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What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria?

Umbria is a fascinating region that is home to fantastic cities, one of which is the beautiful medieval town of Gubbio. Today we'll find out what to do in Gubbio in one day.

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What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria?

Gubbio is a real gem in the Umbria region; in the province of Perugia, the city of Gubbio presents itself in an elegant and beautiful way. One of its most beautiful attractions, without a doubt, is the Basilica of Saint Ubald, from where you can enjoy the view of the Apennines. Today I take you to Gubbio.  Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Gubbio, in Umbria – Video

(Credit: Pablo Tibis)

Our Introduction

Gubbio, in the province of Perugia, Umbria, is an amazing medieval town. Known as “the city of madmen”, Gubbio is a city full of charm and, without a doubt, deserves a visit, even if it’s brief.

But why “the city of madmen”?

The symbol of the “madness” of the city is the famous fountain of the “madmen”, which is how they call the Bargello Fountain– located in front of the homonymous building.

The Fountain is a fine example of Umbrian Gothic architecture and is a 16th century work, although it was rebuilt in the second half of the 19th century. There is a tradition that if you go around the fountain three times in the presence of a local, and splash water on you, you are entitled to “citizenship of madness”, including a certificate. The certificate is on sale in the city’s shops, but if you want that “official” one, just go to the Maggio Eugubino Association accompanied by a Gubbio citizen, pay 3.50 euros and that’s it! You will be, officially’, a certified “matto” (mad)! This whole game is a way to keep the city’s traditions alive.

That said, let’s begin in earnest our day tour of the magnificent city of Gubbio.

1) What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria? KNOW THE ROMAN THEATER

We will start our tour at the beautiful Roman Theater, adjacent to the parking lot at the entrance to the city. This theater dates back to the 1st century BC and could receive up to 7,000 people to watch the shows presented there. Until today, the place is used for concerts, but only in the summer months. Next door, you’ll find a museum, the Antiquarium, which although small, presents us with some artifacts found during the excavation of the theater, including beautiful mosaic floors of a Roman Domus.

Leaving there and taking Via Ortacci, you can see the church of St Francis.

2) What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria? VISIT THE CHURCH OF ST FRANCIS AND PALAZZO DEI CONSOLI

The church was built in 1255, in the former lands of the Spadalonga family. Legend has it that this family welcomed St. Francis when, between 1206 and 1207, he left his father’s house. This was also the place where the Saint first wore the habit that was later adopted by the entire Franciscan order.

Leaving there, take the opportunity to observe the incredible view of the city. It’s impressive. From the top you can see many stone houses and Consoli Palace, visible from every corner of Gubbio.

3) What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria? GO TO BARGELLO FOUNTAIN

From there we go to the fountain already mentioned at the beginning of our post: the Bargello Fountain, known by many as the “fountain of the madmen”.

There, in Bargello Square, we also find the homonymous Bargello Palace, which houses the Permanent Exhibition of the Beast, which celebrates the centenary tradition of the Palio della Balestra, renewed every Sunday in May.

4) What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria? KNOW THE PIAZZA GRANDE

Now we go to the famous Piazza Grande, which is of indescribable beauty! The place works, in fact, as a large panoramic terrace and, there, you will find free elevators that connect the upper city to the lower city, with an exit on Via della Repubblica. Piazza Grande is home to the Pretorio Palace, which is the seat of the city hall, and the magnificent Consoli Palace, which now functions as the Civic Museum and Municipal Art Gallery. The building is divided into three floors and brings together many historical and artistic testimonies, all from Roman and Medieval times to the Renaissance. Very interesting there are the Egubine Tables, which are seven bronze artifacts where guidelines of ancient Umbria religious rituals are engraved.

5) What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria? VISIT DUOMO DE GUBBIO

Following Via XX Settembre, we take the elevator to go down to the lower city. There, we will find the Duomo de Gubbio. The Duomo is the city’s main church and a real treasure! There you will find several works by the main local artists of the 16th century. We can also observe two organs from the same period.

Gubbio Cathedral is in full Gothic style, and over the pointed portal, we can see a beautiful circular stained-glass window, decorated with an elegant strip. On its sides, in the window, we find the symbols of the evangelists: the eagle of Saint John, the ox of Saint Luke, the lion of Saint Mark, and the angel of Saint Matthew. In the center, there is the symbol of John the Baptist.

What to see inside the church?

Inside the church, another window that will undoubtedly surprise you is the apse’s. The interior of the Cathedral has a single nave, and is characterized by large transverse arches that support the roof. Along the right-hand wall, you can see the remains of some 14th-century frescoes; there you will also find the work of the Immaculate Conception by Virgilio Nucci, which dates back to the 16th century.

Visit the Museum

If you want to admire other priceless finds and objects of worship, you can visit the Museum attached to the cathedral. Here, one of the most interesting attractions is the Barril dos Canones, which you will see right at the entrance. It is an imposing barrel, capable of holding up to 200 liters of wine; 387 barrels of 52 liters each were stored, equivalent to an entire year’s supply. This barrel is very interesting, as it is made entirely of wooden rings, without the aid of iron or metal slats, which makes it an almost unique example in the whole of Europe. The barrel was built by local monks around 1500 and was used to store wine until 1928.

Map 01 – Gubbio’s Attractions

6) What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria? GO TO DOGE’S PALACE

Opposite the Duomo is the imposing Doge’s Palace, built in the second half of the 15th century by Duke Federico di Montefeltro. There is also a splendid inner courtyard made up of a series of round arches supported by decorated columns and capitals.

Map 02 – Gubbio’s Attractions

My advice

Be sure to walk the streets without worrying about getting lost! The houses, shops, bars and restaurants are amazing. Typically medieval, the city also has a beautiful architecture – during spring, the flowers impress and present us with an incredible landscape.

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What to do in one day in Gubbio, Umbria? Of course, visiting Gubbio in one day may not be enough, as the city has a lot to offer, but you can get to know the best of the city by spending a delightful day in one of the most amazing cities in Umbria. Would you like an itinerary made especially for you in this unique city? Talk to me! Together we will set up the trip of your dreams to Gubbio.

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