to get in touch with the diverse souls of this wonderful region.

If you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier.

Did my post help you? If so, be sure to post your comment below, but if you still have questions just send me a message I will answer you as soon as possible!

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