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What are the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021?

Italy, every year, chooses its most beautiful villages and, today, I bring you the list with the five most beautiful chosen in 2021! Shall we find out what they are?

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What are the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021?

Italy has cities for all tastes : large, small, known, unknown, from all possible and imaginable periods, modern cities, ancient cities, but they all have something in common: they are beautiful! And with that in mind, every year Italy chooses its most beautiful villages, in order to value tourism in villages that are not always known to the general public. Today I bring you the list with the top 5 of the 20 most beautiful villages of 2021 . Shall we? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


First, let’s learn more about the Borghi Più Belli D’Italia project (The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy). The project was born in 2001 through the ANCI (Associazione Nacionale Comuni Italiani – ‘National Association of Italian Municipalities’) with the objective of valuing the heritage of history, art, culture, environment and traditions present in the small Italian cities that are, most of them, neglected by the flow of visitors and tourists. With hundreds of villages scattered across Italy, many of them were almost abandoned and, due to their historical value, it would be a real sin to let them ‘die’ little by little. The initiative gave a breath of hope to cities that today are considered true Italian jewels.The contest for popular choice of the most beautiful village is held by RAI and, every year, gathers 20 finalists, one city per region. 

Below, I present you the 5 most beautiful Italian villages of 2021:

1) What are the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021? TROPEA, CALABRIA

We got at the village of the villages ! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE IN ALL ITALY, Tropea, in Calabria . I, i n particular, have a real passion for this place. I live in Calabria, my ‘Italian family’ is from here and, therefore, you can imagine the size of our happiness and our pride in seeing Tropea in the first place. The choice was not by chance and, whoever visits Tropea, learns that I am not exaggerating when I say that it is a place that seems to have been drawn by hand.

The city’s motto is ‘here, no one is a foreigner’!

The warm welcome of its inhabitants is the secret resource that Tropea has to conquer you, and it is useless to “arm yourself” against it: you will fall in love! What makes Tropea truly unique in the world is its formidable symbiosis between history, environment, tradition and intangible heritage. In the 17th century, erudite European travelers – during the “Grand Tour” in Calabria – stayed in the old aristocratic village, and fell in love with the myth of its founder, Hercules. Not to mention the charm of the view of the Aeolian Islands on the horizon, which presents itself in an impressive way.

The Sanctuary of St Mary of the Island

That of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola (“St Mary of the Island”) was immortalized by several artists who made a stopover in Tropea and, even today, it is the major – religious and touristic symbol of Tropea, and it is the image that presents the region to the world. With diverse historical and natural testimonies, the city alternates between patrician palaces with sumptuous portals, medieval churches, Renaissance references, baroque and neoclassical touches, and convents that keep the memory of the religious.

The magnificent panoramic views

The magnificent panoramic views are the ecstasy of the fascination of the beauty of this fantastic place! To this day, Tropea presents the echoes of Magna Graecia, of the epic Roman period and of primitive Christianity, with vivid brushstrokes from the Arab, Byzantine, Norman, Swabian, Angevine and Aragonese control, all through a rich architecture present in its monuments, archaeological and artistic remains. Tropea is an emblematic center right in the heart of the Mediterranean and is a land that has always been regenerated over time. Tropea generously dedicates itself to its visitors, without discretion, and this is what makes this place so special, unique and unforgettable. What to do in Tropea?


(Source: prateriarossa)

2) What are the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021? BAUNEI, SARDINIA

Life challenge: find an ugly beach in Sardinia. Do not try, as you will fail miserably! Baunei is a practical example of this! Ogliastra’s treasure, on the central-east coast of Sardinia, is a village between the sea and the mountain, as well as a limestone wall and one of the most incredible seas in the world. The stunning blue of the Baunei sea mesmerizes us in a maddening way! Once your eyes meet the ‘set of work’, be sure: you’ll never look at something so splendid again for the rest of your life.

The abundant nature, the inhabitants of Baunei – who always welcome us as if we were already close, longtime friends – the cool breeze and the colors that blend in perfect harmony will give you something that you won’t find everywhere: peace in soul, body and mind! Don’t be surprised if your heart tells you, in a whisper, one day, your paths will guide you there again: it will be your heart telling you: come back!

(Source: Realrecordz netlabel)

3) What are the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021? GERACE SICULO, SICILY

The history of the city enchants ! We can still observe the majestic flight of falcons trained by Frederico II in the former capital of the Ventimiglia family. The city is almost a time machine that has the power to transport us to a glorious past, where we find fresh air, culture, fantastic stories and beauty, a lot of beauty. The sounds of the church bells no longer announce the count’s death, but almost a breath of life.

The castle window, with a clover-shaped arch, shows us the evident Norman presence in the city, while the late Gothic fresco; the very refined images of saints present in the churches, sculpted in their polychrome marbles, and by unknown carvers, remind us of the oldest origins of the city, true reliquaries of devotion and admiration. The sun gently shining over the plateaus of Madonie, illuminates all the ruins and deteriorated walls, which reminds us of poetry in the form of walls. In the clearest days, we can see, without any problem, the beautiful Aeolian Islands.

(Source: Giacomo Salmeri)

4) What are the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021? ALBORI, CAMPANIA

With its characteristic ascents and descents, Albori is the type of city that seduces, unassumingly and, when we realize it, we have already given our hearts to it! The stone walls in front of the houses, the calm and the gentle pace of the city, with its Hollywood panoramas, impress even the most demanding look. With the soft touch of a breeze that seems to caress our face, if we close our eyes we can hear the voices of the crew of Khair-ad-Dyn, the pirate Barbarossa, who was leader of the Moors and lord of Argel who, during the 16th century, terrified the sailors and inhabitants of the place. We move to August, where the nights of the full moon appear splendid and dye everything silver.During the day, the golden dominates and reminds us of a wheat field, with touches of blue hues that come from the sea. The type of city that captures our soul, heart and memory, as it is, in fact, unforgettable!

(Source: Antonio Lanni)

5) What are the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021? GROTTAMARE, MARCHE

Known as the Pearl of the Adriati c, Grottamare is among the five most beautiful villages in Italy. Located in the Marche region, the city has a small historic center that sits on the edge of a hill and seems to admire the sea that bathes it. In the upper town, which dominates the Grottammare marina, there are pine forests and seagulls that seem to dance with the peaceful wind. The houses here, in the best medieval style, are full of charm and unique beauty! The alleys give the final touch and resemble true artistic brushstrokes as they draw the city. On the Piceno Riviera, during the summer, the city comes alive with a lot of animation and movement: this is where life happens! A surprise?

The city presents itself as modern

Despite the “chaotic” summer , the city presents itself as modern, perfumed with an unmistakable orange scent and surrounded by agaves on its slopes. From the top of the medieval walls, life at the marina presents itself with grace and elegant villas in Art Nouveau style, adorned by beautiful gardens and flowers that give the final touch of beauty and refinement. The sea? Well, talking about the sea that bathes the city is “take sand to the beach”: the blue hues blend with all the colors present here and offer us a dreamy panorama, paradisiacal! The water is clean, calm and framed by the golden sun, which invites us, in a veiled way, to fall in love with this place!

(Source: Municipality of Grottammare)

Below is the list with the others placed in the most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021:

  • 6 – Campli (Abruzzo)
  • 7 – Malcesine (Veneto)
  • 8 – Pietramontecorvino (Apulia)
  • 9 – Corciano (Umbria)
  • 10 – Cocconato (Piedmont)
  • 11 – Finalborgo (Liguria)
  • 12 – Valsinni (Basilicata)
  • 13 – Trivento (Molise)
  • 14 – Poffabro (Friuli Venezia Giulia)
  • 15 – San Giovanni in Marignano (Emilia)
  • 16 – Buonconvento (Tuscany)
  • 17 – Borgo Valsugana (Trentino Alto Adige)
  • 18 – Issime (Aosta Valley)
  • 19 – Pomponesco (Lombardy)
  • 20 – Pico (Lazio)

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What are the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy in 2021? Beauty, history, culture and impressive places! These are some of the concepts used to choose the most beautiful villages in Italy and, regardless of the position of each one of them on the list, they are all unique, special and magical!

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