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What are the ten must-see cities in Campania?

Have you thought of Naples? Nine other fantastic cities deserve attention! Discover the 10 stunningly beautiful cities of this incredible region here!

Caserta Palazzo in Campania (Source Pixabay)
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What are the ten must-see cities in Campania?

Campania is a region rich in history and life, which you must get to know in every bit, but often some places are undervalued or hidden by the shadows of squares, monuments and the most famous cities. The mild climate, the beauty of the coasts, the richness and history, the love for cuisine and the beautiful beaches make this region a place to live. Let’s get to our post: what are the ten must-see cities in Campania? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”   Read also:  Examples of Itineraries in Italy!

Our Introduction

Campania is a territory rich in history, characterized by continuous colonization dating back to the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians, who were moving in these waters for trade. It is the cradle of creativity and joy, and it is from this region that the centuries-old tradition of classical music and theatrical operas comes from. The opera Buffa was born here. In a region that has a lot to offer, where there are beautiful and ugly places, often the problem for the tourist is just the choice; what to see and what to leave for the next visit. Below, we list those that are places to visit right away, and fall in love with this beautiful region. Read also What to do in Italy in 10 days?

1) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? NAPLES

We start this discovery from the wonderful city of the sun, Naples, one of the most beautiful in the world, which reaches visitors for its animation, for its splendid colors of the sea, but also for its history that resurges in every corner of the old center. Wherever you look, there are details to admire in the fascinating sights, tents, churches and baroque obelisks. TIPS ON NAPLES!

Bay of Naples

The first view is of the Bay of Naples, and you seem to see a postcard image, which tells the story of the Neapolitan people. Same emotion for those who decide to admire the town of the Vomero hill, where the Certosa di San Martino is located, at the moment you find one of the largest monumental complexes in Naples, such as the charming and very successful Baroque representation, bordered by San Elmo Castle and your eyes fixed on the city, which stretches free, and which is divided into two, thanks to the famous Rua Spaccanapoli. HOW TO GET TO NAPLES FROM ROME?

Piazza del Plebiscito

You need to devote a special look to the main square, Piazza del Plebiscito, the meeting point between commercial mundanity and the stillness of the sea. The square is surrounded by important monuments, such as the Basilica of St Francis of Paola and, especially, the Royal Palace, one of the four residences in Naples during the Borbone Kingdom, in the period of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Learn here Where to sleep in Naples?

(Source: Nicola Capuozzo Free Wings)

2) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? CASERTA

If you are in Campania, a visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta is a must, a beauty and charm that you cannot give up.

Royal Palace of Caserta

The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of the most fascinating Italian treasures of recent times, a fine example of 18th century Italian architecture, surrounded by a park-garden that stretches for three kilometers. A spectacle, indeed. La Reggia, or Royal Palace, was built by the Borboni family, in the 1750s, to ensure it could withstand the comparison of majestic magnificence with the famous Palace of Versailles in Paris. The palace has a rectangular floor plan and five floors. TIPS ON CASERTA!

Palace Attractions

All five floors have historic apartments and state rooms, which are open to visit, as well as all the private rooms of the Borbone kings, where you can admire valuable furniture, ornaments, chandeliers and sculptures. After the first anteroom, walk through the rooms of 800, with historical and priceless gold stucco, and the back rooms (Retrostanze) also with valuable objects, which witness the skill and mastery of local and foreign artisans.

The second part of the tour is dedicated to the halls of the 700, decorated with precious silks, curiously shaped clocks and refined porcelain. In these environments, royalty received their closest friends. The beauty of the Palace, of course, does not end with the majestic building and its magnificent floors, as it is in the scenic park of the palace, along more than three kilometers, that you can see remarkable fountains, embellished by the many sculptures that tell ancient mythological stories that are luxuriantly spaced in geometric spaces.

English Garden

When you reach the hillside, there is the English Garden, the most charming and pleasant corner of the entire park. Here, in addition to the old trees from all over the world, you can admire the Serra, the English Casino, the labyrinth and the splendid “Bath of Venus”, where a statue of Venus (made of Carrara Marble) is portrayed in the act of its water outlet of a small lake, surrounded by forest. This part of the park was made at the request of Queen Maria Carolina, as a place of leisure.

(Source: Simone Cangemi)

3) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? AMALFI COAST – AMALFI

A mandatory stop, of extreme beauty in this region, is certainly the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful areas to visit, not only in Campania, but also in all of Italy. Declared UNESCO Heritage in 1997, it is known the world over for being a special place that offers unforgettable views and strong emotions. The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coast, located to the south of the Sorrento Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, bordered on the west by Positano and on the east by Vietri, in the sea. TIPS ON THE AMALFITAN COAST!

(Source: Daniele Pinto)

About Amalfi

Famous all over the world for its natural beauty, it is home to the most important tourist sites. It is considered a UNESCO heritage site. It is named after the city of Amalfi, the core of the coast, not only geographically, but also historically. The Amalfi Coast is notable for its diversity: each city on the Coast has its own character and traditions. The Amalfi Coast is also notable for its typical products, such as Limoncello, a liqueur obtained from the local lemon (amalfi sfustato-type lemon), anchovies and fish preserves, made in Cetara, and ceramics, made and painted in the style hand, in Vetri. HOW TO GET TO THE AMALFI COAST FROM ROME?

The Amalfi Cathedral

The cathedral has a majestic facade in gold leaves and bronze doors; it is dedicated to Saint Andrew and dates from the ninth century. To visit its interior, there is the Cloister of Paradise. In any case, a walk in the coastal village is a must, among the narrow streets and the many handicraft shops.

(Source: Upside Down)

4) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? AMALFI COAST – POSITANO

Another unmissable ‘pearl’ on the tour along the coast is Positano. Built on several ‘floors’, connected by a myriad of stairs, going up and down, it has an exciting view that is truly unique and surprising.

About Positano

Particularly characteristic are the narrow streets, small squares and staircases with craft shops to explore on foot, to admire them in the best possible way, among light and flowing fabrics, immersed in a culture that resembles the Saracen invasions and which is a surprise, even for those more used to seeing these bits of history. TIPS ON POSITANO!

Here, in Positano, you have to see and get lost in the city’s streets to appreciate the beauty of a place that is fascinating in many ways. Positano is a place not to be missed if you want to experience the magnificence of the Amalfi Coast and spend some time away from the noise of the city. You can visit it at any time of year, although the best time is in summer, because the city is lively, alive and full of social life.

(Source: Alfonso Longobardi)

5) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? AMALFI COAST – RAVELLO

Ravello is an ancient medieval town on the Amalfi coast, known throughout the world for its history, its valuable monuments, the magic of its landscapes and its patrician houses. Despite not having a direct view of the sea, it still offers a breathtaking view of the Tyrrhenian coast and the Gulf of Salentino. There are many stories to be discovered through its medieval streets, its houses with gardens and ancient stone paths. Ravello is a place rich in culture, history, monuments and medieval streets. Also read: What to visit in one day in Ravello?

Cathedral – Saint Pantaleon

With this background, we start the tour of the most interesting attractions, sights and experiences that Ravello has to offer the tourist. Starting with the Cathedral, dedicated to St. Pantaleon, which is crucial. It represents one of the oldest cathedrals in Italy and its first building dates back to 1086. It has gone through several additions and demolitions over the years. Its modern configuration comes with the extraordinary Ambo of Gospel, by Nicola di Bartolomeo de Foggia, inlaid in marble and facing another remarkable Ambo, always with marble inlays, representing the story of the prophet Jonah.

Inside the 17th-century chapel a vial of the blood of Saint Pantaleon is kept, which, like the church of Saint Genaro in Naples, melts annually. Then we move on to Ravello’s true gem, Villa Ruffolo, a splendid villa, exceptional in architectural and aesthetic terms, which helps to create timeless beauty and fascinates anyone who passes by.

Terrace of Infinity

Boccaccio extolled in his poems and Richard Wagner was inspired by the second act of ‘Parsifal’. Today, on the magnificent terrace in his honor, the Festival of Ravello, a classical music festival that welcomes musicians from all over the world, is held annually in summer. One can access it through a Gothic-style opening in the entrance tower. Decorated with strips of yellow and gray tufa and figurines of human figures in the four corners, representing the four seasons; the tower has always had a purely ornamental function. The villa’s flourishing garden, culminating in the spectacular ‘Terrace of Infinity’, a 400-meter suspended terrace that guarantee incredible views.

Villa Cimbrone

One of the best viewpoints on the entire coast. Going to the tip of the promontory is the majestic Villa Cimbrone, another town that, since Roman times, has been based on the ancient foundations of a patrician town, which has already received kings and illustrious names in science and politics. Ravello is a land of enchantment that must be fully visited. The majestic splendor of its buildings and fortresses, its villas and the splendid panorama of the Amalfi Coast does not fail to delight tourists or even the simple traveler who passes through this beautiful city on the coast.

(Source: Claudio Mortini)

6) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? SALERNO

At this point, we leave the sights along the coast to take another tour of another beautiful city, Salerno. Located between the Amalfi Coast, the plains of Sele and Cilento, it has enchanted its visitors for centuries. Historically, it was born as an Osco-Etruscan center; later, it became Sunni and finally a Roman colony. In the Middle Ages, Salerno became part of the Longobard duchy of Benevento and Autonomous Principality. Many of these ancient remains are still visible in the city historic center. Many of these ancient remains are still visible in the historic city center. A destination to visit.

Historic center

The historic center of Salerno, from the Middle Ages onwards, is one of the best in Italy. In the tangle of streets, there are palaces from the Norman and Lombard period, from Via dei Mercanti you can find the fascinating violets that lead to the Museum of the Faculty of Medicine of Salerno, the Archaeological Museum and the Pinacoteca de Arte Provinciale. Not far from there is the Cathedral of St Mathew, the local Duomo. Behind the historic center, there is the Longobard Castle of Arechi, which dominates the city.

A few steps from the historic center, it is impossible not to visit the Miverna Gardens. Located on the mountain of Canalone, there is a view to the sea where you can have a unique view of the Bay and the city, a beautiful panoramic landscape. The gardens are easily accessible by elevator, paying an entrance fee for the visit. TIPS ON SALERNO!

(Source: lakejarson)

7) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? CAPRI

It’s impossible not to visit one of the places that made Campania famous all over the world, Capri. The beaches of Capri, immortalized in several films, and not just Italian ones, please for their beauty, fascination and attractions. They are made of pebbles and rocks, the water is high, but here it feels like a paradise of comfort and pleasure. The sea has, as always, clean water and a dark blue color. TIPS ON CAPRI!

The Faraglioni, three small rocky islets along the coast, are characteristic, creating a scenic effect and spectacular landscape. The coast is dotted with numerous coves and bays that alternate with steep cliffs. The most famous is undoubtedly the Blue Grotto, where magical light effects have been described by many writers and poets. Find out here Where to sleep in Capri?

Capri center

In the Capri dialect, it is called “chiazza” and the official name is Piazza Umberto 1, however, it is known to everyone as La Piazzetta di Capri. The center of Capri, the hub, where all island life is concentrated, it’s impossible not to pass, and it’s hard not to stop, at least for a coffee. On summer nights, one can barely pass through the mixed crowd, and all we can do is sit back, have a drink, and watch the human spectacle. That’s when you understand why it’s called the room of the world. A few meters away from each other, princesses from the Northern Kingdoms, Italian actors, thousands of Americans and common people sit together for aperitif hour. The symbol of the Piazzeta is a small tower, one of the most original cases of ‘isolated church bells’.


8) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? SORRENTO

Staying on the beach is worth mentioning; beautiful Sorrento, situated on a rocky terrace overlooking the sea, is famous for its beautiful beaches and excellent cuisine. It is called the citrus city of the Sorrento peninsula, where the landscape is characterized by an alternation of sea and mountains, with rugged coastlines and difficult to access alternatives to small and hidden beaches, creating a unique landscape. TIPS ON SORRENTO!

Here the work of Man was great. The rougher areas are now transformed by a series of descending terraces to the sea, used to grow citrus fruits, olive trees and vines. These are the gardens where the inebriating aromas of orange, lemon and flowers spread.

Piazza Tasso

A visit to the city can start from the heart of its charming old town, the important Piazza Tasso (Tasso Square), dedicated to the great poet and author of ‘Gerusalemme Liberata’, who was born in Sorrento. Among the places to visit, you cannot miss the church of St Francis Assisi with its small 14th century cloister, and the Basilica of St Anthony, known for its 18th century nativity scene. A charming belvedere overlooking the road that leads to the village of Marina Grande, while Via della Pietà leads to the city’s medieval quarter. Gastronomy is also an activity that stands out in Sorrento, with typical products such as limoncello sorbet, and many other lemon delights, and not only that, flavors to be enjoyed walking along the Corso or staying in one of the many cafes typical of Sorrento. Where to stay in Sorrento?

(Source: Hitoshi Kubota)

9) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? POMPEII

A mandatory stop for lovers of history and archaeology, Pompeii appears showing all its glory to admirers who, precisely, are fascinated by its beauty and its mysterious past. Pompeii is a city famous worldwide for its archaeological excavations, and was buried by a sea of ​​lava in the last eruption of Vesuvius. TIPS ON POMPEII!

It has one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world and is just 20 km from Naples. Having just arrived in the city, you can visit the Shrine of Our Lady, where inside there is the Chapel of Beato Bartolo Longo and other places for the spiritual well-being of pilgrims.

Pompeii Archaeological Site

A few hundred meters from the Shrine, you can visit the archaeological site, which houses historical and archaeological remains of the ancient city of Pompeii. True masterpieces from the Roman period, with bourgeois houses, spas, pebbled floors and frescoes duly restored in the fifties, the streets and alleys of ancient Pompeii are capable of enchanting every spectator. The tour inside the site lasts about four or five hours and you can have a guide or follow a separate route.

(Source: pdvaeriennes)

10) What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? ATRANI

We ended this trip of ten things to visit in Campania, with ‘visiting a beautiful village’, which is Atrani. This spectacular small town on the Amalfi Coast has maintained the appearance of a medieval village, both in appearance and atmosphere. Atrani is made up of alleys and narrow streets, sandwiched between white-arched houses, and the intoxicating smell of lemons and the sea, the inviting taste of its rich and tasty cuisine, with the warm welcome and hospitality of the local population. The pretty town of Atrani, former residence of the Amalfi nobility at the time of the Maritime Republic, is a destination that has not yet been ‘invaded’ by the large mass of tourists compared to Positano or Ravello, but has nothing to envy them.

Santa Maria Madalena

It is a small village full of historical and artistic attractions, from the remains of the sumptuous houses of the rich Roman patricians to the beautiful churches. The Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Madalena, built on an ancient medieval fortress to thank the saint for freeing the country from Saraceni, has an elegant bell tower and a baroque-style faience dome. It preserves important paintings and sculptures, including ‘Unbelief of St. Thomas’ by Palermo painter Andrea Sabatini. Below is the church of San Salvador de Sirecto, which has a facade with a large clock and a picturesque staircase, it was designed in the Baroque period, and is located in Umberto I Square, a few steps from Piccola Spiaggia.

Grotto of Masaniello and the Cave of the Saints

In this church, during the Maritime Republic, the doges were crowned. You cannot miss a visit to the famous Grotto of Masaniello on Monte Aureo, and the Cave of the Saints. Summer and spring are undoubtedly the best time to visit Atrani and to fully enjoy the sea. If you decide to spend the summer in Atrani, don’t miss the blue fish festival in August, or the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, which is celebrated on July 22nd, or the Byzantine New Year, celebrated in colorful costumes on August 31st, only in late summer. TIPS ON ATRANI!

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Maps with the ten must-see cities in Campania

What are the ten must-see cities in Campania?
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What are the ten must-see cities in Campania? In Italy, each region is a discovery, but Campania offers countless ways to live and discover the beauty of the land, a perfect harmony between history, nature, culture, folklore and genuine flavors. In this area, there are places where you can spend holidays of culture, sport and fun, but above all, to regenerate and recover your psychophysical balance, pamper yourself in one of the many spas, or just admire the beauty and joy of Neapolitans, a magnificent remedy for the soul.

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